Sherlock Preference 3

Where he likes to kiss / how he hugs you

Sherlock Holmes:

He likes to put an arm around your shoulder and give the side of your head a soft kiss

John Watson:

He likes to hold your hand and pick it up an give a soft sweet kiss to the back of your hand

Mycroft Holmes:

He likes to wrap his arms around you from behind and leave soft sweet kisses on your neck

James Moriaty:

He likes to lean down towards you with his hands on your shoulders and give a soft sweet kiss to your nose

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29 and moriarty please!!

I hope you enjoy this!!!  Thanks for the request <3

Fandom: Sherlock

Ship: James Moriarty x Reader

Word Count: 861

Warnings: Suicide mention

Prompt: 29 - “I thought you were dead.”

Today was a tough one.  It had been nearly a year since he had gone and left you, and the days were drifting closer to the one year anniversary.  To the day where he’d gone and blown his brains out, leaving everybody else to pick up the pieces.  You’d known that he was up to something—he always was, that one—but now you were left to wonder if you could have done anything to stop it.  And each time, you figured that that was impossible.  Jim Moriarty always did what he wanted.  

You supposed that what he wanted was to die.  Of course, not without having ensured Sherlock’s death and your own misery first.  You just didn’t know why.  Why, when he had so much else to do, so many more crimes to commit—not that you enjoyed his line of work, but you’d thought it was enough to keep him alive.  At least until somebody got upset with him.

You stabbed your ice cream with your spoon.  He hadn’t even left a note.  Or a voice mail.  Anything. You wanted to be done with the whole cycle of grief, though some of the steps still came in waves.  Nights were washed with sadness, mornings retaliated with anger.  And then there were days like today, where it all ran together.  It made work unbearable, and home even worse.  You were alone, when you should have been with him, and you should have been moving on, instead of remaining in this rut.

But it all traced back to him, like it always did.  

And so you read.  For the next few days, it’d be better to escape from your reality than to deal with it. At least, that’s what you told yourself. And slowly, the more chapters you read, and the more pages you turned, you fell asleep.  

When you awoke, it was with a startle.  Night had washed over the sky, and cars rushed by on the main road.  And though you’d woken up alone for the past year, part of you remained sad that you weren’t entangled with James’ warmth. When he woke you up, it was usually by accident, and usually by a sweet gesture.  When he wasn’t surrounded by responsibilities—which was rare—he’d play with your hair, trace patterns into your skin, kiss your knuckles.  It was those small moments which made you forget about what went on in the outside world, what happened under his watch.  

A knock sounded on the door, urgent.  That must have been what woke you up, you reasoned.  So you stood up, straightening your hair and patting out the wrinkles in your clothes, noting that your ice cream had officially melted to a small puddle in its container.  And you walked over to the door and opened it.

Your heart skipped a beat.  He was a ghost, surely.  But as your fingertips made contact with his cheek, his five o’ clock shadow, you knew he was no ghost.  You could only muster up the voice to emit a shaky whisper.  “I thought you were dead.”  

“For once, I’m glad to prove you wrong.”  Jim smiled softly, the kind of smile he only allowed you to see—not even Sebastian was privy to the emotions he let show on his face.  “I had a lot to do before I could come back.  Everyone had to think I’d died.”

“Save me the explanation and just kiss me already.”

He crushed his lips against yours, doing all he could to make up for the past year. His hands flew to you, one to your waist and the other to cradle your head.  The two of you stopped only once you felt warm tears stream down your face, though neither of you were sure who started crying first.  

“You should be angry,” he noted.

You shrugged.  “You should be dead.  I’m glad you’re not, though.”

“I’m glad you’re not angry, too.”

A small smile appeared on your face.  You stepped back, taking him in completely.  He wore a three-piece as he always did, his hair was slicked back, as it always was, and he had huge bags under his eyes, which he never had before. Whatever had caused him to leave didn’t cause distress to just you, you realized.  He was sure to have many stories to tell, and you were glad to be able to hear them.  You were glad he had more, and that he would continue to have more.  

And then the realization hit you.  If he had left so suddenly before, then…  “Promise me you’ll never leave again.”

Then, softly, “You know I can’t promise that.  But I can promise that it won’t happen for a very long time.”  Jim pushed a strand of hair behind your ear, then looked to the inside of your apartment.  He hadn’t been in since he’d left.  You’d changed the arrangement of your living room, exchanged artwork for new pieces.  A lot had changed since he first left, so he had a lot to learn.  He smiled.  He liked challenges.  “Well, are you going to invite me in, or leave me here to freeze?”

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I have – at last! – finished annotating my fandom stats slides from sherlock-seattle ( strangelock was much quicker! :) ).  You can now peruse the slides with full speaker notes, and  if you want to leave kudos, you can do so on AO3.

Here’s the table of contents, if you prefer to jump directly to one of the subsections:

BBC Sherlock Preference 1

Name of your children

Sherlock Holmes :

Son: Gabriel Holmes

Daughter: Sophie Holmes

Son: Aiden Holmes

Daughter: Elora Holmes

John Watson :

Son: Ethan  Watson

Daughter: Ellen Watson

Son: Benjamin Watson

Daughter: faith Watson

Mycroft Holmes :

Daughter : Grace Holmes

Son: Liam Holmes

Daughter: Emma Holmes

Son: Joshua Holmes

James Moriarty :

Son: Caleb Moriaty

Daughter: Sophia Moriaty

Son: Carson Moriaty

Daughter: aria Moriaty

BBC Sherlock Preference 2

Where he likes to kiss / how he hugs you

Sherlock Holmes :

He likes to come to you wraps  his arms stout your waist from behind and give your neck sweet soft kisses

John Watson :

He likes to hold your head and pick it up and give the back of your hand a soft sweet kiss

Mycroft Holmes :

He likes to wrap an arm around your shoulder pull you into his side and give the side of your head a soft sweet kiss

James Moriaty :

He likes to stand In front of you lean down towards you and give a soft kiss o your nose

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