hey folks, I’m gonna introduce you to two very important fandom terms and they are watsonian and doylist 

they come (obviously) from the sherlock holmes fandom, and they are two different ways of explaining something in a story. say I’m a fan and I notice that, in the original books, watson’s war wound is sometimes in his leg and sometimes in his shoulder. the watsonian explanation is how watson (that is, a person within the story) might explain it; the doylist explanation is how sir arthur conan doyle (a person in real life) would have explained it. 

sherlock explains the migrating war wound by making the shoulder wound real and the limp psychosomatic. the guy ritchie films explain it by having the leg wound sustained in battle before the events of the film and the shoulder wound happen onscreen. the doylist explanation, of course, is that acd forgot where the wound was.

this is very important when we’re discussing stuff like headcanons and word-of-god. I see this when people offer watsonian explanations for something, and then a doylist will say something like “it’s just because the author wrote it that way,” and I see it when a person is criticizing bad writing/storytelling (for example, the fact that quiet in metal gear solid v is running around the whole game in a bikini and ripped tights) and someone comes back with “but there’s an in-story reason why that happens!” (that reason being she breathes through her skin).

there’s nothing wrong with either explanation, and really I think you need both to understand and analyze a text. a person coming up with a watsonian explanation has likely not forgotten that the author had real-life reasons for writing something that way, and a person with a doylist interpretation is likely not ignoring the in-universe justification for that thing. 

but it’s very difficult (and imo often useless, though there are exceptions) to try to argue one kind of explanation with the other kind. wetblanketing someone’s headcanon with “or it could just be bad writing” is obnoxious; dismissing someone’s criticism with “but have you considered this in-universe explanation” is ignoring the point of the criticism. understanding where someone is coming from is important when making an argument; acting like your argument is better because you’re being doylist when they’re being watsonian or vice versa is not.


Requested Imagine: Being the youngest Holmes sister and Sherlock calls you to meet him at a crime scene and when you show up he deduces that you’ve been on a date and Lestrade is jealous because he’s in love with you & Sherlock decides to get you two together because he and Mycroft are protective they want you to be happy and he trusts Greg. Anonymous
A/N I shortened it just a little, because it was a massive request for an imagine. But I hope you like it! x
Part 2

You’re a little annoyed with Sherlock at the moment as you sit in the taxi on your way to a crime scene. You had to cut the date short because Sherlock said it was urgent. Of course you’re even more annoyed when you realise he only asked you to come because he knew it would bother Mycroft. 

“You were on a date,” Sherlock suddenly says causing Greg to choke on the water he’s drinking. 

“No I wasn’t,” you vaguely respond knowing he’ll see right through you. Sometimes it’s agitating to be in a family full of ridiculously clever people. 

“Yes, you have. You’re wearing a dress, which you never wear. Also you’re wearing makeup along with your favourite perfume. Who was he?” Sherlock asks examining the body on the floor and you feel slightly uncomfortable. This isn’t place to talk about this. Also Greg looks like he might collapse soon. His face is turning completely red. 

“You alright?” you ask feeling a little nervous. For some reason you didn’t feel like Greg needed to know about your date. It wasn’t that successful anyway. Sherlock looks up at Greg and then at you. And you can just tell he’s adding things together in his head. 

“You two should go on a date,” he says and you widen your eyes in shock. 

“Greg wouldn’t go on a date with me, Sherlock. Don’t be silly,” you say half laughing while trying to avoid the rejection from Greg. 

“Why not? You are quite a catch, little sister,” Mycroft says entering the room. It must be a pretty important person lying on the floor when Sherlock, Mycroft and Greg are here. John must be home with Rosie. You know all your brothers want for you is to be happy, but you’re not prepared for a rejection from Greg. If you’re being completely honest with yourself then you’ve always had a crush on Greg but it was never the time so you pushed it away and told yourself to forget about it. 

“You don’t have to do that,” Greg says and your head snaps up as you stare at him. He looks really nervous.

“Can you give us a minute,” you say to your two brothers who quickly leave the room.

“Don’t you want to?” you ask preparing yourself. 

“Of course I want to. I’m just giving you a bloody out,” he replies and you gasp. He wants to go on a date with you. 

“If I told you I loved you, would it make any difference?” you ask softly. You can imagine how your brothers are trying to hear everything through the door. They must really approve of Greg since they let him take you on a date. 

“It would make a big difference,” Greg says stepping forwards and slipping his arms around you. For a second you forget where you are but then you remember the lady on the floor.

“This is probably not the best place for our first kiss.”


The head of my (former) local scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars put me directly in touch with a Sherlockian in my new region so I could be set up with a nearby scion. I might have cried a little.

Also, as I was joining the public library yesterday (as everyone does when moving to a new place, right?) the nice woman on the counter had a Sherlock Holmes pendant, so I said something along the lines of “You too are a Sherlockian, I perceive…” and she happily gushed that she loved Sherlock and had just finished reading the canon in a nice new edition which was just over there if I wanted to check it out.

…I may not have a furnished house yet, but the fandom knows I’m here. Priorities.


Requested Imagine: a continuation of being the youngest Holmes who is dating Lestrade for a while and bringing him home for Christmas to meet her parents and her brothers are their usual selves. Anonymous.
Part 1

“Please tell me you’re joking,” he says over the phone making you chuckle. Greg likes Sherlock - he really does - but you know he doesn’t really want to spend an entire night with your family because that scares the shit out of him. 

“It’s Christmas. This can be my present,” you reply with a grin walking down the busy streets of London. 

“How do you know I haven’t already bought you a present for Christmas?” he asks and you can just tell he’s grinning too. Although you’ve only dated him for a few months, you’ve known the man for much longer. You like to think you know most things there are to know about Greg Lestrade. 

“Because I know you. And you haven’t got any idea what to get me,” you say with a smile and he sighs. A couple of hours later you’re standing in front of the door to your parents’ house. You can already hear Mycroft and Sherlock argue about something inside and for some weird reason it gives you the feeling of Christmas. 

“Ready?” you ask and knock on the door when he nods. He looks really nervous, so you intertwine your fingers with his and he visibly relaxes. As soon as the door opens you hug your mother and father because it’s been a while since you saw them. 

“This is Greg, my boyfriend.” They politely greet Greg and invite the two of you inside. Soon after you’re sitting at the dinner table enjoying your mother’s cooking. 

“This tastes amazing,” Greg says making your mother smile. You squeeze his thigh gently before continuing to eat. 

“So how are things going, Graham?” Sherlock asks with a spark in his eyes. Greg looks at him in disbelief because Sherlock always pretends to forget his name. 

“I thought it was Grant?” Mycroft chimes in making you roll your eyes. 

“Be nice!” you say kicking them both under the table. Sherlock only chuckles. 

“You know I’m only kidding. I know his name is Garrett. Have you solved any crimes lately?” he asks Greg much to Mycroft’s amusement. Your mother tries to stop it, but there’s no stopping your brothers. 

“A few cases. It hasn’t been that busy,” he replies with a smile putting his arm around you, “but that’s just given me a lot more time with this one.” He places a brief kiss on your lips making you smile. 

“Good boy,” you whisper happy that he’s not letting your brothers scare him off. Mycroft looks like he might choke on something causing you to smirk.

“Everything alright, dear brother?”