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Bughead Fic: Serpent Princess

Summary: After a drugs raid on Southside High, most of the teenage Serpents are arrested and given jail time, but not Betty Cooper. Not even the police would touch the Serpent Princess. Southside High is closed down and she is forced to attend Riverdale High, where she expects nothing but hypocritical northsiders, but then she meets a blue-eyed beanie-wearing boy with Southside roots.

A/N: Just a fluffy oneshot because you guys seemed to like my last one:) 

word count. 1930

Betty Cooper listened to the satisfying click of her black heeled boots against the tiled floor as she strutted down the hall of Riverdale High, drawing the attention from everyone around her. Her black leather jacket clung to her like a second skin, moulding seductively to the curve of her breasts and hips, and the emerald green snake symbol on the back glared at the other students around her, like she had a second pair of eyes. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a messy ponytail, and her bright green eyes were framed by heavy black eyeliner and thick lashes. Those same eyes glowered around the hallway, making the teenagers around her avert their gaze as she stormed by. Everyone knew to stay away from Betty Cooper. She was the Serpent Princess and she was dangerous.

Today, on her first day at Riverdale High, Betty was pissed off. Most if her friends from Southside High had been arrested in the recent drug raid on the school, prompted by Mayor McCoy’s horror at discovering that her not-so-perfect daughter Josie had been buying drugs from Southside students, and some were even serving jail-time. Betty had only just escaped arrest, partly because she wasn’t stupid enough to store drugs in her locker, but also because she was Serpent royalty. Not even the police would cross her mother, Alice Cooper, the leader of Riverdale’s most notorious gang.

The school had been closed down as a result and the students were forced to continue their studies in the neighbouring town, but not Betty. Due to her home address being reasonably close to the Northside border, Betty was eligible to attend Riverdale High and she couldn’t think of a better revenge than to pollute the school with Serpent ‘scum’. She hated the attitude of The Northside of Riverdale, appointing themselves as the moral superiors and making it their ‘duty’ to save the town from the corrupt, drug-dealing Southside. She was bad for their perfect all-American image, and she relished in it.

Betty yanked open the door to her locker, which was completely empty, and began unloading the contents of her bag onto the bare shelves; books, photographs of her and Toni Topaz, cigarettes. The photos of her and her pink-haired best-friend filled her with a renewed sense of anger. Toni was doing six months in a juvenile detention centre for a drug trade that the Serpents were barely involved in. The jingle jangle that was taking Riverdale by storm was being dealt by The Ghoulies, not that the authorities cared.

“Betty Cooper I assume?” an unfamiliar voice asked, interrupting her train of thought. Betty turned around and frowned as her eyes took in the image of a stereotypical teenage football player. He was tall and broad shouldered with red hair and he was wearing a classic letterman jacket, probably swoon-worthy to most girls, but not Betty. He was flanked either side by two other football players that looked like clones of each other.

“That depends, who’s asking” she replied measuredly, crossing her arms across her chest defensively.

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