sherly art

Day 12 is definitely my favorite one so far !!

His name is Sherlie, a lonely little undead boy that practices necromancy and wields his modified gravestone as deadly weapon (as well as sharpened bones). He lives in an enormous graveyard and makes sure all the flowers don’t die and is basically it’s guardian and caretaker.

He unintentionally scares away anyone that sees him, and believes hes doomed to be alone forever unless he can bring himself from undeath :c

my heart is a kaleidoscope

sherlock forgets to eat. he especially forgets to eat when he’s working on some experiment or other, so john’s taken to leaving plates of snacks by the man’s elbow as silent reminders that all transports require fuel to run properly.

he left a plate of apple slices once, only to be met by sherlock’s scornful: “aren’t apples supposed to keep doctors away, especially when i’m obviously busy?

today, as john walked by the consulting detective, he immaturely shoved an entire apple into sherlock’s mouth, which was conveniently open (probably to tell him to piss off). john had a good laugh at the look of flaming indignation on sherlock’s face.

he had an even bigger laugh when he returned from his own lunch to find that sherlock had forgotten about the apple in his mouth completely; sherlock was currently gazing thoughtfully at a bottle of purple pills, fruit still held in his mouth.

bless him, john thought fondly.

for the june challenge over at letsdrawsherlock!

martinfuckman asked you: fluffy doggie au johnlock??

barklock? doglock? wufflock? i like wufflock, can this be a thing?? sherlock is a borzoi because big fluffy lanky fast babies with high cheek bones. john is a germy shepherd because i’m biased i love german shepherds they are my favourite dog breed ever (and military dogs, but that’s a side note)

introverted-ouncecat asked for “starwuffjohn” (i lost the original ask somewhere in my outbox oops)

hats off to people who animate frame by frame. by the time i got the happy star glow, i was ready to cry… and then ofc saving it as a gif means screwing up the quality /puts head in hands

… but yay for starwuffjohn!! yay for more wufflock!! /slowly going through requests


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Anonymous said: Fawnlock with colour palette 12 :-)

oneveryexit said: John Watson, #1

further to my earlier post, which i’ve now deleted (but made a note of the suggestions), i realized it’s counterproductive of me to be all “wah i don’t wanna draw xyz because i’ve already drawn it/i don’t like the character” when i talk about wanting to be pushed as an artist… so here’s some more yay!!

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