sherlocked inside the tardis


I really want superwholock to become a thing because imagine Sherlock trying to think of a logical exclamation for supernatural beings and aliens and the doctor and sherlock arguing over whose smarter and sherlock being confused as to why the TARDIS is so big inside but small outside and sam and dean and cas shocked at the TARDIS as well and Sam freaking out because hes a geek and knows about Sherlock and Cas just standing there, with his confused face wondering why sam is freaking out over sherlock and then Sherlock showing off his intelligence and reading Sam and Dean and then him trying to figure out how Castiel being alive is possible and same with the Doctor like wouldn’t it be great and then the Doctors companion(s) just sitting there confused. And whenever sherlock wants to examine Cas dean gets protective because thats his boyfriend and The doctor arguing with sam and dean that heaven doesn’t exist and John trying to break up the bickering. This needs to happen. And the plot of the crossover concludes an Alien murder type of thing. Like a alien disguised as a human dies so sherlock investigates and thats where they meet the doctor and then sam and dean notice a loud noise and thats actually the Alien invasion and after they’re done fighting they help each other out and promise to never meet up again.