sherrif of nottingham


remember when President Snow had a family

And his oldest daughter was vengeful murderer Amy Dunne

And Pirate King Elizabeth Swan was his second oldest

And his middle child was a nurse from Asgard

And Daisy Buchanan followed Johanna Mason of District 7 everywhere

And President Snow was cousins with Lord Cutler Becket, who was shut down by Elizabeth Swan who held a gun to him

And Dr. Harrison moved in from Cranford and fell in love with Amy Dunne

And The Sherrif of Nottingham went with him and he fell in love with Elizabeth Swan

But Elizabeth Swan and the Sheriff had an argument over Prince Albert

And that’s why Mrs. Bennet has poor nerves

because I do

The Interview

A Sebastian Stan one-shot

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 938

Warnings: Fluffy inside :)

Author’s Note: This is my first Sebastian Stan fanfic and the first one I’m posting on Tumblr and the first one in English (which is not my native language, just so you know ;) I hope you enjoy, if you do, drop me a note!

It’s the little things that make Sebastian Stan smile



MARCH 5, 2020

 It seems like the entire world finally knows who Sebastian Stan is. The actor, born in Romania and currently living in New York, first got noticed when playing the role of James ‘Bucky’ Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But a lot has happened since the infamous metal arm. He starred alongside Oscar winning actresses like Margot Robbie in I, Tonya and Nicole Kidman in Destroyer and last Winter he finished filming for the highly anticipated movie adaption of the bestselling YA novel ‘Dark’.

 I caught up with Sebastian in the lobby of the Bel Air hotel in Los Angeles and talked about his portrayal of the evil King and the recent rumors regarding his love life.

 You’ve played a variety of characters, from a Russian assasin to an abusive husband, but this is the first villain who’s downright insane. Is that what attracted you in the script?

Yes, definitely. Villains are so much more interesting to play and especially this one, because of his state of mind. He reminded me a bit of John Doe from Se7en and also of Alan Rickmans brilliant Sherrif of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves. In other roles I always try to bring some humanity to the villain, but in this case I just went for it and got as crazy as they let me.

 What kind of research did you do to prepare for  this role?

I think the first thing I did, and this was even before I auditioned, was go online and read everything I could find on King Richard and watch clips of historical movies set in the Middle Ages, such as Kingdom of Heaven. I wanted to capture that regal poise and mix it up with a sort of childish anger. After I got the part I talked a lot about it with [Y/N] [Y/N, author of  ‘Dark’ ] She has written a separate short story from the Kings point of view about the pivotal moment that changed his life. That alone was very helpful for me to understand where he came from and acted as a base for me to build the character on.

 Did you meet her on set?

We actually met for the first time right before my audition, [pauses and smiles] which is a story she’d encourage me to tell you if she was here. I came in early that day and she was sitting there as well, so I asked her if she was there for the audition. She said yes and we got talking about the script and how amazing it was. Then the director walked in, who straight away gave her a hug, turned to me and and said: so you’ve already met [Y/N]? I had no idea. You can imagine how embarrassed I was, but she just stood behind him with the biggest grin on her face. She totally got me.

 About [Y/N], rumors that you might be more than friends recently went sky high after some video’s and pictures you posted on your Instagram account.

 [laughs] We actually talked about his last night, if this question would come up, what I would say. We agreed it was time for the truth. God, that sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

 And the truth is?

Well, the thruth is that I woke up next to her this morning. And I’ll wake up next to her tomorrow and hopefully for the rest of my life.

 Does it bother you when people have strong opinions about your private life?

It doesn’t necessarily bother me, because everybody is entitled to have an opinion, but it’s more that I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to some. I mean, we are just two people that were lucky enough to meet eachother at the right place, right time and fell in love.

 What was it that made you fall in love with her?

Oh, she’s amazing. She’s very aware of her life and what she is able to do with it. The fact that she wrote this book and made her dreams come true says a lot about her personality. She inspires me with her ambition and her positivity,  but other than that it’s the little things, like her smile and the twinkle in her eyes when she talks about something she’s excited about.  And fun. We have a lot of fun together.

 Last question; will this movie live up to the expectations of the dedicated fans?

I’m certain it will. I’ve seen some raw material that literally took my breath away. Not just visually, but the acting of these young people is beyond anything I’ve seen. Not only are they the ones that take this story up to where it belongs, I believe they will inspire their generation to walk their own paths and fight for what it right.


After the interview we head out to the garden where Sebastian poses for our photographer, when his phone suddenly beeps and he politely apologizes before he takes it out of the pocket of his blue jacket. A wide grin spreads across his face as he reads the message on the screen. “Like I said”, he smiles. “It’s the little things”  

anonymous asked:

It really freaks me out when people call Adam ugly. I get everyone has their own tastes, but seriously, dude's hot. He's got a very regal, Prince of Darkness look to him (He's make a very sexy Dracula). It's different than Oscar's ruggedly handsomeness or John's boyishly handsomeness, but still equally good-looking.

It’s really surprising, but that’s kind of what happens when you have someone unconventional. I mean John and Oscar are what I consider classically handsome, and then you have Adam with his long face and big nose and ears and it just - people focus on those things without looking at the whole picture. 

He’s a package handsome, everything about him fits so well. He’s got a hairstyle that works for him with his luscious locks that compliment him so well (not just ‘hiding the ears’ - which are actually pretty adorable, but I can understand how goofy they could make him look - I just like goofy =S).

Adam has a presence on screen and in person that just makes you drawn to him, I can’t explain it. He’s got amazing talent, but you just want to watch him regardless of that.

I really compare him to Tom Hanks in that regard. Listen, Tom Hanks is not and has never been what people would call classically handsome, rugged, or boyish. But by god, do you just want to watch him act.

Adam Driver has that quality too, but he’s just…so…hot.

So really it’s just the whole package. I mean the first time he pulled off his helmet was literally the first time I had ever. seen. him. and I was like ‘whaaat the fuck who is this guy why is he seducing me with his baby face and luscious hair and intense stare what is this oh god poor rey you never had a chance bb girl’

When I watched the final fight scene and he’s staring at her after she grabs the lightsaber, I seriously immediately thought of Alan Rickman’s Sherrif of Nottingham. Feast your eyes:

(btw, we need an HQ version stat, but you can get my point)

Like, did anyone ever tell Alan Rickman he was ugly? I bet not.

I fucking love Adam Driver. He’s just the total package.