sherlock: series two

Ghosts that Haunt Us in Daylight

“I am actually sorry, you know. About putting you in the boot.”

Sherlock looks up from his appreciation of the assortment of Mrs Hudson’s finest biscuits and rolls his eyes. “I knew there was a reason you decided to share these. You’ve been hiding the chocolate-dipped ones behind your cookbooks.”

Mrs Hudson folds her hands in her lap and does look repentant, though Sherlock is going to maintain a healthy distance from her for a while. He still has a bruise on his elbow from her ‘driving’.

“Well, you were shooting my walls again. And making so much noise!”

Sherlock settles back in one of Mrs Hudson’s hideously floral armchairs. “It was for a case.”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare try to pull that on me, young man,” says Mrs Hudson, raising a chiding finger.

“Fine. You were saying something about being sorry?”

“Yes, I was.” Mrs Hudson’s chastising tone softens around the edges. “You were behaving quite poorly, but that doesn’t excuse cramming you into a confined space.” She gives him a meaningful look. “These walls are thin, you know.”

Sherlock tries not to become preoccupied with what his nightmares may or may not have revealed. Instead he says, “Your masterful performance at the therapist was apology enough.”

Mrs Hudson’s face breaks into a beaming smile. “It was all quite fun, really, getting to be a part of things. So exciting!”

The Sherlock of years gone past would have made some smart remark or simply said nothing at all. But Sherlock’s not that man anymore.

“I’m sorry, too.”

Mrs Hudson frowns and purses her lips. “For shooting my walls? For scaring us all half to death?”

“For yelling. On more than one occasion.”

She blinks at him as if confused, but Sherlock knows she’s cleverer than that.

“The walls were thin in Florida, too,” he admits.

Her faux frown morphs into troubled sadness. Sherlock hates that look on her face; actually, he hates any sort of upset marring her face. He leans forward and reaches out, gently placing his left hand over hers.

“I will do my best to resist any unnecessary shouting in the future.”

Mrs Hudson sniffles. “Oh, Sherlock.”

“Now, now, Mrs Hudson. Stiff upper lip, yes?” he reassures.

Her chin wobbles a bit, but she manages. She gives him a watery smile. “And no more boots.”

He squeezes her hands but doesn’t let go just yet. Eventually they will go back to drinking Mrs Hudson’s lovingly-prepared tea and Sherlock will eat all her chocolate-dipped biscuits.

And of course, they will both keep their promises.

Grateful thanks to @patternofdefiance​ for the lightning-fast beta of this little piece. 

The 5 Stages of Grief - Sherlock Series 4

So, I realised today that I’ve gone through each of the five stages of grief after the airing of Sherlock Series 4, and because I have now reached acceptance, I thought it was worth sharing as a bit of a lighthearted exercise. Obviously, I don’t mean to offend anyone here, love you all <3


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-          This is a fake episode

-          There’ll be a fourth episode


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-          Desecrated Canon Stories like Garridebs

-          Plotholes Galore }:[

-          Some narratives led nowhere?!?


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-          If only I hadn’t gotten involved…


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-          How will I ever love and watch this series again?

-          What will I do now without this source of happiness?


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-          Overall there were some very good + funny bits, the acting was great as            always

-          And the bad bits are laughable at this point, so I shall do just that and                laugh and find enjoyment through doing so

-          Eventually - “it is what it is”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i was driving in the snow for the first time yesterday and as i went into a skid i shit you not my only thought was “I CANNOT DIE BEFORE JOHNLOCK BECOMES CANON”


Still wrapped in your shock blanket from Sunday? Find comfort at BAKER STREET.

“Did you know, that I met you exactly twenty-three days after my birthday?” Sherlock closes his eyes as John pours water over his sudsy curls.

“Is that true?” John collects more water, then pours it over Sherlock’s head again.

“Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t say it.”

“Was I the best gift you got?” John smiles when Sherlock peeks open his eyes. 

“That year in particular,” Sherlock grins too. “Or ever in my whole life?”

“Ever.” John decides. “And tell the truth, don’t lie. I can handle it.” He mimics puffing up his chest real big and tough.

Sherlock leans out of the bath and brings his lips to John’s. “You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever received in my entire life.”

John’s heart melts.

My thoughts on the “I love you” trailer for Sherlock series 4...

(I’m back temporarily, partly for the purpose of throwing thoughts out there, so here goes) 

First of all, that was a whole lot of crazy packed into less than a minute. Like, whoa! It was quite a lot to take in! 

Ok so I’ll get this out of the way right now and be prepared for some of my fellow shippers to disagree…I do not believe that Sherlock is telling Molly he loves her. Would it be great? Of course! And I’d be popping champagne for days lol! But the thing is that to me it doesn’t even sound like it’s being spoken to a person at all. His tone of voice and expression seems more like an epiphany than anything else. Like, he’s just figured out a code or a key or something like that. And I’m not even sure it’s a full sentence. Could be the end of a sentence. For example- “And the most powerful confession a person can make is…I love you.”  Idk, that’s my take on the verbal bomb dropped in that trailer. And honestly, I think that bomb was put there by design. Because they know what they’re doing. They HAVE TO know that the fans of the show will be clambording to find out who Sherlock says that to! Even if it isn’t being said to anyone in reality. Oh yes, I see what you did there Mofftiss…

Now what I DO believe, on the other hand, is that there will be plenty of sherlolly goodness in this series. I try not to read into things too much, but to me all signs point to Molly not only being especially important this time around, but that there will be more emotional and meaningful stuff with Sherlock than before. She’s always mattered and been a close friend, but it was kind of in the background and only focused on occasionally. This time? Well it’s put in the viewers face in a trailer that’s less than a minute long! Gone are the days when Molly Hooper got almost no screen time, my friends. And gone are the days when fans can argue that “ultimately she’s not in the cannon so nothing can happen with her.” Uh uh. Nope. She IS cannon. She is cannon in the BBC Sherlock universe. The writers have more than established that over the course of 3 series. And I very much look forward to it only being further emphasized in series 4. :))