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Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first U.S. Olympic athlete to compete while wearing a hijab. 

Serena Williams IS the world’s greatest living athlete.

In 1972, Shirley Chisholm became the first black major-party candidate to run for President of the United States. Her slogan: Unbought and Unbossed.

A portrait I drew on MLK weekend, Septima Poinsette Clark.

“We need to be taught to study rather than believe, to inquire rather than to affirm.” —S. P. Clark 

Insightful and pertinent words.

Clark joined the NAACP in 1919 and from there ran a door-to-door petition that successfully convinced her SC school to hire black teachers. In 1945 she would work w/the NAACP and (future Justice) Thurgood Marshall on a case that successfully obtained equal pay for black teachers.
For decades she ran & developed citizenship & community education workshops, instructing attendees how to teach math & literacy to others.
Due to these classes & citizen teachers, more were able to pass the extensive “literacy tests” required to register to vote in Jim Crow South. In 1961 the SCLC took over these classes and made Clark director of them, she developed over 800 classes, spreading education like wildfire.
Though called the Mother of the Movement by MLK for her decades of vital groundwork, Clark was often underappreciated by male activists. It can’t be overstated how important her educational work was & how important that kind of groundwork continues to be for developing social movements.

Master List

all of my shorter imagines can be found under the tag #include imagines

S- Smut

F- Fluff

A - Angst

Baron Corbin

Keep Begging - Reader “hates” Baron and the feeling is completely “mutual”. S

Drunk In Love - Reader gets tipsy and starts dancing with her jealous best friend Baron. S

Dream Girl - Baron sabotages the reader’s date with another man. S

Make Them Hear It - Baron’s valet girlfriend gets to close for comfort with Dolph during a match. S

Something to Lose - Baron confesses the feelings he has for his close friend. Really heavy on the fluffiness. F/S

Three - You’re sharing an apartment with your ex Baron but the two of you can’t stop tempting each other. S/A

Slow Burn - You’re Corey Graves’ little sister and you have always had a crush on Baron. S/F

Shy Girl - Baron and the new girl keep finding themselves together. F/S

I Hate That I Want You - You’re teamed up as Baron’s manager and neither one of you is pleased. S/F

Take Another Piece of My Heart - Your friends with benefits arrangement with Baron isn’t enough anymore. A/F/S

Corbin’s Anatomy - Baron helps his girlfriend w/ her homework. S/F

Baron Loner Series

Loner - Post Survivor Series 2016. Reader tries to convince best friend Baron to make things right with Smackdown. (Drabble/Ficlet)  F/A

Loner 2.0 - After Smackdown following SS, Baron’s best friend is at her wit’s end to keep him from making anymore mistakes. F/A

Loner 3.0- Post TLC. Baron realizes maybe he likes his best friend worrying about him. F

Loner 4.0- Baron finally admits all his feelings. F/S

Loner 5.0 - Baron competes in the Royal Rumble. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

Loner 6.0 - Baron’s behavior at Elimination Chamber leads to a lesson in control. S

TJ Perkins

Worth It - Reader gets roughed up by Brian Kendrick in a mixed tag. TJ defends her and confesses his feelings. F/S

Get The Message? - Kendrick won’t stop flirting with TJ’s girl, so he has to show him who she belongs to. S

What We Do - Reader and TJ’s home gets burglarized while he is out of town. F

Can You Keep A Secret? - TJ insists your relationship has to stay secret for now but his jealousy makes things complicated. S/F

Sami Zayn

Anger Management- Sami is frustrated with his career. S/A

The First- Sami was your first but will he be your always? S/A/F

Daddy Sami Series

Table Talk - Spicing up your sex life with Sami. (Daddy!Kink) S

Daddy’s Home - Part 2. Sami surprises the Reader when he comes home from the road. (Daddy!Kink) S

Tense- Part 3. The reader is stressed out and Sami makes her feel better with yet another Daddy appearance. (Daddy!Kink) S

Hero Worship - Part 4. Reader is on the road with Sami when he takes on Stephanie to defend Foley. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

Seth Rollins

Main Event - Reader and Seth fight like they hate each other, but do they? S

Revenge, Baby - Seth gets revenge on The Authority by having sex with the Reader on Stephanie’s desk. S

Real Good Man - You’re married with one child with Seth but you think you might be pregnant again. F/S

Love and Paint - A paintball war with your best friend Seth leads to confessed feelings when you go to clean up. S/F

363 Days - You’ve been broken up with Seth for a year but you take a little piece of him wherever you go. A/F/S

Cheat Day - Christmas with Seth. F/S

Two For The Show - Your insecurities and a new reality show stand between you and your happily ever after with Seth. A/F/S


Bewitched - Reader and Cesaro find out they have been in love with each other for a while and start a whirlwind romance filled with excitement and obstacles. Also includes heavy Reader/Seth Rollins friendship. Multi-Chapter. S/F

AJ Styles

Run With It - AJ’s girl gets a “boo boo” and his fatherly instincts take over. F

Blue Eyes - AJ and you have sexual tension. That all escalates when you walk in on him moaning your name. S/F

Dean Ambrose

Own Kind of Love - Dean and the Reader get in a huge fight but he comes home early from the road to settle it. S/F/A

Lightening - Dean wins at Wrestlemania and the celebration continues in the parking deck. S

Frost Bitten, Not Shy - You. Dean. Snow. Sex. S

Shane McMahon

Reschedule - Reader surprises Shane at work. (Daddy!Kink) S

Daddy It’s Cold Outside - You, Shane and a cabin in the mountains. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

All I Want For Christmas - Shane dressed as Santa at home with his wife. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

Finn Balor

Dirty Girl - Dressing up for Finn on Halloween. S

Dear Diary - Finn reads your diary & realizes you feel the same way about him as he does about you. S/F

Prove It - Finn’s shoulder may be injured, but that’s not going to stop him from taking care of his girl. S

Slippery When Wet - Finn and his best friend confess their feelings in a swimming pool. S/F


Picture Perfect - Accidentally sending a risque pic to your crush Sheamus and he calls you out on it. S

Poker Face - You pretend to hate Sheamus, but when the heat breaks in your hotel room…You have to share his room. S

The One - After a string of failed dates, Sheamus helps you realize you’ve been looking in the wrong places. F/S

Delicate Touch - Sheamus and Karl both have eyes for the same girl. S/F

Don’t Do It - Your relationship with Sheamus ended months ago but when Austin Aries asks you to marry him, you realize it’s far from over. A/S/F

Irish Princess - Sheamus spends St. Patrick’s Day with his wife. F/S

My Boyfriend’s Back - Sheamus pretends to be your boyfriend to scare off your newly returned ex Drew Mcintyre but are his feelings possibly real? What about yours? S/F

Roman Reigns

Birthday Sex - You’re planning a surprise party for Roman with Dean’s help but Roman gets the wrong idea. Once he realizes he was wrong, birthday smut begins. (Daddy!Kink) S

Pages From A Book - The reader loves Roman. Just one problem, he’s married. But what if the feelings are mutual?  A/S/F

Jeff Hardy

Stress Relief - Rough sex with Jeff after he is forced to start over at WWE and lose a tables match. S

Party Dress - Jeff gets dominate when he sees Cesaro flirting with his woman at Alexa’s birthday party. S

Dolph Ziggler

Fantasize - You accidentally leave a voicemail on Dolph’s phone of you moaning his name. S

Noam Dar

Feelings - Reader is jealous of her boyfriend Noam’s on screen relationship with Alicia Fox. S

Chris Jericho

Showered - Chris spoils you rotten and celebrates with you after a title win. (Daddy!Kink) S

Enzo Amore

What’s Yours, Is Mine - Enzo gets jealous in a bar and you take out your anger in the alley. S

Big Cass/Colin Cassady

Show and Tell - Enzo has been eying Cass’ girl, so they give him a show. (Some Daddy!Kink) S

Santa, Daddy - Cass in a Santa Suit. (Daddy!Kink) S

Corey Graves

Brave - Corey’s new girl has been keeping a secret. S

Candlelight - Corey’s first Valentine’s Day. S/F

Drew Galloway/McIntyre

Home - Drew’s wife misses him when he’s away at ICW. (Daddy!Kink) S

Adam Cole

What A Man - You see Adam after years apart but you already have your hands full of drama with Fandango and Dolph. Can you finally tell Adam how you feel? S/F

Adam Series - Something For You (COMPLETE)

All In The Game - If Adam is looking for an easy hookup, he picked the wrong girl. S

Don’t Tell Me It’s Over - Part 2. Things with Adam get more complicated. S/F/A

Baby Steps - Part 3. - Adam has some big adjusting to do. A/F/S

Wrapped Around - Epilogue to Baby Steps. Life with Olivia. F/S

Where There’s Smoke - Adam panics when a fire breaks out in their hotel. (Companion to the Series) A/F/S


Pete Dunne

Pete Series - A Hold On Me

Corruption - Part One. Pete is smitten with the shy reader. S

In My Veins - Part Two. You’re not even sure what to call your ‘thing’ with Pete but then he does something you didn’t expect. S/A

Say Anything - Part Three. You want to know how Pete really feels about you but can he tell you before it’s too late? A/S

Rip My Heart Out - Part Four. Pete can’t stay away from you and you’re not sure if you want him to.  A

For The Love of a Woman - Part Five. Pete knows what he needs to do, he just needs a push. A

Together - Part Six. Pete makes sure he keeps his promises. S/F

Next - Part Seven. Jealousy flares on both sides. Pete’s first NXT match. S

All You Never Say - Part Eight. Pete fucks up. Simple as that. A

Stubborn Love - Part Nine. Pete gets a little unsolicited advice. A

Time Can’t Erase - Part Ten. Pete’s jealousy turns out useful. A

Afterburn - Part Eleven. Things start to change. A/F

Crash Into Me - Part Twelve. Life is full of surprises and changes. A/F

Til You Come Back Home - Part Thirteen. What if it’s the last time? A/S

Your Man - Part Fourteen. Pete’s on the road. How will that affect the reconciliation? Fluffy-ish

Famished - Part Fifteen.  Talking out the past for good and then celebrating Pete’s title win. S/Fluffy-ish

Tyler Bate

Social Media Showdown - Tyler’s girlfriend gets upset when she sees his risqué snapchat pics, so she decides to get even. S/Fluffy-ish


Karl Anderson

Rough and Ready  - You and Karl get caught in your secret relationship, so you have to make your disgust look convincing. Instead, it turns Karl on. S

Randy Orton

Ring The Alarm - Randy comes home to his lady. (Daddy!Kink) S

Bray Wyatt

Compare and Contrast - Bray and the Reader bond over their differences after she comforts him when he loses Abigail. F/S

Mojo Rawley

Love is Blind - A blind date with Mojo leads to a relationship. F/S

Ain’t Going Nowhere - (Companion to Love is Blind) Mojo wins the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. S/F

Jay Briscoe

If The Walls Could Talk - Jay takes his frustrations out on the girl he’s been pining after. S

Bad Boy - Can the bad boy ever get the good girl? F/S

The Wrong Woman - Someone messes w/ Jay’s girl. S

The Other Guy - Jay and Mark like the same girl but her heart belongs to Jay. Can she commit to him? S/F


Claim (Finn/Reader/Sami )- Finn hears you saying Sami’s name in your sleep, so he offers the two of you a deal. S

Wish (Baron/Reader/AJ) - Baron wants to give you something special for your birthday, if he can keep his jealousy in check. S/F

For You (Sheamus/Reader/Cesaro) - The tag team’s valet wants everyone to get along. S

Mate - (Roman/Reader/Baron) (Corey/Reader) - Supernatural AU where all three are werewolves, trying to control Corey’s mate. S

Welcome to The Club - (AJ/Reader/Karl) - You’re Finn’s little sister and The Club is supposed to be watching out for you. S

Arrangement - (Roman/Reader/Dean) You want to invite Dean into your relationship with Roman. S/A

Short Skirts - (Nick/Reader/Matt) The Bucks’ new valet teases them to their breaking point. Mainly Nick/Reader. S
Meet the Oprah of China, Who Happens to Be Transgender
Jin Xing, a former male ballet star and army colonel, draws 100 million viewers a week and was the first person, publicly, to undergo gender reassignment surgery in her country. Now she shares the unlikely story of finding extraordinary success afterwards.

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