“ Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves in 1890s London in this holiday special.”


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You’d have to get @mywatson​ to confirm it, but I’m pretty sure that when I turned to look at her right after Mycroft said “the virus in the data” during the TAB premiere, there were actual cartoon flames of excitement in my eyes.

Because computers, baby. It’s been about computers the whole time.

John: Sherlock, hang on. Explain. Moriarty’s alive, then?
Sherlock: I never said he was alive. I said he was back.

Moriarty is the virus in the data. He’s the virus in the hard drive. Those dreamworld statements were Sherlock’s brain helping him get to the conclusion he’d reached by the end of the episode. Moriarty is dead, and his apparent return is the work of a computer virus.

Except it’s not quite that simple.

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Something’s off, or The Pasta Conundrum

We have been discussing this scene again and again, how surreal it seems, where they actually are, why Sherlock is wearing the bare-bum hospital thingy - but there is one thing that feels even more off. So obvious but I realised only now - Sherlock is eating. Not stealing sweets from Mrs Hudson’s fridge or nibbling dry toast or dropping chips and fish on the floor, no, he has eaten about two thirds of a full plate of rigatoni napoli or whatever this may be and he is still eating when Magnussen enters the scene. 

This is completely out of character. There is no need to eat in order to convince Magnussen of anything. And if you add this to all the other oddities that make up the second half of HLV, I once again doubt that all this is real. And if this scene was not real, why would send Magnussen the helicopter right after that? You know where I am going. Thoughts?

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sherlock thinks john is gorgeous okay.  he looks at him like he’s the sun.  he loves those gorgeous eyes with the golden lashes and the crinkles around them and the bags under them and that perfect nose and soft lips and he is regularly distracted by the perfectness of john watson.