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i love jim Moriarty and he is awesome.

and i loved the fact that john and sherlock were raising the kid together.

and half of this episode was awesome.

the problem with sherlock is that i always want more.

Beautiful EW article

An interview to Steven Moffat.


I especially liked this bit:

EW: “Speaking of Sherlock’s development, there’s a sense that with this episode — and maybe based on a quote I read of yours — the series has all been a bit of prequel to Sherlock becoming the traditional Holmes, the Basil Rathbone-style Sherlock? Is that a fair assessment?
SM: Yes, it is. I don’t know that we quite set out to do that story. But in the end it becomes Sherlock Begins, doesn’t it? He’s now where we’re most used to those characters being — Watson is the brave widower and Sherlock is the wise and humane version we’re most used to. They’ve grown up a bit and got older. If we ever make any more, it will be about two blokes in their mid-40s, which is the more traditional Sherlock Holmes. So yes, it’s sort of an extended origin story. We’ve always kept our version a bit ruder and less formed than the Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone versions — both of whom are a bit more gentlemanly and kinder.

Oh God, how I hope the ongoing storm of complaints are not going to kill any desire to do more episodes!

Sherlock didn’t forgive Eurus

Clickbait headline gonna alienate some people, l but I think this needs to be said (even after I’ve spent the afternoon lmao at jokes about this character).

Forgiveness is not something you grant to the criminally insane.  At least, it’s not the same forgiveness that you grant to your socially-adjusted friends and family.  I am not a sociologist but I learned this much in school.

People like Eurus are incarcerated because they have no concept of right and wrong.  In turn, as something of a mercy, progressive societies exempt the criminally insane from our legal and social judgments of right and wrong, the social of which are supposed to include blame and its counterpart, forgiveness.  We don’t grant them full human rights, either, and obviously this is not a perfect solution, but… it is what it is.  This part of Eurus’ characterization is very consistent in the episode - she even explains her alternative theories in the videos that Mycroft, John, and the Governor watch.

So Sherlock doesn’t forgive Eurus.  He says and does whatever he thinks, in his desperation, will make her tell him where John is.  It’s debatable whether she would respond to a hug and a humoring of her metaphor, but Sherlock takes that risk and it works - I’ll grant narrative license.

Afterward, Eurus is neither blamed nor forgiven for anything that happened.  She’s simply returned to isolation in her cell, and that’s as it should be.  If we accept that she can’t be trusted with verbal outreach attempts, there is nothing anyone can offer her.

Or so it seems, until her mother demands someone try harder.  (By the way, calling Sherlock “the grown-up” in this moment is a parent’s expression of favoritism.  This line needed more explanation to resonate properly, but it’s not a mis-characterization when we remember Mrs. Holmes as a Sherlock mirror.)  Sherlock’s violin outreach program is probably as desperate as the hug, not necessarily the only thing he tried, but the one that worked.  We’re meant to pity Eurus in the end, not hate her for her crimes.  In fact hatred isn’t really appropriate to direct at someone like her.  It’s like hating a child who accidentally breaks some household object she doesn’t understand.  So the fact that Sherlock finds a way to reach Eurus and give her any element of human contact is rather beautiful.  In honesty, I’m crying again just making the gifs for this post.

Thanks to family history I do have an extra soft spot for stories about tragically misunderstood, tortured geniuses; but then again, don’t all fans of this show?

Is that vibrato or is your hand shaking?

Parallel: Jim and guns.

I don’t think this scene confirmed or denied Sherlock’s sex life. I think it confirmed that he is insecure, naive, and unsure. I would have gone with “he had sex with Irene” if it weren’t for the “is that vibrato or is your hand shaking?” line. She was calling him out. He wrote a score for a lover he never had and she knew it. It really was just texting, and Eurus is teasing him because she knows the second he starts playing that even the love song he composed showed his hand. His humanity. His innocence and naïveté. She may be the youngest, but Sherlock is the baby brother.

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Yes neither am I, but the writers and the cast said, they'd love to comeback to Sherlock, but bc ben and Martin have so many things to shoot, it would be difficult, so maybe they'll make a special or another season in a couple of years

Well, that would be great
It’s not like we’re not already used to wait years for new stuff

Originally posted by brokenwingjob


I don’t know if this will ever get to you (is like it if it somehow could because I would have preferred to address this to you in a more private setting but you have forced my hand).

It is so frustrating to have to write this as a post but you have decided to block me for having a different opinion and so this is the only place I can respond to you in. You also appear to have removed a comment that agreed with me which shows that really do not like it when your opinions are challenged.
Blocking people for disagreeing with you is not only petty, it is detrimental to the cause. You even made a post saying that you would anyone who wanted to argue with you. How is that helping the cause? You are the problem in this community at the moment; we can’t even have civil debate without being treated as inferior, or blocked, or mocked. You have decided that your opinion is superior to mine and thus I must be silenced. Well, no.
I gave you a real life example (in this case, Caitlin Stasey) and you still rejected it and did not even once comment on the fact that I could prove that it happens). You blatantly misrepresented my words saying that I had called you straight when it was obvious in the example you got that from that I was talking about a hypothetical person (with a different sexuality to you). I tried to explain that some people just don’t agree/fit in with your definition and I got called a lesbophobe, fucking stupid and a freak.

I was civil and pilot with you, simply trying to show that there are people out there who subscribe to your prescripts and I would have appreciated if you (as a fellow LGBT person and I hope a decent person) would have shown me the same courtesy, but you did not.

You insulted me, tried to silence me (in an attempt to stop other people from coming into contact with an opinion that was not yours) and I feel frankly offended that you, as a member of the LGBT community would be so patronising, arrogant and belittling to another.
Okay so, you are not there ‘to educate me’. But that is what the LGBT community does - it educates people and that is what I was trying to do. It you decided that your bubble of your own opinions was warmer, cosier.

I believe some of my replies (although not all of them) are still visible on her page and so can still be read. All I was arguing was that there are people who identify as gay/lesbian who may end up falling in love with someone of an opposite gender and still refer to themselves as gay/lesbian because, as Lara Pulver put it: they fell in love with a mind. - not with a gender but a person. But because this is the exception to the norm for them they still identify as gay/lesbian which is fine and you can disagree if you wish but you can’t erase the fact that this does happen.

the night after i made that post about wacky back in time star trek episodes i literally i unpaused an episode that jordan had begun earlier and Geordi was saying “well, there’s something wrong with the holodeck again”
& they were all dressed in like sherlock holmes outfits
and i died laughing but i was laying on top of jordan and he got mad at me for shaking him
awake with my laughter and joy