At 8:29: The Sherlock Fandom is rising 

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At 22:01: The Sherlock Fandom has Fallen 

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  • Rosie: Daddy, there's something I need to tell you...
  • John: You can tell me anything, darling
  • Rosie: Uh, do you remember when you explained to me that some boys fall in love with boys and some girls fall in love with girls and that's called gay? I thought about that and I realized that...
  • John: I love and accept you, no matter what
  • Rosie: ... You are gay
  • John: Oh
  • Moriarty: *kills like 125 people, is responsible for 79 robberies,is boss of killing-trained snipers, steals crown jewels, pays guy to convince people to eat poison, likes attaching bombs to people, has a secret criminal web and idk how many more awful things*
  • Sherlockians: AWWWWW what a sweet little baby!!! TOUCH HIM AND WE'LL SKIIIIIN YOUUU! Jimmy don't be dead we miss youuu. Love youuu our little darling <3 <3 <3
Befriending a superwholockian...

Whovians: Are probably a major conspiracy theorist. Believes in aliens. If there’s even something slightly wrong they’ll instantly think of the most unbelievable thing; if somethings wrong in the news, they’ll instantly suspect an ~alien~ - they probably love to read.

Sherlockians: They can probably deduct every thing about you; they can definitely tell when you’re lying or telling the truth. Don’t lie to them, it doesn’t work. They’re probably an introvert, and probably spend most their time on the Internet.

spn: They definitely believe in demons/ghosts/etc. Possibly religious, but maybe not. They’re probably violent, but not towards anyone; they could beat someone up if they were provoked. Probably have an exorcism recording on their phone and probably carries salt around with them. They probably also sleep with a type of weapon under their pillow/bed. They probably enjoy reading and the Internet.

superwhoclockians: literally run and don’t look back. They probably know everything about you before you even opened your mouth. They probably already deduced your next sentence. You’re not safe. Run and don’t look back. And if you ever make fun of their Fandoms, don’t fall asleep.

Sherlock Fandom at 8:59:

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Sherlock Fandom During the Episode:

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Sherlock Fandom at 10:31:

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So I know many Sherlolly shippers were a bit disheartened by this past episode. But, can I just say I actually feel quite hopeful for this ship. I may be wrong but it seemed to me that the scene with Irene’s text was more of a confirmation of the importance of Molly as a companion to Sherlock. 

First of all, it seems to me that Irene here is equated to the woman that John was cheating on Mary with. Sherlock equates John’s texting to the woman from the bus to his texting to Irene. 

Second of all, we as an audience know that Molly thinks extremely highly of Sherlock. Despite his abrasive attitude towards her early on in the show, Molly continues to admire him for his brain, for the humility and kindness that she can see beneath his surface level behaviours. 

And John’s words to Mary in this episode  “who you thought I was…is the man I want to be.” “She taught me to be the man she already thought I was. Get yourself a piece of that.”

I just don’t think you could equate Irene as being this ‘piece’ to Sherlock.

And I think that what John is saying in relation to what Mary is to him is reiterating similar sentiments we hear Sherlock say to Molly in Season 2 episode 3 “If I wasn’t everything you think I am, everything I think I am would you still want to help me?” 

And as John said himself about Molly “I need the one person who, unlike me, learned to see through your bullshit long ago.” 

anyhow, just some thoughts! If you disagree that is absotutely fine!

Also, can I just say how much I am loving the increase in swearing in the show? It warms my soul.