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Another clue that Molly is John in the “I love you” scene: she wears the stripped jumper she was wearing in TEH as she played John during Sherlock’s case. “You’re not John, you’re you” was followed by Sherlock calling Molly John throughout the entire deduction scene.

The coffin was for John, the deductions apply to him -> short size, no close family, “I love you”.

The I love you scene is about John & Sherlock: it shows John’s worries about Sherlock’s potential love: “I am not an experiment”, “You’re my friend”.

It also prepares the actual scene of the confession/declaration of love : Sherlock will have to say it first, it will be in a seemingly life-threatening situation (actual Three-Garridebs?), John will answer right away and will pour his heart out, literally wearing his heart (=phone) on his sleeve.

Except that the actual I love you scene will feel right, not like this very awkward and forced scene. John & Sherlock’s declaration of love will not be destructive, it will save the life (and their hearts).

It will repair the wrongs and heal the wounds. For the characters, but also for the audience, particularly LGBTQ+ viewers. (Hopefully, Molly will have the I love you she deserves too, from a character who actually loves her -> Greg?)


At the end of tfp, Sherlock says, “You killed my best friend”, while crying. This could be referencing the fact that John really is dying because he got shot in tld. Victor Trevor is a mirror for John, and John is Sherlock’s best friend. They made a huge deal out of establishing them as best friends in tsot. I don’t think they would use the term again if they weren’t making a connetion between them. So if tfp really is happening in John’s mind bungalow, he’s imagining Sherlock getting upset over his possible death. end meee nowww

Sherlock Subtext 101

In case you missed it – The shrine to Thatcher was given prominence in the middle of the room while the shrine to their son Charlie was over in the corner of the room, telling everyone these parents care more about their conservative values than their only son, making that son hide himself and die before he is ever able to come out, his parents none the wiser, never giving him the happy moment where he can come out to the father he loves and can have his love radiated back to him, that’s why there’s a rainbow prism in this shot as we play the loving scenario the boy hoped he could have but never got with his conservative father.

Check out this gorgeous mirroring in TBB, the episode that never fails to show you something you hadn’t seen before… note the mannequin behind Andy in the background, looking like Soo Lin (Sherlock’s mirror), reaching out to Andy (John’s mirror), through glass <3 <3 <3 (Read this mind-blowing piece of meta about the character mirrors in TBB if you haven’t already)

i keep seeing sherl0llies saying that irene isnt a good match for sherlock because theyre too similar and i just…..yeah…….almost eerily similar…………almost like……………she’s meant to be a mirror that shows us something about sherlock or something like that………………maybe it has something to do with the fact that she’s gay? idk, just chewing the fat over here

The Fate of the Watson Baby has been Staring us in the Face this Whole Time

We’ve been discussing this for ages: How can the baby be John’s with everything we know about Doyle’s canon? How can the baby be both real and not real? Why is she dressed like a rabbit? Why does she have the name of a stillborn from episode 9 and the initials of a stillborn from episode 1 if she’s alive? That’s because she is stillborn. The baby doesn’t survive the birth. That doesn’t mean the family doesn’t take a baby home with them. 

Just like Dr Stapleton, Nurse Mary Watson is going to bring home a “rabbit” that isn’t the one she was supposed to have. Kirstie got ahold of the wrong rabbit after her mother accidentally brought home one of the lab specimens that glowed in the dark. Dr Stapleton exterminated it after her daughter found out something was not right about the rabbit. “Hutch still locked, no sign of a forced entry.” Obviously an inside job. This would be an excellent parallel to “the dog did nothing in the night time” – which we saw referenced at Setlock this summer, the original story being “The Silver Blaze”. So the baby coming home with Mary isn’t going to be hers, John is going to doubt its legitimacy and consult Sherlock – just like Kirstie Stapleton – but Mary isn’t going to know that’s being investigated behind her back. She will abduct the child – hopefully she’ll just give her away to some loving family, but we all know how mirrors work (she will exterminate her off screen) – and John will think someone broke in and took her. Sherlock will realize it was an inside job. Mary will make her escape after she (AGRA) falls overboard. She’ll swim like a shark (who eats her young). 

Wonder why Mary has been wearing turned-up jeans this whole time? Because she’s not the mother. We were right, there was a reason they gave Sherlock that line in episode 3 about deducing paternity – except it will work both ways because Mary isn’t the mother, just like John isn’t the father. 

Is it time to freak out yet?

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The one thing that really solidifies for me that this episode is being told through Sherlock’s lens - that we are getting his recollection/retelling of events (if we needed any further convincing)

This shot of Billy the Skull with lenses on.

It’s at the very beginning of the episode, after the Samarra Shark scene, post-opening-credits

In this show Billy = William = Sherlock (Billy the skull, Billy the waiter at Angelo’s, Billy the innkeeper in THoB)

We were told from the start, as usual.