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Name: Shermine

Nickname(s): Shermin,Sher,Sherm,Sherry(My mom uses this one),Mine,Minnie,Shermit,Kermit,Hermit,Shermit the hermit (don’t ask),Sherminator (brother and dad’s fault)

Gender: female

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 1.75cm - 5′9

Favourite colour(s): Pink,light green,Royal blue,Yellow

Time right now: 10:24 am

Average hours of sleep: What is sleep?

Lucky number: 7

Last thing googled: Angels wings

Favourite fictional character: Jellal Fernandes,Todoroki Shouto,Erza Scarlet,Yaoyoruzu Momo,Sonic and Silver the hedgehog and many more

Number of blankets: 1 in the Summer and 2 in the Winter

Favourite singer/band: Uuuuh i like fifth Harmony,Coldplay and….idk

Dream trip: Japan or America

Dream job: Be a Artist or Photographer! Something creative

When was your blog created: 25th of Febuary 2015

Current follower count: 241

What do you post: Anime,food and funny things

Who are your more active followers: @itsamemoon-moon @paleperfectiondinosaur @theinvisiblek @tidalalchemist (WHY DO YOU GUYS FOLLOW ME I AM TRASH!!!!!!!)

When did your blog reach its peek: When i joined the Fairy Tail fandom


What made you get tumblr: Fanart of Sonic the hedgehog and anime

Do you get asks on a daily basis: NO :(

Why did you choose your url: i forgot lol                                                          I will tag @paleperfectiondinosaur @meadowofstars @tidalalchemist @erzawesome and anyone who wants to do this!!

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