• Rosie: Daddy, there's something I need to tell you...
  • John: You can tell me anything, darling
  • Rosie: Uh, do you remember when you explained to me that some boys fall in love with boys and some girls fall in love with girls and that's called gay? I thought about that and I realized that...
  • John: I love and accept you, no matter what
  • Rosie: ... You are gay
  • John: Oh

Sherlock Fandom at 8:59:

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Sherlock Fandom During the Episode:

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Sherlock Fandom at 10:31:

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At 8:29: The Sherlock Fandom is rising 

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At 22:01: The Sherlock Fandom has Fallen 

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  • Moriarty: *kills like 125 people, is responsible for 79 robberies,is boss of killing-trained snipers, steals crown jewels, pays guy to convince people to eat poison, likes attaching bombs to people, has a secret criminal web and idk how many more awful things*
  • Sherlockians: AWWWWW what a sweet little baby!!! TOUCH HIM AND WE'LL SKIIIIIN YOUUU! Jimmy don't be dead we miss youuu. Love youuu our little darling <3 <3 <3