sherlockian cards

In light of the stormy weather Sherlock fandom is having right now, I would like to propose doing something positive! There isn’t a holiday coming up, but I think it’s time for another card exchange to show that Sherlockians are amazing, talented, loving, giving people no matter what disagreements might crop up and seem to dominate our dashboards on tumblr.

The theme that came to mind for me is the (purportedly) ancient Chinese belief that “an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.“ Right now, with the stresses and snarls in our fandom, this seems more poignant than ever.

If you’re interested in participating in a Red-Thread Card Exchange with your fellow Sherlockians, please leave a note below so we know if this is something people would like to do. And please reblog so other Sherlockians can participate as well if they so desire. :-)

So, you want to join us?


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I quite like the idea of one-card-to-please-them-all, since there are so many different iterations of the famous detective.

Once you purchase the download, there is no restriction on how many you can print, as long as it’s for personal use :)

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Hey people, I’m here to ask you for help!

It’s not for me nor even for a friend or a familiar, this is a signal boos for Brasilian Children.

Right now, even when there is people in Brasil having fun because of the World Cup, there are a lot of people having trouble with money, children without food, water, toys… children without a childhood. And because of this, some students have created a solidary app.

This World Cup take a pic and customize it to cheer your selection with the best designs. MundialSolidario and Grow up Playing Foundation bring you the App for you to support the “A toy an Illusion” campaign, customizing your photos of this World Cup.

Customize your pictures with original and attractives designs related to the World Cup or the colors of your choice and share it with friends on Social Networks.

It has a large variety of designs to decorate your photos. Choose the ones of your liking and cheer your players!

Moreover, without leaving the app, you can check the latests news related to this event. It has integrated Twitter and Instagram profiles of the most important “characters” in the world (players, coaches, organizations …) and links you to the official website of the International Federation of football and his Youtube channel. It also allows you to access the comments and photos that have been posted on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag of this solidary app (# mundialsolidario)

Collaborate with the campaign A toy an illusion of Grow up Playing foundation with the goal of having more toys reach the hands of children in the most disadvantaged areas.

Capture your moment of euphoria, portrays the excitement of the World Cup games and have thousands of children grow up playing!

This app is available on IOS and Android, and it costs 1.79€ / 2.42$. Thanks for reading and please share this post! With this little gesture you will make a lot of children very happy!

Ps: The only languages availables right now are english and spanish, sorry for that!