sherlockbbc spoilers

Mycroft spends the first three puzzles watching Sherlock and John interact with each other.
He watches how Sherlock turns to him first because he doesn’t want to give John the burden of killing someone, even though John has done it so many times before, during the war and afterwards, and has way more experience on coping with it then Mycroft does.
He watches how Sherlock stops John, after Eurus drops the third suspect into the sea, and tries to soothe him as much as he can, using John’s own words (“soldiers today”) because he knows that’s what will make John’s mind focus.
He watches as John approaches Sherlock after he has destroyed the coffin, tells him they gotta keep going, even if it’s difficult, and helps him phisically getting up.

Mycroft watches all that, and he might be dense when it comes to relationships, but in the fourth puzzle he doesn’t even consider the possibility of being spared.

There is so much more to that "I love you".

The first time I watched the episode, I really took for granted this scene. Like 100% I thought: Eurus manipulated Sherlock. Done. That was all there was. Which essentially is true. But then I watched the episode again and the realisation hit me like a plane. That was only the outer layer.

1. Sherlock meant it. Totally. Yes, Sherlock Holmes is a great actor. We’ve seen his acting skills in order to get things out off witnesses and is frankly jaw-dropping. But there was clear desperation from Sherlock’s part which means he really cares. And Molly, as we all know, is able to see through Sherlock’s façade. Which is why she said “I love you” back. DYING. 

2. It meant so much more for Sherlock. And that is what really hits me. It wasn’t about Molly solely. It was for him. What does Molly represent in his mind palace? Remember when he was shot? Who was there taking Sherlock through all his deductions at the beginning? Molly—> Facts. (I will not say logic because that’s for Mycroft). What does Sherlock prouds himself to be? A logical intellectual person. And then the fact that he was forced to say “I love you” to the individual that represents facts to him made him realise his feelings. Yeah, sure we know he has feelings. But Sherlock has always been in so much denial about his own feelings and voicing them made it him realised how REAL those FEELINGS were. There’s no denying from now on. What if John was at her place? Would have made that much of an impact? I say this from the bottom of my heart: no. Because we KNOW John is Sherlock’s heart, Sherlock doesn’t need to voice it, he’s proven it time and time again. (Although it would have been a huge step in their relationship and character development). I will argue this scene would have had a bigger impact had Mycroft been in Molly’s place. (And if I am being completely honest more sense and tension and SENSE. But it is what it is). Eurus wanted Sherlock to recognise his feelings and damn she did. And damn she took it to another level in number…

3. Eurus, Eurus, Eurus. Why did she do that? I believe there are two reasons. First one: To ensure the upper hand and for Sherlock to reach a new low. Remember how interested she was in seeing how Sherlock avoided emotions to work more efficiently? That was just the beginning. She needed Sherlock to RECOGNISE his feelings for him to lose his shit and for her to have the upper hand in order for sherlock to keep making mistakes. All those games were tricks. Eurus was tricking all of them, no matter the result, she was steps ahead of them. ALL of them. And making Sherlock have an emotional breakdown would guarantee to make him lose focus and not see through her tricks and that was step one because Mycroft vs John was much much much worse. This is clear because both Sherlock and Mycroft were in that room and BOTH of them were emotionally compromised they couldn’t see through her sister’s games. How many times was Sherlock tricked by others? Since episode one with the cabbie. And he still hasn’t learned his lesson? Now add some emotional context. BAM! Totally blind. Clearly, if none of them was blind, they would have played the same psychological game with Eurus. But they were. And all because of the emotional context. And that is how Sherlock reached his new low. The moment Eurus said he’d lost it wasn’t just because he was manipulated to admit it, it was because it went absolutely against everything he aspired to be. He was a plaything for Eurus. And the Molly game made him snapped. I do believe when Eurus said that it was what the snapped violin string promo pic referred to. Just like when Mary died, John had all these feelings, this was Sherlock’s moment. 

4. Now to the second reason: Molly was a mirror to Eurus. I posted this a while ago and after rerewatching the episode it becomes clearer. But the-sapphiresky on Tumblr explained it better than me so it basically goes like this: 

Because Euros empathized with Molly.

The people Molly loved were either gone or her affections were not returned. She was forgotten, taken for granted, and spends her days with the dead. John doesn’t even think of her as a possibility for the coffin until prompted greatly.

She is alone.

As a child, Sherlock would rather have played with Victor than Euros.

As an adult, Euros is locked away, her parents think she’s dead, Sherlock has literally forgotten she even existed, and Mycroft fears her.

She is alone.

Euros spared Molly because she knew what it was like to be alone.

I don’t know if to cry because this is sad and frustrating or hug someone because I am extremely happy with the character development I saw in Sherlock this episode (although waaaaaaaaaay over the top. Still mad at that Moftiss. That was soooooooooooooooooooooooo not on). 

If you guys have anything else to add please let me know because I am dying. 

Don't boycott Sherlock

People who are boycotting and acting so negatively about Sherlock right now make me so angry. We’ve all come this far as fans because we love this show, why are you trying to run it into the ground? It’s incredibly immature to go from ‘loving’ to hating Sherlock contingent on whether your ship becomes canon or not. Pretending to know more than the creators and actors is belligerent and unnecessary. Sherlock and John love each other. Its been CONFIRMED. Why should it matter if they do or don’t show it in the bedroom?

I think the ship that should be the happiest is Mystrade! I mean Greg and Mycroft still haven’t had a scene together. But the fact that Sherlock tells Greg his bro is not as strong as he thinks he is and needs looking after and Greg agrees?!??? Awww!!

This is literally the most positive thing to happen in any of the ships this season!

I’m a ACD whore. I can tell you, none of our ships are canon. Not even Sherlolly. Although Johnlockers are closer. They’ve always been.

Guys, we need to stop shipping. Sherlollys need to stop saying it went canon. Yeah, yeah. Did I love the scene? FUCKING loved it. So much character development there. (Before attacking me, read my other posts). But they are NOT together. We can love whoever we want in which ever way we want to. Do they have the potential to be a couple? They can make it work, ofc. They do have potential. But it didn’t go canon. I go out and celebrate with you because that scene was an epiphany for Sherlock and omfg he realised he’s had feelings all along. Which makes me FUCKING HAPPY. GIVE SHERLOCK HUGS. But it did not go canon. 

As the title said: Johnlockers are closer. There are more proves behind Johnlock than any other ship. You just have to look for Johnlock meta, have an open mind and you’ll sure be convinced. I mean… even ACD queer baited them. But it hasn’t go canon EITHER. I like to think that if it were Mycroft or John or hell even The Woman Sherlock would have said those words too because he loves them all and if Sherlock deciding to shoot himself over Mycroft and John doesn’t make it clear, I really don’t know what else does.

Please stop the shipping and let us all agree that Sherlock needs more love than ever because he deserves it after all this crap he’s been through. Just give him nice, clever cases all above 8 and tea. LOTS OF TEA.