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softcho  asked:

hello! I am fairly new to the fandom and have just restarted my blog, making a new account and deleting the old. since you are my favorite Sherlock/johnlock blog on this entire god forsaken website I wanted to ask you maybe for some help in getting involved in the fandom? how do I get involved in the community, start talking to people, what are some of the most popular fanfictions or "landmark" theories or fan made stuff, anything like that I should know? sorry to bother you but tysm!!

OKAY FIRST OF ALL: SADFASFSDF YOU’RE AMAZING, THANK YOU! :D :D <3 I’m honoured to be one of your favourite blogs!

Well, “getting involved” means interacting with the fandom itself; my own experience is that I was simply a lurker for about a year, then posted up some of my own theories, and then started commenting on other people’s posts. 

Seriously, reblog and comment on posts respectfully, and some bloggers will gladly interact with you via the post. But don’t be discouraged; some bloggers genuinely cannot keep up with how many comments and reblogs the get on their posts, so know that them not interacting with you specifically is not personal. 

Join watchalongs with like-minded bloggers (ie. other Johnlockers); I met a LOT of awesome people doing those and are some of my favourite things here! The ones I go to are hosted every weekend; The Sunday Crew hosted by @cupidford and Saturday night by @gunshyvw, and sometimes bloggers will post on their blogs if anyone wants to watch a show with them – DM them to ask them if you may join! @finalproblem also hosts a Wednesday night Sherlockian Watchalong, so if you want to meet various people from various groups in the fandom, you can join them! :)

As for talking to other people privately, I’m actually the worst though; my own shyness makes me not be the one to initiate a conversation, but I’m always receptive to people DM’ing me in the chat. Find a post you want to share with someone, or comment privately on someone’s post to start up a conversation! With me anyway, I LOVE when people take the time to comment privately on something I wrote about and then ask me some details. OR find out their ships and send fluffy headcanons; wins me over every time. Just be patient: Real life is still a priority for a lot of us, unfortunately. 

Making friends is not going to happen overnight; like in real life, don’t ‘force’ yourself into being someone else’s friend. Let it grow gradually. Most people are here to make friends, so if you respect them, they’ll come to respect you and adore you. It’s tough, I know, to be new in such a HUGE fandom, but you’ll definitely find those few people you click with indefinitely :)

So! Fandom. I’m assuming your meaning the Johnlock fandom, since my blog is pretty clear what I’m about, so here goes:

  • For some Johnlock fandom things, may I suggest my TJLC Beginner’s Guide? I mention some of the tropes in the Johnlock fandom you’ll come across as well as some of the popular theories. Some of the links may be broken, jsyk :p
  • For other fandom theories, I have a RIDICULOUS Masterpost that may take you several days to wade through, so you can check that out! I also write meta as well, and I reply to a lot of asks, so you can peruse those too!
  • I have a list of my own fic recs here, I’ve a blog tag here, and some of the blogs the I KNOW that rec fics a lot are @cupidford and @kinklock. There are a TONNE more, guaranteed, and I’m sure my followers will be happy to help you out. Plus, peruse my johnlock ficlets tag to find some brilliant authors who write weekly ficlets! There is some smut in the tag, so please heed the additional tags. There are SO many great authors on this site, and I encourage them to reblog this with their own fave/popular fics attached because I KNOW I’m going to miss people and I hate doing that :)
  • I know there are SO many, and I encourage my followers to help me out, but I know for a fact @kayjaykayme and @cupidford make image manips, @softsons is currently making a FABULOUS TJLC Explained video series and @vanetti makes fanvids! There are a TONNE of artists, so, like the fic writers, please add yourself to this post! Shameless self promo: @stephdrawsjohnlock is my Johnlock art blog.

And in conclusion: it’s NEVER A BOTHER!! I love helping newbies out around here! As a heads up, you and everyone have a new friend in me! Please feel free to message me anytime; just know I won’t reply right away because I don’t have chat on my version of the mobile app because it sucks, lol. But when I can, I try to reply to every chat message I get.

And remember: it’s more fun if you’re here because you want to have fun! If you’re here only to gain popularity or followers, it will not be a good time. Be here for YOU. Be here because you WANT to be happy! My blog is made to make me happy on my sad days; that’s what it should be for you too! Others will find you :)