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The Emmys: “And here is Sherlock series 4. Look at this passionate moment of… friendship… between Sherlock and Watson as they… hold one another… for the first time… as friends.”

The Emmys: “And the winner is… Black Mirror! For actually having the balls to be gloriously queer.”

The Emmys: “And Sherlock gets nothing!”

The Emmys: “You fucked upppp.”

Check out this gorgeous mirroring in TBB, the episode that never fails to show you something you hadn’t seen before… note the mannequin behind Andy in the background, looking like Soo Lin (Sherlock’s mirror), reaching out to Andy (John’s mirror), through glass <3 <3 <3 (Read this mind-blowing piece of meta about the character mirrors in TBB if you haven’t already)


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Another clue that Molly is John in the “I love you” scene: she wears the stripped jumper she was wearing in TEH as she played John during Sherlock’s case. “You’re not John, you’re you” was followed by Sherlock calling Molly John throughout the entire deduction scene.

The coffin was for John, the deductions apply to him -> short size, no close family, “I love you”.

The I love you scene is about John & Sherlock: it shows John’s worries about Sherlock’s potential love: “I am not an experiment”, “You’re my friend”.

It also prepares the actual scene of the confession/declaration of love : Sherlock will have to say it first, it will be in a seemingly life-threatening situation (actual Three-Garridebs?), John will answer right away and will pour his heart out, literally wearing his heart (=phone) on his sleeve.

Except that the actual I love you scene will feel right, not like this very awkward and forced scene. John & Sherlock’s declaration of love will not be destructive, it will save the life (and their hearts).

It will repair the wrongs and heal the wounds. For the characters, but also for the audience, particularly LGBTQ+ viewers. (Hopefully, Molly will have the I love you she deserves too, from a character who actually loves her -> Greg?)


If Culverton Smith is a dark mirror for John, and Faith/Eurus is a mirror for John during A Study in Pink, and taking into consideration when they said “Murder = Marriage” in The Sign of Three, along with Smith’s overjoyed demeanor realizing he could kill anyone, and his love for confessing his sins – which parallels Moriarty/Sherlock in The Abominable Bride – THEN:

Culverton telling Faith years ago of his darkest secret to kill anyone, Culverton repressing Faith’s mind, and Faith, in an act of desperation, reaching out to Sherlock for guidance


John told himself years ago he was bisexual (could marry “Anyone”) but repressed the idea because it frightened and repulsed him, and in an act of desperation reached out to Sherlock for guidance


At the end of tfp, Sherlock says, “You killed my best friend”, while crying. This could be referencing the fact that John really is dying because he got shot in tld. Victor Trevor is a mirror for John, and John is Sherlock’s best friend. They made a huge deal out of establishing them as best friends in tsot. I don’t think they would use the term again if they weren’t making a connetion between them. So if tfp really is happening in John’s mind bungalow, he’s imagining Sherlock getting upset over his possible death. end meee nowww

That’s not what happened at all: False alibis in The Lion’s Mane and The Six Thatchers

The Lion’s Mane is the second of only two stories narrated by Sherlock Holmes; the first of these was The Blanched Soldier. Both of these stories were published in 1926 and collected in The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes, which seems to have become a major source for Sherlock S4 (see my related meta here, partially about the erasure of John Watson’s character).

In The Lion’s Mane, Holmes opens by talking about his lonely life in his house on a hill in the Sussex Downs, with his housekeeper and his bees, and relates the story of a case that nearly stumped him.

“At this period of my life the good Watson had passed almost beyond my ken. An occasional week-end visit was the most I ever saw of him. Ah! had he but been with me, how much he might have made of so wonderful a happening and of my eventual triumph against every difficulty!”

Yes, it’s certainly a pity that John is being kept from writing these stories.

As I mentioned in my recent meta on The Blanched Soldier, Mofftiss appear to believe that Doyle removed Watson from that tale in order to tell a story about him in him allegory (this is the only explanation for James Sholto’s character in The Sign of Three). I think he did the same thing in The Lion’s Mane, but it’s difficult to tell, because the story is a bit like a game of musical chairs. In fact, past Sherlockians have observed that lines in The Lion’s Mane appear to have been handed out to the wrong characters.

“Why did you betray us?” (The Six Thatchers)

The only character in The Lion’s Mane that we recognize by name, Sherlock Holmes, isn’t acting like himself at all. John Watson is outright missing. The first manuscript of this story, most of which has survived, included a new and important character who was then cut out of the published version. Can we trust what we see on the page?

“That’s not what happened at all.” (The Six Thatchers)

… Victorian skinny-dipping, secret love notes, and lots of other spoilers for The Lion’s Mane under the cut.

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i keep seeing sherl0llies saying that irene isnt a good match for sherlock because theyre too similar and i just…..yeah…….almost eerily similar…………almost like……………she’s meant to be a mirror that shows us something about sherlock or something like that………………maybe it has something to do with the fact that she’s gay? idk, just chewing the fat over here


I watch the best series ♡.

ghost story au where john and sherlock are old ghost men haunting the shit out of the people that moved into their cottage until finally a nice lovely gay couple moves in and sherlock is like ah, yes, these. these can stay. and then they still haunt it but like, in a nice way. 

anonymous asked:

Steph, what do you think about Anderson absence from season4? I know he is not a main character, but since he was involved in conspiracy theories on season 3, could it be considered a sign?

Hey Nonny!

Actually, I do have a theory!

Anderson is one of the ONLY main-cast characters not mentioned on John’s blog (even Sally has commented on John’s posts), and I think this not only explains his absence but helps support Blog Theory / John’s Alibi / Unreliable Narrator. Also, Anderson is a mirror for John, so I suppose we can see his “crazy theories” as being John’s belief in Sherlock.

Actually… I just thought of this…

What if… the reason S4 is so ridiculous is because it’s ANDERSON TELLING THE STORY? Just like The Male Power Fantasy&#157;™ of TEH, Anderson is telling a story so wild and outrageous that it can’t be real? Telling how he thought Mary died, how Sherlock got stupid high for a case, his jealousy for John turns John ridiculously OOC, inconsistencies to the plot and disappearing and reappearing cast members, scene repetition, a crazy sister for Sherlock to explain why Sherlock is the way he is. I mean…. I still think TFP is John’s TAB, but as an alternate explanation for TFP, Anderson could also just be telling a ridiculous Shutter Island story.

I mean… Anderson IS a story teller just like John. WE SEE THIS IN MHR. He’s a John mirror.

Anderson’s Story. Who’s he telling it to? Don’t know… we don’t really know what he does now that he’s not with the police… Maybe he took to writing a book?

Hmm. I need to think about this more.

TV Shows for The Signs

* I suggest checking your Sun, Moon, & Dominant signs *

Aries - Fargo, Empire, Vikings, Shameless, Game of Thrones, Archer, Sons of Anarchy

Taurus - Mad Men, Westworld, Downton Abby, Master of None, Frasier, White Collar, Gossip Girl

Gemini - Sherlock, 30 Rock, Black Mirror, Peep Show, LOST, Psych, The Twilight Zone

Cancer - This Is Us, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Orange Is The New Black, Arrested Development, Grey’s Anatomy, Black-ish

Leo - VEEP, Modern Family, BoJack Horseman, America’s Next Top Model, The Voice, Seinfeld, GLEE

Virgo - The Office, House, The Young Pope, ER, Monk, The IT Crowd, Law & Order

Libra - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Parks & Rec, Outlander, The Good Place, The Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, Friends

Scorpio - American Horror Story, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Mindhunter, The Deuce, Sex & The City, Big Mouth

Sagittarius - It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Atlanta, Broad City, South Park, Community, Insecure, Blue Mountain State

Capricorn - Scandal, Breaking Bad, Silicon Valley, House of Cards, Drunk History, The Sopranos, The Americans

Aquarius - Stranger Things, Star Trek, Mr. Robot, Rick and Morty, The X-Files, Fringe, Sense8

Pisces - The Leftovers, Adventure Time, The OA, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Twin Peaks, Portlandia, Doctor Who