The Doctor and the Creep (2013)

Gryffindor!Doctor: kittenwelp (photo by shigeako)
Ravenclaw!Sherlock: shigeako (photo by ireneadlerholmes)

Imagine a magical murder.
The Doctor would be all like
I’ll bring the murderer to justice!”
Whereas Sherlock would rather be like:
“A double murder? WHERE?! <3 ”

cumberbum asked:

Another question: Where did you get teh sexy purple shirt from? It is epic!

Oh difficult one. This time I can remember where it’s from but it won’t help you, I’m afraid. There is a shop in my town called ‘Baltz’ and they’ve got really a lot of shirts. The brand is ‘Marvelis’ in its slim fit edition and it cost 30€. The only thing I could do is check whether they still have it. ^^

cumberbum asked:

I love your Sherlock cosplays! Is you Sherlock hair a wig or is it just your own beautiful hair? Oh, by the way, where did you get the buttons on your coat from, they look just like the originals!

First: Thanks a lot! <3

My Sherlock hair is a wig. If you click on ‘Baftas 2012’ in my sidebar you’ll see my real hair ;) I can’t remember the shop I bought it in. I only know it’s from ebay…

The buttons are fake leather buttons and I added the golden details with a golden pen xD I also ordered them on ebay.


joannas-world asked:

Hi! You look great as Sherlock. Can I ask where did you have the coat from? Where did you buy it? I want to buy the coat for myself;) Cheers x

I’m afraid I can’t help as I made the coat myself :( I bought the tweed fabric online and then sewed it…

I hope you’ll find a proper coat somewhere, good luck ^^!