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DBQ/FRQ First Aid (Precolonial to Imperialism)

Tomorrow, you will be taking the APUSH Advanced Placement Exam. Determining on what college you want to go to, at least a three is commonplace. I don’t know about you guys, but my biggest problem is going the length of an entire essay (for example if they want me to talk about Colonial Times through the Revolution, but they just write “1763-1781” I wouldn’t know what to write about). Furthermore, I’m going to list eras, what happening during them in chronological order and a very brief description of what they did. Keep in mind that many eras (such as the 1960’s) are important both in foreign policy and domestic affairs. I will divide them accordingly. The DBQ will not ask for specific years, but it’s better to have a general understanding of the era they are asking you about so you can throw in some “specific evidence” to get that 7-9 essay. This chart is also particularly helpful with the FRQ. Anyway, let’s begin.

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Fic Request: Lydia can’t help it. She has to tell someone. At girls night, she spills the beans. She and Stiles had sex less than a week ago. And it was amazing and gentle and sweet and everything she’d wanted. She tells the girls all about how it happened (three times, might I add). But what she doesn’t know, is Stiles can’t help it either. He’s currently telling Scott all about it as well.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: rongasm

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Ways the World Would Be Better if Teddy Roosevelt Was Also Shot on Sept 6, 1901

-Under the terms of the Presidential Succession Act of 1886, the next president would have been Johnathan Milton Hay. Hay was (relatively speaking) an anti-imperialist, as far as Republicans of his time went. He also thought Roosevelt was a dick so that’s a point in his favor as far as I’m concerned.

-With no Teddy Roosevelt, US policy in Latin America wouldn’t have been literally defined by parading battleships around the Caribbean.

-With no Teddy Roosevelt, we would not have progressivist reforms making their way into federal policy. No FDA. No Sherman Antitrust act. No National Parks. No Hepburn acts to allow the Interstate Commerce Commission to set railway prices.

-With no Teddy Roosevelt, we would not see a precedent set of Presidents ruling by decree. Did you know that in his term, Roosevelt issued over a thousand executive orders, more than all of his predecessors combined?

-Without Teddy Roosevelt, we wouldn’t have had an open imperialist in the executive. I cannot emphasize enough how great this is.

-Would we have had a Panama Canal? Who knows.

-Most importantly, there would be nobody to throw a whiny shitfit in 1912 over not being allowed to be president for a third term in violation of the precedent of every other person to assume the office. This would mean that Woodrow Wilson would not have become president.

-Without Woodrow Wilson, we would not have a Federal Reserve. We would not have a federal income tax.

-Without Woodrow Wilson, WWI, if the US had even entered it at all, would not have become an ideological crusade of expansionist democratic republicanism against the notion of dynastic rule.

-WWI may not have deteriorated into a state of total war, as happens when conflicts are ideological.

-WWI would not have ended with the complete destruction of the Hapsburg Dynasty and the partition of Austria-Hungary. The German Monarchy could have been preserved. Any number of things could have been different in the postwar arrangement but I’d bet my life that the end result wouldn’t have set the stage for Nazism.

-At this point we’re stepping so far off the rails of history that I’m not about to throw out theories but unless we step into the Red Alert universe I’d say that this is already a freer world for everybody that isn’t living in a colonial holding, and this post is getting long enough.


Milton Friedman on monopolies (again, goes with Libertarian myth #1)