Hey guys! *w*  
It’s been a while  I hope you’re all alright!

My sister catched a a really bad cold so I decided to do a scene redraw from one of her Johnlock fan fictions! I couldn’t stop changing the perspectives.. so I drew more ^^ I can only recommend her fics they’re always so beautifully written ;w; so for all my german followers/watchers you should really check her stories out!

I really loved how she wrote this scene.. Sherlock and John going to the sea and John finds out that it’s the first time for Sherlock to be this close ;w; I don’t want to give away to much.. you should really read it c: It play’s after s1 and is full of fluff and stuff <33…


Hello everyone, Long time no see.
These days I’m working on something else ( for life, you know :p) .

Today I was been told that my friend-@cainonly’s  fan book  [ Heart tree ] has been sold out, that means I can post the fan arts of the book here which were draw last year . 

But honestly, they are not as good as I hoped,  
so……don’t too disappointed to me……………