sherman girls

So I just watched a new interview with Lauren Graham and in it she said there was a ‘dummy’ ending scene that was passed around to throw people off the actual ending/final four words, and 95% of people thought it was the actual ending. She said it involved Rory on a train, and she looks up and sees someone that the audience doesn’t (I think she says something too, but Lauren didn’t remember what) and then it cuts to black.

But honestly, I’m so salty because that is a WAY better ending than what we got. Dare I say it might even have been the perfect ending? Because it has just the right amount of ambiguity…presumably the person Rory sees would be her endgame (though maybe it could’ve been someone else, like career-related, depending on how it was set up) and it allows people to feel like there’s some sense of closure (Rory does end up with someone, or chooses her career, etc.) but it doesn’t step on anyone else’s idea of what exactly that should be. It also wouldn’t have been contingent on actor availability.

Like I’m kind of floored by how genius of an ending that would’ve been, and baffled that at no point did Amy think this might’ve been so much better and more satisfying (while still leaving it open-ended) than the bullshit she gave us. How much fun would we have had coming up with theories over who she saw? Some people who wanted it all tied up in a bow might’ve been disappointed, but I think for the most part people would have loved it, and it would’ve done a great job of keeping the fandom alive with speculation, going back and rewatching to find clues (seriously, that would have been so much more fun to discuss than “who’s the baby daddy”).

Anyone else just want to pretend this is what actually happened? lol.