SHERLOCK - :Happy Halloween!:
Markers and pens on cardstock, PSCS3. (new window for hi-res) 

Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s my annual Halloween pic, which is usually a fandom-related pic with characters from a series I’m ridiculously obsessed with. This year I wanted to draw Sherlock!! Well, that and I also wanted to participate in threepatchpodcast‘s Sherlockoween.Yay!! Done in my gross-cute beady-eyed chibi style! Here’s Sherlock as a pirate and John as the Tenth Doctor (because I’m SO original and everything, Dr. Watson dressing up as a Doctor hurr hurr). Had to do a lot of manipulating on this one for John, anyway.. I had to redraw an entire shoe, so it looks a little wonky. Bah. 

Not much else to say, really! Hope you guys like, and have a happy Halloween!! :D

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Calling all creative fans! Three Patch Podcast invites you to participate in our Sherlockoween Squeefest

  • Who: Any fans who have created Sherlock-themed Halloween projects!
  • What: Any Halloweenlock! fanworks including fanart, pumpkins, fanfiction, costumes, Sherlockian Halloween parties, crafts, and more.
  • How: post your Sherlock-inspired craft, pumpkin, costume, or fanwork, and other Halloween offerings on Tumblr under the tag #Sherlockoween ! Or, submit to us at our Tumblr. Either way, we’ll reblog and spread the Sherlockoween squee.
  • When: Between now and November 1st. 
  • Why: Because we want to celebrate our fandom’s festive, creative spirit!

I really need to find a better way to entertain myself than this.


THIS. IS. AMAZING. James Rhodes plays “In The Hall of the Mountain King”
Fingers over keys like goblins in an uproar!