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Sherlock Trailers Through The Years

I just thought this was interesting to compare the trailers from past seasons to the new one. I can’t help but notice how they’ve progressively gotten darker and moved further into” relationships” and away from “he’s a robot detective” 

 P.S. I couldn’t post all the trailers released bc of tumblr restrictions.

Season 1 

Season 2 (all combined in one video!) 

Season 3

The Special 

Season 4

Eu tenho medo de você ser aquela pessoa na qual precisarei pra tudo. A pessoa que eu vou querer pedir colo quando eu estiver no canto do meu quarto com os olhos cheios de lágrimas, ou aquela que eu vou sentir a necessidade de ouvir a voz quando estiver em um ambiente onde não pega sinal. A pessoa que vou querer por perto quando eu quiser distância de todo o resto, ou aquela que vai ser o meu começo quando eu ansiar pelo fim de tudo. Porque você sorri diferente e me olha de um jeito calmo, e eu tenho vontade de te pegar no colo e fugir pra longe, onde ninguém possa te roubar de mim. Porque com você não há temores, com você do meu lado, estou tranquila e pronta para o que vier. Por você vale a pena lutar contra eu mesma para ser uma pessoa melhor. Por você vale a pena me policiar para não cometer os erros que cometi no meu passado. Mas mesmo assim eu tenho medo, medo de planejar o que pode ser incerto. Pois eu coleciono escolhas erradas, amores errados, caminhos errados… E diante de tantos erros assim, talvez as escolhas, os amores e o caminhos estejam certos, talvez o erro no meio disso tudo seja eu. E pela primeira vez na minha vida, eu queira acertar, acertar com você. Eu tenho medo porque tem tudo pra dar certo, mas meu forte é dar errado.
—  Eternismo and esgotada.
Sherlock And Love

Series 1

  • “We’ve got ourselves a serial killer. I love those.” (ASiP)
  • I love the brilliant ones.” (ASiP)
  • “Love is a much more vicious motivator.” (ASiP)
  • “This is beautiful. I love this.” (TGG)

Series 2

  • “I imagine John Watson thinks love is a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple, and very destructive.” (ASiB)
  • “I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage.” (ASiB)

Series 3

  • “All emotion, and in particular love, stand opposed to the pure cold reason I hold above all things.” (TSoT)
  • “The two people who love you most in all this world.” (TSoT)
  • I love dancing. I’ve always love it.” (TSoT)
  • “Like I said - human error.” (HLV)

Series 4

  • “I love you.”

This is Sherlock talking about love, from the beginning to the S4 trailer. These quotes perfectly reflect his journey so far. 

In series 1 he applies the word love either to his work - serial killers, brilliant criminals, clever plots like the lost Vermeer - or talks about it in a negative or derisive manner. To him, the love for the work is good even if some people may find his preferences morally dubious, while he despises or questions love as an emotion directed at other people.  

In series 2 he applies the word not just to his work anymore but to emotions directed at other people although he still refuses to give in to such feelings and holds on to his brother’s ideas about caring not being an advantage. In the first quote, however, he mentions John which - as has been discussed in detail more than once - does only make sense as long as he subconsciously associates John Watson with love

In series 3 Sherlock admits for the first time that he loves another human being. Sure, it is indirect, him talking about John, not to him, but as we all know for him it has been an enormous step forward. He publicly admits that he is able and willing to feel love for another human being. 

The first quote is nothing more than a recourse to his old convictions and serves as a contrast to the confession that follows. 

The quote about dancing is interesting as well because so far his love for things other than human beings has been directed at crimes and serial killers, to matters connected to his work. Now, for the first time, Sherlock confesses loving something just for its beauty and elegance, for its own sake. 

The last quote from HLV - well, another recourse but this is about Janine who he does not love and who does not really love him back. And it is a Canon nod so I think it does not reflect his true feelings about love as such. Sherlock is inexperienced where love for another human being is concerned and his love is directed at John and John alone. There is no place for Janine. 

Series 4

True, we have no idea if this is MP, if Sherlock is forced to say it, if it is directed at both John and Mycroft, if he quotes someone else, if this is a sudden realisation - but in the end it does not matter. He says “I love you”, something he has never said to anyone before, something Canon Holmes has never said to my knowledge. Whatever the context, this is big. Look at the long way Sherlock had to go to arrive at these three simple words. A story about a detective, not a detective story. From great man to good man. Snowcapped mountain and volcano. Insane wish fulfillment.