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I mean it’s like Nick pls

 Fuck Artemis Nick is not a pet

 Ambrose are you serious WHY IS CALEB YOUR PET

 Sav could you not with the sass

 i don’t think surfing is your real job you prick

 are you talking about the weres

And of course Vane’s pack all has their friends & siblings listed as their pets, even counting the Peltier pack

And then there’s Nick (CON), the king of sass

 dude come on

 relax urslef boy 


❛ Oh God, I just kissed a vampire! ❜
❛ Oh Gods, I just kissed a human! ❜
❛ I thought only a wooden stake through the heart killed a vampire. ❜
❛ A wooden stake through the heart will kill just about anything. And if it doesn’t, run like hell. ❜
❛ I hate when you commune with the dead in front of me. ❜
❛ Are you the asshole who sent the ‘I See Dead People’ T-shirt to me? ❜
❛ I haven’t fought with anyone else in over two thousand years. ❜
❛ You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. ❜
❛ You’re not going to let me win this, are you? ❜
❛ Gee, thanks. I promise to be a good boy and play nice with the other kids. ❜
❛ Do I look like a lawyer to you? ❜
❛ Hey, yummy leather guy? Can you hear me? ❜
❛ My God. Is there some unwritten law that you guys have to be giants? ❜
❛ If I wanted to play mind games, I’d buy a Rubik’s Cube. ❜
❛ Picture this, my middle finger is extended all the way up, and aimed right at you. ❜
❛ You like being vague, don’t you? ❜
❛ Personally I like the slash-and-kill stuff much more than prayers and the lotus position. ❜
❛ You actually enjoyed that, didn’t you? ❜
❛ Oh, hell yes! Did you see the look on their faces? Man, I love this car. ❜
❛ Dear God, please separate me from this maniac before I die of fright. ❜
❛ Should I ask about the handcuffs? ❜
❛ Note to self- be nice to woman, keep mouth shut. ❜
❛ And not a single mark on the Lamborghini. Ha! Eat steel, you soul-sucking bastards! ❜
❛ Didn’t I tell you not to touch the Lamborghini? ❜
❛ I say we should stake him to an anthill and throw little pickles at him! ❜
❛ It’s not your fault. You had no way of knowing I’d traded my soul. It’s not exactly how I start out conversations. ❜
❛ God forbid I should bleed to death, eh? Then you’d have to cart around my rotting corpse. ❜
❛ Could you be any more morbid? Jeez, who was your idol growing up? Boris Karloff? ❜
❛ Alright, you’ll get your bonus, buy play nice with her. Keep your sarcasm to a minimum. ❜
❛ I don’t know about you, but I have this image of him rubbing his hands together and laughing like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. ❜
❛ I really don’t want to hang out in a closet with a dead man any longer than I have to, okay? ❜
❛ Wrong movie, Igor was Frankenstein’s flunky. Renfield is the one you’re thinking of, and no, I’m not Renfield. ❜
❛ Baby, you ain’t seen scary yet. ❜
❛ You are one seriously testy Creature of the Night. ❜
❛ I have never begged a day in my life, and the sun will surely splinter before I ever plead for anything from the likes of you. ❜
❛ Anything you need, you tell him and he’ll get it for you. If he offends you in any way, let me know and I’ll kill him when I get up. ❜
❛ What I am is a man in love. ❜
❛ Still playing your little games, I see. ❜
❛ What kind of life have you lived, little one, that everything seems to be a question of fair and unfair? Life and Death just are. Fair has nothing to do with it. ❜
❛ Yes, I think you’re incredibly sexy. And I would love nothing more than to take you back to my place and make your toes curl. ❜

Cuando miras fijamente en la
oscuridad, a veces te devuelve la mirada…
Y esas imágenes reflejadas eran a menudo las más terroríficas y amenazantes.
—  Un amor despiadado de Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon on Intensity’s publication snafu

For those who missed Sherri’s earlier post about Intensity, this should answer a lot of the questions we’ve been getting:

I know a lot of you have been confused recently by the ever-shifting publication date of Intensity. The truth is, so have I. When St. Martin’s first asked if they could move the book from the spring to the fall so that it could be the launch title for their new imprint, I was a little hesitant as I knew fans don’t like change. And I knew that having a bit of a gap in the publishing schedule would upset a large number of you. That extra six months is a big deal. I quickly expressed my concerns to my publisher, and was assured that they’d make it up to the fans by doing a lot of extras for you. More touring, more this and that, and that in the end, the move would be a great one. So I reluctantly agreed.

Then as I was handing in the book, I began getting emails from fans that the book had been moved again. This time to 2020. Naturally, I assumed that was a typo or a system glitch in some computer as we’d most likely not be here for that date, as we are not immortal Dark-Hunters. So we ignored it.

Then the date was changed again to December 2018. This time, I contacted my editor who told me that without consulting me and without my knowledge, the date had indeed been changed for the book. To say I was upset is an understatement. It wasn’t fair to make the fans wait over two years to read the next installment. I tried everything to make them not hold the book to what would realistically be January 2019 before you’d have a chance to read it. They refused. So at great detriment to myself and my family, I bought the book back and have now self-published it so that it would be available to fans by the date I promised, and not the two and a half years after the last book was published that my publisher insisted upon.

My readers and my fans have always and will always come first with me, above all things. Unfortunately, what this means is that Intensity won’t have the wide distribution as the rest of the Nick books. At least not at first. We are working on that. But it is available to be read for those who can’t wait. It will be available as a hardcover within a couple of weeks and I will let you know as soon as that happens. The hardcovers will be available for order through stores such as BN, BAM and Amazon, but won’t be on the shelves, Again, we’ll let you know as soon as that happens. It just takes a little time to get them in the system when you’re not a major publisher. Not to mention, I’m having to learn how to do this for the first time. But again, I didn’t want to make my readers wait until 2019 to get the next volume in the Nick series. I wanted it to you ASAP, and so I’ve done everything within my power to make that happen, and to keep my word to you. The Hardcover will be 340 pages long. We’re also working on getting the audiobook rights back from SMP so that it will be available to fans in that format.

As for the Nick Chronicles, Intensity is the last “official” book. When you read it, you’ll understand why. In the new series, we are moving into the future and the series will focus on Cyprian and Ambrose for four books. And then the last set will shift back to Nick as an adult— the reason being that I don’t want letters from angry parents as those will officially be “adult” novels and I wanted a way to designate them as such, and I didn’t want them to be mistaken as part of the YA universe since Nick will and does grow up. The dates for those series will be forthcoming.

Thank you so much for taking these adventures with me. I hope you understand and will join me for the next adventure.