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  • Sherlock fandom:I came out here to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now

Hello fellow WHOVIANs and SHERLOCKIANs!

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I need 100+ participants for my online survey about fandoms or I will fail my master’s degree in media & communication!


So I really depend on you guys out there to take 15 minutes (tops! I promise!) of your time and fill out this little questionnaire. It doesn’t require any explicit knowledge, all gathered data will be saved anonymously and only analyzed for my master’s thesis.

What’s in it for you?
Apart from helping out a fellow fan and saving my life you can win amazing prizes ranging from handprinted fandom shirts over any fanart you request to signed theatre programs. I will do the biggest give-away in the history of tumblr if I get to 100 filled out surveys! Just complete the questionnaire and leave your email or tumblr username at the end.


(Oh nearly forgot! The survey’s deadline is the 1st of September 2014!)

Welcoming Someone To Tumblr

supernatural has a gif for everything

the sherlockians are mad

the whovians are permanently confused

the fannibals are polite, but dont trust them

the hetalians ship nations

LOTR are welcoming

the potterheads have awoken

merlin is crying in the corner

and homestuck is the forbidden zone


Because it is the holidays i want to follower a load of new accounts, about 1,000. If you blog/reblog:

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  • harry potter
  • the hunger games
  • american horror story
  • anything funny
  • the fault in out stars

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Reminder to My Fellow Sherlockians

If your Sherlock is straight

If your Sherlock is gay

If your Sherlock is bi

If your Sherlock is pan

If your Sherlock is ace

If your Sherlock is aro

If your Sherlock is demi

If your Sherlock is sex-repulsed

If your Sherlock really is just married to his work

If your Sherlock is autistic

If your Sherlock is a survivor of abuse

If your Sherlock is any of these

Or something else.

Your Sherlock is amazing.

If you ship him with John






The Doctor

Or anyone else in or out of his universe

Your ship is amazing.

Every fic you write

Whether it’s fluff or angst or lemon

Or all of these

Or none of these

Or anything else

If it came from the bottom of your heart

If it just came to you

If it’s the result of a hard drinking

If you just thought it’d be funny

If it’s distracting you from insomnia

If it’s the only thing keeping your going

It is amazing just because you wrote it.




Or anyone else involved with Sherlock

Have ruined any of your dreams

Screw them.

(Just remember to bless them afterward

For giving you your babies)

But please

No matter who your Sherlock is

Who he loves

What you write about him

How you feel about the people behind him

Please remember and respect 

Those who love him differently.

Feel free to add to this if you have anything.