It’s fall, the best time of the year and you know what that means: Halloween! And this time we decided to team up with the Boston Whovians (FB/TUMBLR) for a meet up! It’s going to be on Saturday, October 27th at 1 PM at the Prudential Center! We encourage you to come dressed in costume or cosplay as anything. Doesn’t have to be Sherlock or Doctor Who related, come as anyone or anything! We’re going to be having some sort of contest for the best costume. Come meet some other fans, hang out, eat some candy! 

This will most likely be outside for a while (it’s all depending on the amount of people that show up), so be prepared to layer up for the weather. If you want to bring someone else that’s fine, or maybe a game to play or something to do go right ahead! If you have a question (!!!!!or suggestion!!!!!! always looking for those) you can ask us or ask in the FB event page. As always we hope to see you there!

Another meet up!

Summertime is in full swing, a good time for another meet up! Come join us on July 25th, at 1 PM on the Common, (Boylston stop, Green Line on the T). We’ll hang out, enjoy the sunshine (hopefully!). Cosplayers welcome! We just want to have a good time ;D

Frankenstein is also replaying again at Coolidge Corner, so if you’re interesting in seeing this and missed it last time, people who want to go are going to head over later in the afternoon / at night. it starts at 7 and they let people in at 6:30, so we’ll probably line up around 5:30/6. be warned: it sold out both times, so it might be easier to buy a ticket ahead of time to reserve your spot. 

Anyone interested / can make it?

Holy fuck I don’t know how to handle myself now that I have seen NT's Frankenstein. I saw the version with Miller as the Creature and Cumberbatch as Frankenstein. I’m not going to sleep for days. I’m just going to be thinking about it. Best adaptation I have seen for sure, really went straight for my heart.

On a lighter note, the wonderful people from Sherlock Boston were there! It was lovely to meet so many fantastic fans and open hearted people! I hope I get to see you all very soon! I wish people hadn’t been shy and that they’d come up and said hello! It was a riot! Next time, then!

Frankenstein Screenings!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently :( but now we’re back! And ready to start planning for the Frankenstein Screenings in June! A lot of people had expressed some interest in having a meet up back in March and seeing the film when it plays at the Coolridge Theatre

It’s playing on:

  • June 17th @ 10:00 AM (Cumberbatch as the Creature, Miller as Frankenstein)
  • June 25th @ 7:00 PM (Miller as the Creature, Cumberbatch as Frankenstein)

We can have meet ups on both days, but the easiest day to have a big meet up is on the 17th, as we’d have the whole day afterwards to hang out and it’s on a Sunday, not as late at night ect. 

I know it’s still two months away, but is anyone still interested in coming so we can get started planning?

The first Frankenstein Screening/meet up is right around the corner!

If you haven’t heard, or forgot, the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline is screening Frankenstein next Sunday (the 17th)! and afterwards (weather depending) heading to the Common to just hang out, meet, have lunch and talk about whatever, but probably mostly Frankenstein/Sherlock. 

Frankenstein starts at 10:00 AM, with a preshow at 9:30 AM so we’ll meet up at 9:00 AM that morning across the street at Panera and we’ll go in to the theatre together. In this screening, Johnny Lee Miller (the “US” Sherlock!) is Frankenstein and Benedict is the Creature. Coolidge Corner is right next to the Coolidge Corner Green Line stop on the T, so it’s really easy to get to. 

You can buy tickets here and RSVP to the event on Facebook (if you haven’t already) or send us a message if you are able to come, just for a head count! So far we have about 11 or so people going, everyone is welcome though! 

There is a smaller meet up for the reverse screening on the 25th, so if you can’t make it to this one there is another one! You will need money, if only just for the T fare to get to the Common. This will probably end around 2/3-ish, but you are welcome to come or go as you can.  

If anyone has any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask! Also reblog if you want to get the word out, the more the merrier!

It's Sherlock Holmes week!

And to celebrate, we’re thinking of having a tea and livestream / tiny chat! We’ll watch something (going to stretch my imagination here and say likely an episode of Sherlock, but hey! who knows) and drink tea (Adagio teas if you’ve got them, perhaps?). A nice little celebration of Holmes! 

We also need help livestreaming this shindig (because I’ve got no clue how), so if you know how and want to/can help give us a shout in the ask box or on Facebook, that’d be great. :D

So if you wanna be apart of this, what day is best for you this week (Sat - Thurs)?

Graphic Design Contest!

Sorry for posting it on here so late, but we’re having a graphic design contest!  We’re looking for a main graphic designer for the group to make graphics for the tumblr and facebook, stuff like that.

What you need to do is make a poster for the Not So Valentines Day Meet Up (at least 500 px wide) and then send it to with your name, and tumblr name if you want, and then when the contest is over, we’ll put all the entries up for a group vote.

Right now, the contest is going to close on Feb. 3rd. If you have any questions feel free to ask. So if your interested, good luck! 

HEY ALL just reminding you that this is still a thing that is happening! It’s been a busy last week, but no amount of snow can stop us! The event detail is listed fully on Facebook with all the times and such, but we are keeping an eye out for possible snow fall again on Saturday (we aren’t happy either) but if anything changes it will be updated with all the info so just keep checking to make sure you know where to go.

The cosplay contest and raffle is still going to go on, so I hope you’re all ready for that! And as always if you have any questions feel free to ask.

And thanks to iamnotawindmill for the lovely graphic!

Meet ups and more meet ups!

In case you haven’t seen on the Facebook page, there are more meet-ups planned for next month!

The first one is just a normal meet up, hanging out, getting some lunch ect. (Oct 6th)

The other one is a Halloween celebration of sorts! There will be costumes/cosplay, contests and general Halloween-ness! (Oct 27th)

There will be a full post for both of them later on, but for now they’re both in the planning stages. If you have any suggestions or a question feel free to ASK

okay so

I want to do the same thing we did on Facebook, and we’re just trying to get a head count of how many people are coming to the Meet-Up on Wednesday.

reminder: there is a meet-up in the Commons (Boylston, Green Line stop) at 1:00 where we’ll hang out and stuff, and then whoever wants to, we’ll head over to Coolidge Corner Theatre for Frankenstein at 5:30 (it starts at 7:00, and they open up the doors a half hour before hand)

so if you plan on going, you can rsvp (of sorts) by either replying down below or sending us a message of which meet-up (or both!) you’re going to!

so which one will you be at :D?

Hello all!

Hope you all are having a good new year so far! Sorry we haven’t been very active lately, December was really crazy and we weren’t able to get stuff together to have a meet up but HAVE NO FEAR, the Not so Valentines Valentines Meet Up with the lovely Boston Whovians is here, this time with ice skating at the Frog Pond in the Commons!

A lot still has yet to be planned out, but that’s okay!! We’re taking suggestions and opinions of things to do or have, stuff like that because a lot of it is still in the working stage. So if you want to participate in any of that discussion or just want updates your best bet is to RSVP to the event to get the information first. 

We also have a couple small announcements coming up too in the next couple of days so stay tuned for those!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope yours is well! Why not start it off by doing the Time Warp like we did on Saturday? ;)

About the Not So Valentines Meet Up...

We want to have some good prizes for cosplayers and for a raffle, which is why we’re turning to you guys. We’re looking for people to donate things that they’ve made, like fan art or regular art or any other sort of crafty stuff, fandom or not fandom related. We think it’s a cool thing to see what people in the group can make, and to show it off to everyone! Of course if you have something else you want to donate that’s awesome as well. Message us if you have something that you’d like to offer!

And if you still don’t know about the meet up, here’s the Facebook event!

7/28 Sherlock Boston Recap!

Wow! It was so much fun to meet everyone there! I, Angie(perryvanshrike), personally had such a fun time. It was great to meet you all and it was so much fun sharing the experience of being a Sherlock fan, of seeing Frankenstein, of, like, everything else - with you guys.

Anyway, an impressive 11 of you,not including myself or Lara (randy-giles), came to the initial meetup at the Commons! We drank adagio tea, talked about things, played dweeby games … So much fun.

A lot of you couldn’t make it until the Frankenstein screening, but I’m glad we caught up with at least some of you there!  If you attended the Frankenstein screening and I didn’t get to snag your URL, let me know and I’ll edit it and put it up here.

Anyway, here’s the list of tumblrs. Sadly, I forgot to ask for name AND Tumblr. Next time I will make sure to do that.


  • randy-giles (Lara)
  • perryvanshrike (Angie)


  • quinngrey
  • suchbluesky
  • allonsy221b
  • cccahill18
  • hellredsky
  • i-am-sherlocked
  • reichenfucked
  • quitecrazy
  • rainglobule
  • and two others, who didn’t have tumblrs! (good for you)
  • and all of the frankenstein kids:
  • halfanesraa
  • zforzelma
  • rachelthenerdfighter

Anyway, it was great meeting you all.

Be on the lookout for the NEXT MEETUP in September (Around the weekend of the 20th, we’re aiming for) and don’t forget to join our facebook group as well, so you can be a larger part of the community. :-)

Don’t forget to upload your pictures/share your stories!
Picnic By the Charles!

Come by and enjoy a nice picnic and hanging out with the rest of the SB crew! 

WHERE: Meet us by the Charles/MGH stop on the Red Line, we’ll will be off to the side, if you need help finding us though on that day just post here we’ll keep it updated on facebook and twitter!

WHAT TO BRING: Sandwiches will be provided, which means everything else is needed! The more stuff people bring the better, i.e drinks / dessert / munchies / utensils.

IF IT’S BAD OUT ON SAT THE MEET UP WILL BE CALLED BY 9 AM!!! is saying chance of rain and thunderstorms on Saturday, so if it’s bad out the rain date is the Saturday after, 7/27 and if it rains that day well the to the Pru it is!

this meet up is TOMORROW! :D

thanks to all who have responded about coming so far, can’t wait to see y'all there!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask them on either the Facebook group or Twitter (tumblr is hard to get on a phone so). 

we’re meeting in the Commons at 1 in front of the Boylston stop (Green Line), sign in hand. and if you get there later (after 1:30 ish) tweet or post something in the things above so you can find us! although we’ll have the sign so it’s not too hard.

then around 5:30 those who can are gonna head over to Coolidge Corner for Frankenstein, so if you’re joining us there we’ll be somewhere around the theatre (probably starting the line heh).

again, any questions ask em now! and see you tomorrow. :)