So yeah I’ve been raiding closets. This time, I am raiding my favorite fandom’s character closets. So here are them:

  • Sherlock’s Closet. Oh yes, he has 8 sets of clothes.. of course, he is this fashionable god so of course he has a lot clothes.
    My favorite: The Buckingham Palace Sheet.
  • Moriarty’s Closet. He is Mr. Sex, of course he has a lot clothes. Though not grand as the consulting detective but hell equally bad ass the latter.My favorite: Of course the The Tourist, because after that I am always seeing him in the crown.
  • John Watson’s Closet. *cough* no pun intended. (laughs) but yeah, I’ve seen his closet. lol. Okay, so John is not on the “oh hey look I look ~faboulousa~ side but he wears the most comfortable clothes. My Favorite: The Festive John. That sweater is the bomb! He looks like a walking gift wrapper. Lol! Sorry Jawn, but I love you!
  • Irene Adler’s Closet. Is there such? Lol. Yeah, she’s the woman, too many clothes to choose from but prefers to wear none. I can’t really comment on her style since she is the style herself. But her body measurements (so envious)My Favorite: Her Battle dress. Who doesn’t. (Vatican Cameo!)
  • Molly Hooper’s Closet.  The girl who counted. Like Jawn, yes she’s on the simpler side. She’s our typical girl. I love how she dresses for Sherlock but I hope she dresses more grand on season 4. My Favorite: The Hot Molly. Holy Molly wow. Even Lestrade dropped his shit when Molly removed her jacket. 

So to wrap it up. I love Sherlock so much I can notice the little details.

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Thank you. See you all lat-erss.

Digital painting of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.

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I am currently obsessing over Adlock (Adler + Sherlock) and have been reading fanfic after fanfic. This isn’t based on one fic alone, but the general consensus of their son being named Nero Wolfe (see William Baring Gould). I just added in the Irish Setter puppy, named after Sherlock’s deceased dog of the same name.   @the-adler-vertu​ruebella-b @i-am-adlocked@nixxie-fic@fuckyeahsherlockirene