Sherlock Fandom at 8:59:

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Sherlock Fandom During the Episode:

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Sherlock Fandom at 10:31:

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Bandaid Chowderpants

Benadryl Cumquat

Bumberstump Cabagestamp

Beaniebag Cumberland

Bendynoodle Criplesnitch

Britishguy Sillyname

Pumpernickel Cumberbund

Brandenburg Cumberwubble

Bimblesnitch Wonkypatch

Bingewatch Sillycat

Bumblebee Crumblepath

Blenderboop Wafflestick

Brusselsprout Cornstarch

Balencebeam Cinderblock

Buffalo Custardbath

Bumblesnuff Crumblypie

Balderdash Coiledyarn

soooo for my 18th birthday my parents did THAT

and earlier today I was in english class and my teacher, who’s a huge sherlock fan, just came to me and said “I heard you’ve got a nice bedroom door” AND I DONT FREAKING KNOW WHO TOLD HER THAT cause I haven’t told many people about it yet, so I asked her and she just responded “I have spies everywhere” and it creeps me out a bit