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I think the thing that convinces me of the EMP theory the most (other than you and your mutuals brilliant theories!) is the plant in CAM's office sliding forward while Sherlock falls backwards. and that's right after he was shot. I think Arwel even replied to a tweet about it (not sure though)

Hi!!! <3 This is the tweet where Arwel was asked about the glowing skull, and bizarrely (because he usually doesn’t give tons away) answered a question with a question (that gave tons away) … (X)



Here’s another thing that I think the sliding plant can tell us… The camera tilts to follow Sherlock as he falls as if Sherlock is staying still and the room is tipping over. So it’s like we, the viewer, are going WITH Sherlock. So the plant sliding tells us that the real world is falling away from us, yet we the audience stay with Sherlock, with his point of view. And because we know he was losing consciousness as he fell, we’ve stayed right there with him in his head. 

[Yeah it would have been cooler if everything in the room fell away, like Mary and Magnussen and furniture and junk, but maybe that was too expensive so they stuck with pulling the vase across with a bit of fishing line] [Also now that I’m staring at this gif it reminds me of the tilted room in TLD]

Sherlock in a coma since TRF: Pros & Cons

Pros of Sherlock having been in a coma since TRF:

  • John’s characterisation
  • John never actually marries anyone other than Sherlock
  • Sherlock never actually chose to let John believe he was dead for 3 years, consequently breaking his heart in the process
  • What baby
  • What Redbeard
  • Mycroft’s characterisation
  • Euros was never even hinted at
  • Sherlock figuring out in his dreams that Moriarty is “more than a man” – ie several people (see all the Jim mirrors: Emilia Ricoletti, Lady Carmichael, Mary, Janine, Euros) – ties in with TAB as a decoder ring of the whole show – he actually figured out how Emilia Ricoletti faked her death in TAB 
  • the cinematography is still breathtaking
  • Sherlock tackling his deep-seated issues with intimacy and love
  • Sherlock’s mind is gay af
  • Culverton’s reaction at John saying he’s a real doctor makes sense (Sherl is disappointed that John is actually attracted to women… or was Culverton Smith supposed to be TJLCers? a chilling thought)
  • All the fucky things were intentional

Cons of Sherlock having been in a coma since TRF:

  • No touching love declaration at John’s wedding
  • No flirty drunken stag night
  • boils down to “it was all a dream’, which might bother some
  • Sherlock can’t wrap his head around John being both a doctor (attracted to women) AND a soldier (attracted to men) ie he doesn’t get bisexuality… yet
  • We still don’t know what Sherlock’s parents are actually like
  • Mrs Hudson may not have a red sport car
  • 2 wHOLE SEASONS OF SHERLOCK FUCKING DREAMING I mean yeah it’s a fascinating insight into what goes on in Sherlock’s funny old head but really Mofftiss???? Really??????????? You guys have guts of fucking steel
  • Don’t imagine John staying at Sherlock’s bedside for God knows how long, praying for Sherlock to wake up from his coma before his brain turns to mush, waiting for him to wake up so that he can finally confess his love, he knows how much Sherlock loves him now, God he was so blind, please God don’t let it be too late-

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First Day (Brother!Sherlock x Sister!Reader)

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You wrung your hands, leg jumping up and down. Holy shit, you were a nervous wreck. You took a deep breath, telling yourself there was no reason to be. But your mind wouldn’t listen. Instead, you only seemed to get even more nervous.

Today would be your first day. After a long time searching, you finally found a place that would hire you. Whilst you were glad, you also were extremely worried about doing something, anything wrong. Would your co-workers like you? Your boss? What if you didn’t like the Job after a week? Shaking off these thoughts wasn’t an easy task.

“Calm down”, Sherlock commented from the other side of the room, his eyes watching you closely. “I am calm”, you lied, forcing your leg to stay still. Sherlock didn’t look convinced. “It’s going to be okay. Just calm down” You huffed, rolling your eyes. “Of course, it’s easy for you!”, you groaned, standing up to pace around your room. “You don’t get nervous!” Sherlock didn’t answer, so you continued. “What if I do something wrong? What if they’ll be disappointed with me? They probably only chose me because I’m the sister of the great Sherlock Holmes…”

“You know that’s not true. They chose you because you’re a smart, talented girl. That, and Mycroft may have had a word with your boss…”

“He what?!” Sherlock chuckled. “Just a joke.” Your body deflated. “Jokes were never your thing, Sherlock.”, You sighed, flopping back onto your bed. “I know”, He smiled, sitting beside you on the bed, and wrapped an arm around you as a reassuring gesture. You were quiet for a few seconds.

“You sure Mycroft didn’t so anything?”

“Pretty. Though it definitely couldn’t hurt to…”


prepare for something you’ve NEVER seen before! a sibling who you all thought was someone else at first! wait, we did that already with mycroft in the very first episode…. oh a sibling who is somehow involved with MORIARTY! wait, we also did that with mycroft before, this is awkward…. i got it now, a WOMAN killing a lot of people but she’s just really really misunderstood - oh yes shit, that was mary, wait…. a DOG who then turned out to be a DUDE! what do you mean that was the plot of a whole episode in s2? oh! AN EXPLOSION IN 221B BAKER—- you know what nevermind……