This is literally THE CUTEST THING I have ever seen. It’s the Ellen Show with a little * year old girl who is dying to be, meet and sing with Nicki Minaj.

She can SING her heart out, knows all the words to her songs and is literally like like mini Nicki. If you haven’t seen this you need too, immediately!


ME LOVE ME SOME Charm and Chain!

They have some seriously stunning pieces of jewelry and all of these necklaces are just a few of what they have to offer. 

You want a fabulous piece to just take your life, wardrobe and style to a whole other level, look no further, Charm and Chain has all you need. The collection and range of style they carry is phenomenal and I guarantee you will find something you absolutely heart all over, and over, and over. 


So, this is just a little shout out to London, our first day… of course we did the double decker bus tour and I must say, … as touristy as it gets, it was pretty cool. You get to see EVERYTHING and you save your little toesies for at least a few hours. 

I am in LOVE with LONDON and this is only the first day… I might have to have a quickie marriage with a Brit and stay forever!

DIG for Victory!

This girl makes THE cutest dresses, DIG for Victory! She’s on Etsy and absolutely fabulous. The construction looks exquisite and the fabrics are all so flirty and fun, there is no way in hell you can have a bad time in one of these dresses. 

If you love anything Pin-Up which I know so many of you do (besides it’s all the rage), you need to get hip to the game and check out a lot of these different designers on Etsy and all over the web. Th style is great on so many body types, super forgiving + comfy, while picture perfectly adorable all wrapped into one!


Unlove me.
Unlove you.
Why can’t we unlove we?

As if it were that easy.
So close, you were.
We was.
Could feel the breath between us.
Could have kissed words and no one would have even noticed.
Invisible walls in tiny spaces.
Inches separated our worlds.
You didn’t pass the line.
You didn’t move.
Love used to live in that air between us.
In every breath.
Feel it.
Breathe it in.
Yet the air was so tight that night.
Dry heat.
Hot smokey air all around us.
Hard to breathe anymore.
One step.
One motion.
You could have and…
One more time for emphasis,
Actions explain…
As if the 180 plus sunsets didn’t already,
The sum of all fears.
Not equal.
Separate and alone.
One word, one gesture.
Say something.
Silent sadness.
Your eyes tell the story…
I still see you,
Even when you chose to stop seeing me.
Even when I flew away.
Now just left with…
Half ass hand shakes.
Fake hellos,
But real goodbyes.
Over and over.
That’s all we have, That’s all that remains of love.

Unlove me.
Unlove you.
Why can’t we unlove we?


Here is to my brotha from anotha mutha. Happy Mutha F'ing Birthday!

I seriously love this dude like we were raised together my whole life. Malcolm aka M*&G (it’s a life or death secret) aka Three (the greatest of all time), you are truly one in a million and I’m so blessed and happy to have you in my life, my family and my heart! 

Love you!

Happy Birthday!!!!