“He always says that he has no friends, but I doubt that."Sally smiled towards John who just recently came in the room. She watched how Sherlock played his violin which made her smile. Whenever he played she would tag along with the sound of the oboe. ” I remember when he would play the violin. I would always wanted to play with him so I played the oboe with him.“She chuckled at the memories that were flowing in as he played.


John was sitting home in the flat reading one uneventful night. Sherlock had gone out and Lucy was in her room. All of a sudden the door slammed open and Moriarty and two of his men run in. They grabbed John and head down the hall looking for Lucy. Lucy’s screams but before John can protest, he is knocked out.

A girl with bright blue orbs and an innocent face steps out of the cab with a bag in her hand and curiosity filling her up. She was about to meet her father for how many years, she walked slowly up on the steps, buzzing on the door. How she wished so much that her mother was here with her, introducing to her father.

sherlocksloyaldog started following you

Sherlock walked down the alley between the two warehouses, gun out at the ready. He had been given a tip that Moriarty was going to be present, along with his loyal sniper. He had been sure to keep track of all the windows, making sure there was no sniper and no red lights from the site.

Sherlock rounded another corner, looking around the corner first. He saw a shadow just at the opposite corner of corner he was at. Sherlock frowned, the person was armed and being as cautious as he was. However this person had a bit of a limp, not a pronounced one, but one all the same.

Sherlock maneuvered around behind the person, making sure not to be heard. As he neared he realized that the silhouette was familiar, familiar and something he had missed for three years, since he had been gone and on the run. Sherlock paused a moment, staring.

“Hold it right there …” said Sherlock trailing off slightly. “Turn around where I can see you better …”

At this close a distance, he was almost sure it was John, but he had been tricked before, and knew it was better to make sure than to assume anything.

Not Alright

John and Lucy were sitting in the living room of 221B. John was in the computer and Lucy was reading on the couch. Lucy stood up to get some water. Upon standing she became lightheaded and took a small step back. John noticed this more and more recently.

Oh Doctor My Doctor||John and De

“You will be my doctor?! Really?” The grin on De’s face was enormous as she got up and hugged the man as tightly as her huge belly would allow. Then she returned to her seat and was practically glowing she was so happy. Everything was working out better than she could ever have hoped for.

M!A: A Kidnapping

John had, had it with Sherlock.  He thought after a few weeks of dating Jeanette, Sherlock would at least warm up a bit to his flat mate’s new girlfriend.  But no.  John at least was hoping he would stop ruining their dates with his rude comments and pompous deductions but he never stopped.  Even after many casual promises nothing! One day John had it.  After Sherlock made Jeanette run out of the flat crying John narrowed his eyes at his flat made and rubbed his temples.  "Sherlock…“ he began quietly but sternly.  "What did I tell you about doing that! Making rude comments and deductions about Jeanette! You know she’s a sensitive girl, especially when it comes to her dying mother!” he exclaimed in anger.

Time Away

Richard Grayson was sitting in an old dinner booth feeling numb. His hands clenched tightly around the white mug in front of him. The temperature was close to scalding but he ignored it. He could hardly remember how he had managed to get here in the first place, his legs didn’t seem to want to co-operate, he could hardly imagine moving. He could remember the drive home from the hospital, still clad in his costume.  He could remember hearing the hidden sobs from the elder butler when the news had been passed on. He remembered slipping into his civilian clothes and running, he remembered the rain and how cruel he thought it was.He also remembered Using a zeta tube to get to here, England was far enough away right? He didn’t want to be recognized and cause a commotion if he happened to grieve. 
Staring down at the steam which raised from the hot tea he tried to ignore the lump which was forming in his throat.  He hadn’t cried yet, he wasn’t even sure if he could. 

A Case

John walked up to the apartment to find the door open.  He put the groceries down and cautiously stepped into the room.  " Hello?“ he asked.  Shuffling was heard about by the couch.  John got a bat and gripped it tightly as he advanced towards the mysterious sound.  There on the couch was a long shape covered by a sheet.  John waked whatever was on the couch to find that it was Sherlock.   The detective removed the sheet and stared up at John with disbelief.  ” Jesus, Sherlock I thought you were in Russia still.  Why didn’t you text when you came back?“ asked John as he threw the bat to the floor.

Sherlock merely glanced up at John and turned his attention to the little white rabbit that was perched on top of the table in their living room. ” You bought the groceries. Finally.  Oh and by the way, the cashier didn’t give you enough change", he said, still fixated on the little animal in front of him.  Sherlock, who was still wrapped in his white sheet, could sense John’s confusion.  It was like heat being emitted from a radiator. “ Oh for god’s sake, John. Don’t stand there with your mouth open. You are not a cod fish.”

You are a hedgehog. 

Lucy walked out of the bathroom and slowly made her way down the hallway to the living room where John was blogging and Sherlock was working on an experiment. 

“Um, John I… um…. need your help with something…” Her face was flushed with embarrassment but she looked like she was almost trying to suppress a smile. 

The American Lost in London

 Ms. Hudson called John and said that she was bringing a very odd man up. John shrugged and opened the door to find a tall, blond man with blue eyes standing in front of him with a beaming smile. “ Um…Hello there.” said the doctor with a questionable look. “ How can I help you?

“Yo-ha, bro-ha!”, said the young American man.  ”The name’s Alfred Jones, small dude. Sorry for being totally un-hero-like, but I got lost and shiz cause Britian totally ditched me and-“. Alfred blabbered on and on and on.