“i can’t sleep over at your house because he thinks you’re gay.” - “what if i was gay?” - “i don’t want to be anybody’s secret.” - “why do i have to be anything?” - “you kissed me, remember? in the tent? and then at the movie theaters you held my hand! i don’t get this. i don’t get you.” - “i snuck out so i could see jude alright!” - “i told my dad i was gay.” - “what’s this?” - “war paint.” - “he’ boyfriend.” - “do you not like me like that?” - “no of course i like you. promise.” - “i don’t think i can keep doing this.” - “we won’t have to. promise. because i am super gay… for you.” - “Callie was talking about how great it is to finally be happy and safe and to have a family that is truly there for her, and i want you to have that, because i love you.”