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Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer  

Mr. Plow [S4 E9] (dir. Jim Reardon)

Ah the joys, or should that be perils, of buying a second hand car, nothing beats going place to place thinking you’ve found a good one only to quickly find out why it’s so cheap. Lot’s of interesting stuff in this scene, that’s a mosquito on the front of the ‘car’ Homer is driving, one of the biggest manufacturers of cars in the Soviet Union was ‘Moskvitch’, so perhaps an allusion to them. The three wheel design is akin to the ‘Reliant Robin’ and Peel P50. Vaclav claims the country the vehicle was built in no longer exists, referencing the break up of the Soviet Union. 300 Hectares is only a mile. Finally the name of the lot is a very European take on the American style of business name, complete with broken English.