• Sherlock Fandom:*crying in a corner*
  • Supernatural Fandom:wow its been a while since the last time it cried
  • Doctor who Fandom:yeh the have a new trailer for the new series
  • Supernatural Fandom:do you think we should do something?
  • Doctor who Fandom:wibbly wobbly, timey wime- oh well we could throw them their Moriarty doll, that will cheer them up
  • Supernatural Fandom:they're weird

To Sherlollies out there (and I am purposefully not misspelling because I am actually wondering), I know most of you don’t expect Sherlolly to be canon. But, my question is, if Molly were in John’s place, would you? I was thinking last night about what if John and Molly switched roles. John is the pathologist in the lab and Molly is Sherlock’s partner. The stuff that has happened between Sherlock and John in the show instead happens with Sherlock and Molly. What if Sherlock restarted his heart bc she was in danger after Tom shot him? What if Sherlock googled Molly’s ex “friend”? What if Sherlock had a two inch thick file on Molly with a page where her head is pasted to the Birth of Venus? What if Sherlock looked up Molly’s birth certificate in order to find out her middle name? What if Molly planned her and Tom’s wedding but the whole time acting “terrified”? What if CAM threw Molly in a fire and Sherlock rescued her? What if CAM said “look how you care about Molly Hooper, your damsel in distress”? What if Sherlock left Molly’s wedding early looking super sad? What if Sherlock relapsed after she got married, like…would you all not read those things as romantic? And furthermore would you still not think sherlolly would end up being canon?

I guess my point is whether or not you think Johnlock will happen, we aren’t pulling these things out of our asses, they all canonically happened between these two men. All we are doing is not allowing the fact that they share the same gender keep us from reading typically romantic tropes as romantic.

Anyway I do often wonder about that, I mean you guys see Sherlock congratulating Molly on her engagement as romantic so like if he planned her wedding and then left it early looking devastated I wonder what you would think?

You don’t have to reblog if you don’t want I would be fine with DM as well. Thanks!

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Steven Moffat on twisting his words about gay representation to suit Johnlock conspiracy theorists (from With an Accent interview):

“What is irksome is what I am talking about is quite a serious thing, a serious question, seriously answered by both myself and Bryan Fuller who managed to answer much more quickly than I did.  I was talking about the representation of minorities in science fiction shows and in popular culture. Using the example of talking about gay characters and how you present them. I was actually largely talking about Doctor Who, ’cause Doctor Who addresses children. And I was talking about how do you handle gay characters in a fiction like Doctor Who when you are addressing very directly, children.  You don’t want it to be campaigning. You don’t want to be table thumping about it. You don’t want to essentially tell children that there’s something to campaign about. You want to say this is absolutely fine and normal. There is no question to answer. You want to walk right past it, in a way. You don’t want to… If you say, as sometimes other kinds of literature or movies might, we forgive you for being gay. You’re just saying you’re gay and it doesn’t matter. There’s no issue.”

“That’s what I was talking about. Was not talking, I was very much specifically not talking about…” continued Moffat, clearly passionate about the topic, and frustrated at the way his words have been twisted, “It is infuriating frankly, to be talking about a serious subject and to have Twitter run around and say oh that means Sherlock is gay.  Very explicitly it does not. We are taking a serious subject and trivializing it beyond endurance.”

[…] “I was talking about representation, as was Bryan, in quite a serious way. What they did was scale back that conversation and make it about something extremely silly. And that’s not helping anyone.  I cared a lot about what I said on that panel. I meant it. And I don’t like it being reinterpreted as something else. [We’re] not telling anyone what to think. Mark isn’t saying other people can’t write that version of John and Sherlock getting together. We’re not. We’re not engaging in a clever conspiracy to write something under the radar, we’re just writing the show we’re writing.”

I clarified, at this point in the conversation, “That’s not the story you’re telling.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” Moffat responds. “But they can. They can. Once we hand the show to them, it’s theirs and we’re finished with it. They can do what they like.”