EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Scott won't return for Sherlock S3.

Today a Sherlock panel was held at Comic Con, having Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss and of course Steven Moffat as guests to talk about the upcoming series 3 of Sherlock. Exclusive clips were shown to the attendees, containing a rough cut from the second episode, The Sign of three. 

Eventually, the host asked about Jim Moriarty. A question we all have in the back of our mind: “Andrew Scott is back? Is he dead?”. 

Steven Moffat was quite clear on this, without a doubt the man replied the following:

“He is dead. Lots of people say he is not dead because you don’t see the back of his head come off, but this is BBC.”

He then went on explaining more about the reunion and how Sherlock managed to survive. Due to the writer, the explanation is quite rational and more time was put into the actual reunion scene.

Whether or not we get to see our favourite criminal mastermind through any kind of flashback, remains unknown.
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The show’s creators also confirmed that Andrew Scott, who plays Sherlock’s nemesis Jim Moriarty, appears in the new season, but as a corpse, joking that it was cheaper to pay Scott to play dead than to create a dead Moriarty mannequin. Moffat dismissed the notion that Moriarty faked his death.

“He can’t come back from that,” Moffat said. “He shot himself in the face. What more do you want?”