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One: Spell your name with song titles

Kokomo by The Beach Boys

Home by Alexi Murdoch

A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars

Devil’s don’t fly by Natalia Kills 

I’ll Surely Die by The Rubens

Jaded by Aerosmith

Apple Shampoo by Blink 182

Halo by Beyonce

Two: why did you choose your url?
Because Castiel is my little baby with an angelic face

Three: what is your middle name?
Don’t have one. It really isn’t a thing in Pakistan lol

Four: if you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

Five: favorite color?
Blue, Black, Mustard, Maroon, Grey

Six: song you like now?
Afraid by The Neighbourhood

Seven: top 4 fandoms
Supernatural, Game of Thrones, The walking dead, Sherlock

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