She always wins.

The promo pics inspired me, so… have another Molly Hooper illustration I actually have other drawings to post made before this but oh well! I love Phil Noto’s art so yes, some of his artworks kind of inspired me as well :3 hope you like it!
Tools: Drawing + colours on Photoshop CS5 (posterization effect on the outfit). Prints (& soon more) available here @ Society6. Please, do not repost - especially without credits - here or anywhere, thank you. {Check my artblog maybe?}

It’s been weeks that I didn’t draw… so yeah, I thought I absolutely had to do an Halloween special - better late than never, right?! So here you have Sherlock, John, Molly (+Toby) and Greg dressed as the company of The Wizard of Oz! Happy Halloween! If you don’t see this clear because of Tumblr’s update, open the pic in a new tab!(and in case people who know me are wondering if I’m misshoopers… yes I am hehe.)

And it’s done! This is my entry for the third challenge of #ladiesofsherlock… I know, it’s very late and very sketchy (honestly, I could have done better, but oh well) but I had fun making this tribute to Molly Hooper & Mary Morstan on ice. I would love a brotp between the two! Also, Molly can’t ice-skating (headcanon because of this). Drawing and colours made with Photoshop CS5 - full view  the pic for a better resolution. DO NOT REPOST PLEASE, just reblog this post.