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Suddenly, Sherlock dropped down on one knee, extracted a small black box from his ratty trousers, opened it to reveal a ring inside, and held it out to her with an earnest expression on his face.

“Molly Hooper, will you m-”

“Oh no you don’t, William Sherlock Scott Holmes!”

“But I ha-”

“Have you finally lost it? Do you have any idea how it felt like, seeing your face as soon as I unzipped the bodybag? For five awful, awful seconds, I believed you were dead! Then you open your eyes all of a sudden like something from a B-rated horror film and nearly scared me to death! Then Thriller starts playing in the background and drawers start slamming open all around me with corpses rising out of them. These reanimated dead people start dancing of all things and you bloody dance with them. Who- Who are these people anyway?”

“Oh. Molly, meet my homeless network. Fellows, meet Doctor Molly Hooper, future mother of my children. Now, Molly, really we must stop veering off topic. As I was trying to ask you before you rather rudely cut me off, will you m-”

“Why, Sherlock? Why this?”

“I assumed you would appreciate it, given your morbid sense of humor.”

“You are a daft, daft man, Sherlock Holmes.”

“And you are a singularly infuriating woman, Molly Hooper. Now. Will. You. Marry. Me.”

“Oh shut up and just kiss me, you silly man.”

A Strange Affair

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by thescienceofsherlolly

Molly Hooper falls for visiting neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange, unaware of the effect it has on a certain Sherlock Holmes.

Words: 1190, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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OMG I THOUGHT OF A PROMPT.  I can never think of prompts, and now that I have done I HAVE TWO, because it’s different depending.  So:

Our Hero/Main Character can see and talk to dead people.  Sixth-Sense sort of thing.  This is an established skill/talent that MC has accepted and come to terms with (or not????).  Sherlock fakes his suicide, and it can go one of two ways:

Johnlock:  Since Sherlock took his swan-dive off of Barts, John doesn’t mourn as deeply as he could, since he expects Sherlock to turn up any day now.   But he doesn’t.  John sets out to find out why, helped by the dead who he’s helped in life and the afterlife. 

Sherlolly: **SUPER ANGST VERSION** Yep.  You guessed it.  Molly doesn’t mourn Sherlock at all because she knows he isn’t dead.  Until the day he swans back into the morgue and gradually, bit by bit, she figures out he isn’t “back.”  But she can see him.  But she shouldn’t.  Unless he’s…..

Have at it.

A Walk in the Woods

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by FluffySherlollyFan119

Prompt Fill for Nonny on Tumblr. Sherlock and Molly have been dating for about two years. Sherlock does something a bit not good, Molly’s mad at him and he tries to fix it. John and Mary are helping.

Words: 9436, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Another Sherlolly vid… :) Sorry, but I’m not sorry :P

Defending your fandom like
  • Person:Doctor Who has bad special effects
  • Person:Supernatural has pretty lame characters
  • Person:John Watson is not really important for the show
  • Me:YOUR FACE IS NOT IMPORTANT FOR MY LIFE *hits them with a chair*