Amazingly talented jewellery designer, Sophie Honeybourne, has sent us some wonderful new shots of her Sherlock collection.

This super cute and very precious 221B door is real head turner… or even door opener!

Exclusively designed by Sophie Honeybourne for Sherlockology, this oxidised sterling silver miniature replica of the door to Sherlock Holmes’ home address, is detailed with 18ct gold gilt on the door numbers, knocker and letterbox.

Each door pendant hangs from a sterling silver rope chain - a choice of 16", 18" and 20" length at no extra charge - and comes boxed in Honeybourne Jewellery’s gorgeous big boxes, to make it extra special.

A note from Sophie:
These have been cast in solid silver (from an original handmade by me) in the UK. They are hand finished by our Honeybourne Jewellery team in our own workshop, so no two are identical.

For more information visit here

Jewellery Designer opens the door to Sherlock inspired designs

One of the most exciting talents on the UK jewellery scene currently, Sophie Honeybourne, has turned her creative eye to the production of a miniature world of our favourite consulting detective in the form of Sherlock inspired pendants.

Sherlockology met Sophie, a graduate of the Royal College of Art whose work is exhibited in many prestigious galleries around the country, last summer while visiting her jewel-box shop and studio in the Victorian seaside town of Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

After falling in love with her work, the conversation naturally turned to Sherlock Holmes - as is so often does with us - and soon the idea germinated for Sophie to design a Sherlock inspired piece for us.

“This is exactly the kind of commission I love to work on,” Sophie told us, “My husband and I are also huge Sherlock fans, new and old, and frequently listen to the BBC audio plays whilst working in the workshop.”

The result was a truly stunning miniature replica door in oxidised black sterling silver with 9ct gold door numbers, knocker and letterbox. Taking a closer look reveals Sophie’s extraordinary attention to detail. She even includes the keyholes and decorative glass panel above the door. “I got completely locked in to miniature Sherlock world,” Sophie later explained after presenting the finished pieces to us. “I hadn’t really seen the leaded glass window on first inspection and had to spend a lot of time on it as was such a lot of tiny detail. It has been one of my toughest challenges yet, but a very cool project to work on!” are looking to offer Honeybourne Jewellery ‘221B’ hand finished cast sterling silver miniature doors soon, but in the meantime you can visit Sophie’s website at, find her on Facebook or pop into her shop in Ventnor, which is well worth a visit.

Sherlock inspired jewellery and accessories now available on Sherlockabilia

Nearly a year to the day after we launched our online store, we’re excited to announce a range of new Sherlock inspired and handcrafted pieces from Honeybourne Jewellery are now on sale via

Exclusively designed by Sophie Honeybourne for Sherlockology, the range is priced from £26 and includes pendants, cufflinks and a pin, all cast from solid oxidised sterling silver. All are inspired by the iconic front door to Sherlock Holmes’ home address and feature the phrase ‘If lost please return to… 221b Baker Street’.

In addition, the showpiece item in the range is a detailed replica pendant of the 221B front door cast from sterling silver with 18ct gold gilt on the door numbers, knocker and letterbox, hanging from a sterling silver rope chain and priced at £94.99. One of the initial sample test pieces of this design was gifted to Sherlock Producer Sue Vertue, and she was seen wearing it at press events during the promotion of Sherlock Series Three.

You can find links to all items in the new Honeybourne Jewellery Sherlock range on below. All items are available for shipping worldwide.

221B Necklace

'If Lost…’ Necklace

'If Lost…’ Cufflinks

'If Lost…’ Pin

Read about, and visit the website of Honeybourne Jewellery.

The SHERLOCKOLOGY blue unisex scarf is back in stock!

September’s here and with summer now over, wrap up warm against the cold – and possibly solve a few crimes – with our striking unisex scarf, inspired by the neck wear of everyone’s favourite modern Consulting Detective!

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All proceeds from sales on Sherlockabilia go towards helping us to continue to run our website, and are not for profit. Read more here.



We’re excited to bring you the next stage in the Sherlockology experience - our own online store, featuring premium quality products inspired by the BBC Series, as well as a one-stop place to find the Holmes related books of MX Publishing.

The primary aim of Sherlockabilia is not simply selling merchandise however, and we’re going to be brutally honest here.

Sherlockology is a website funded fully from our own pockets, and recently costs have started to mount up. Though we have been relying on kind donations and advertising revenue, costs for maintaining the website continue to rise. So we have decided to open Sherlockabilia, stocked with a growing range of exclusive and varied products, to help fund our server costs, and expenses for the travel we undertake to bring you content on the website like features and reviews. Sherlockology is a website that remains not for profit, and the funds raised from any sales on Sherlockabilia are not going into our wallets. We love running the site and everything that it entails, and wish to keep doing so.

Sherlockabilia is very much a work in progress, and we aim to continue to expand the range we offer in the future.

So take a look around, and do let us know if there’s anything YOU would like us to produce for sale on the store. We hope you like some of the Holmes inspired merchandise we have come up with so far.

We’re particularly fond of a certain blue Scarf, and black umbrella for example….

Visit the store at Most items, with exceptions, ship worldwide. If they require special shipping requirements, the product listing will have further information.


Further to our Honeybourne Jewellery 221B door pendant post in January, the designer, Sophie Honeybourne, tells us she was, “hit by a tidal wave of Sherlock fans” interested in where they can get their very own miniature Sherlock door.

Sophie has been hard at work designing cast versions of the hand made doors we featured, and was delighted to see Sherlock series producer Sue Vertue wearing her piece at various Sherlock events recently.

After creating the new, un-finished, un-oxidsied piece in solid silver ready to be cast, Honeybourne Jewellery promises, “not long now” as they were sent to the casters last week. These cast versions will still include Sophie’s meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality, but be considerably easier on the wallet than the original one offs.

We’ll keep you up to date as to when they will be available to order on, and also be sure to keep an eye on the Honeybourne Jewellery Facebook page for the latest news on them, not to mention even more exciting Sherlock inspired pieces Sophie has in the pipeline.