Bus Stop Drawins: Rowkey smoking a pipe for no particular reason. This is a mess of all of the pens I had in my purse at the time- fountain pen (Lamy AL-star), microns, a white gel pen, and some Faber-Castell brush pens.

(I had this uploaded for 24 whole hours before realizing I’d typed ‘bust stop’)

anonymous asked:

Is your name pronounced rou-kee or roh-kee? Or another way?

One hundred thousand years ago everything was a Pokemon to me, and I decided to butcher the Japanese language when I drew a white dragon character. “Shiro+ki”, “white + forest”, that’s  how words work, right?  Later on down the road I realized how silly that probably looked and anglicized the name a bit.  Long story short, I pronounce it like a row of keys! I switched over to this username a few years ago due to my first one containing the word ‘wolf’. That got a little old.  

Here is a gift from the olden days; the very first ‘Rowkey: