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I was going to submit KeelieThompson1's Faithful Compass series (it's one of the best johnlock five imo) but I think it might have been deleted. Do you guys or anyone else know if it's still around?

You need an AO3 account to view it. That may be why you couldn’t see it. Otherwise, google is your friend.

The Faithful Compass (Series - 300 444, total)

John is five/six years younger than Sherlock and is studying at university when he meets a bored, addicted Sherlock. But Sherlock still needs to become sober, learn his skills and become the consulting detective while John needs to train, find his place in the world, and in the army, to become the man that can match Sherlock. The problem is they may not be able to become these people while in a relationship with each other.

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So I want to write another fic, and I was thinking of doing a loose vignette series along the lines of tooitw that picks up shortly after the end of Irrational and Sentimental. BUT I need a source of conflict or a thesis of some sort. When we last saw them, everything was perfect. So what is the story being told from there?

Maybe I’ll do a series rewatch and contemplate the issues they have yet to resolve. The only problem with that is that Irrational and Sentimental takes place at some point in the future, when Mary has presumably collapsed in on herself from the weight of all her evil. So at some point, John and Sherlock got their shit together enough to actually enter a relationship.

Although, that doesn’t mean that they had any particularly in depth chats. Sherlock is still referring to John’s first wedding as “the time you made me wear a tie.” So. There could be a lot there. I mean, there must be.

But how to delve? And whence the catalyst? Oooh gosh, this could be lots of fun.

overly insistent remarks, in translation

mrs. hudson: “i’m not your housekeeper” (i’m your housekeeper)

“i occupy a minor position in the government” (i am the british government)

“i’m a high-functioning sociopath” (i’m really not a sociopath)

“i’m not gay” (hmmMMMMMmmm INTERESTING)

There’s something so raw and powerful, such an intimate moment in the way John says “Sherlock. We’re losing you. Sherlock.” And John is still so calm throughout it all, ever the soldier, supressing his fear, and worry, and doubt, and anger. Because perhaps, John thinks, he can hear me. John sees something in those heavy, glazed eyes, drifting between open and closed as the ambulance hurries on. John still sees a flicker of light, and he holds onto that, ignores the stomach-churning memories of dimmed, blank, staring eyes and blood on the pavement. He asked Sherlock for a miracle, once. Sherlock said he heard him. John believes in Sherlock Holmes.

But, when the roles are reversed, Sherlock watches in silent horror as the light in John’s eyes dies in front of him. He can feel himself shaking. He wants to throw up, but he won’t do John the disservice of turning away. This should not be happening. Sherlock wants to scream, to bargain, to plead with someone, anyone, John come back.

But, Sherlock is out of words.

I was reading “Alone On The Water” and the only think I could think about was this:

-I suppose in some sense, I am fortunate. I do get to spend the rest of my life with you-

-I want you to be the last thing I see-

And yes..I spent almost two hours crying in my room 💔😭😭

The saddest sentence in Canon

“You have done all the work in this business. I get a wife out of it, Jones gets the credit, pray what remains for you?“
"For me,” said Sherlock Holmes, “there still remains the cocaine bottle.”
(ACD, The Sign of Four)

Holmes keeps telling us he needs the cocaine between cases to alleviate his boredom. But he has just finished a case and there is no reason to doubt that the next will come along soon. This is not about boredom. Since Canon Holmes was never interested in fame or public praise, it cannot be about not getting credit either. What remains must be the truth: This is about Watson getting a wife out of it.

And this is exactly the situation Moffat re-creates at the beginning of HLV, the episode following upon The Sign of Four Three. Sherlock is not bored, he has a case and still takes drugs because John has a wife. 

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Sherlock doesn’t live badly - he doesn’t give any indication that he lives badly at all. One, he comes from a wealthy family, that’s clear. And two, he makes his money, he does fine, Sherlock Holmes. He chooses to live the way he does because he likes it. There’s no suggestion ever in Sherlock he doesn’t have enough cash.
—  Steven Moffat, The Abominable Bride behind-the-scenes (x)
Sherlock series 4

Okay so many people, myself included, think that Mycroft may die in series 4 because of all the references made to his death in the abominable bride. And personally I think if Mark Gatiss is going to write himself out of the series, it will be a spectacular and worthy death for one of our favourite characters.
But then a friend and I had a thought, what if Mycroft dies to save John? Can you imagine Sherlock’s confusion, as Mycroft has never appeared to be all that close to John. So then as Sherlock holds a dying Mycroft in his arms, he asks his brother why he did it, why he sacrificed himself for John.
And Mycroft replies that he did it for Sherlock, because he knows Sherlock can’t live without John, and that he needs John more than he has ever needed his brother. And Sherlock still doesn’t understand and is refusing to believe it, but there’s nothing he can do.