Water = emotions

Pirate = mastering emotions

Shark = villains exploiting emotions

Flood in 221B = Mrs Hudson has left Baker Street, England has fallen

Crown teacup shaped as shark fin with UK map but only England part of map submerged = Mycroft is dead, long live Mycroft

Table napkin behind John shaped as shark fin = Psycho Mary (wedding napkins) now behind John (John’s past)

Miss Me music piece submerged = Miss Mary Elizabeth and/or Miss Me Moriarty drowned (ACD AGRA thrown overboard, ACD and BBC Moriarty waterfall death)

Persian slipper containing cigarettes = Sherlock about to kick substance abuse for good

Violin = Sherlock staying on top of emotions

Proclaimed in Blood book = John will make a vow while Sherlock is dying

Smiley Face visible in mirror = Sun!John is home

Henry V  = Battle of Hastings 21st century edition, England will lose (England has fallen / is submerged), marriage between two nations, another Katherine possibly French (Lady in Red?), Ben C learning piano and French… *keyboard smash*

Billy the Skull fellating a phallic symbol = self explanatory

Water every fucking where = Fire is evil, water is good (I will burn you, Psycho Mary red coat, CAM bonfire VS John protecting Sherlock at TGG pool, rainy Irene Adler death lie day, TAB waterfall)

Moriarty and Mary are defeated by water. Fire is evil, water is good.


In a BBC One drama titled Sherlock, there are depraved “fans” and sloppy, unqualified hack journalists who actually want the character Sherlock to

A) go into the dark side with a deranged serial killer sexual predator because “wanting to kill people is just human”; that being with said over-the-top creepy unhinged child kidnapper, starver, poisoner, and murderer is “canon” (OMG did you just skip over the part where Sherlock is fascinated with him???); that sad sack of slime who is so jealous of John that he wears the same watch as John, pretends to be a doctor on telly (like John!), and pretends to be storyteller (like John!)

B) force the camp gay man Sherlock into a het relationship with a sex worker who said on screen that she is a lesbian, who beat and drugged Sherlock, forced herself on him even knowing he is gay just so she could blackmail the government, works for above mentioned serial killer sexual predator terrorist, and tried to extort exorbitant amounts and favors from England

C) force the camp gay man Sherlock into a het relationship with a mousy busybody who has known all along her object of obsession is gay, yet constantly insinuates herself in his life, hysterically assaults Sherlock not once but thrice, has shown violence in public towards her fiancee, shows overt aggression towards John who has nothing to do with her except – oh, the pathetic desperate mouse is jealous of him, does not even exist in ACD canon or any adaptation, and is very likely revealed to have been a villain all along

D) force the camp gay man Sherlock into a het relationship with his own murderer, the lowest piece of shit to ever appear on television, a manipulative hateful abusive fucked up creature nobody would wish on their enemy because apparently being proud of being a psychopath makes her a “better Watson” than the soldier-doctor who has been Sherlock’s other half for he past 130 years and 250+ adaptations

There’s an upsurge of Anon hate – and some unashamedly non-Anon bad persons – towards Johnlock bloggers now that BBC is once again proving TJLC right all along.

Internet anonymity allows disgusting fucked up monsters to unleash their unadulterated evil and the state of the world is therefore not surprising at all with society’s cancer crawling all over online

Good thing S4 is almost here so that these vile vomitous vermin can return to the hellhole from which they crawled out.

Let the minions of darkness disperse into the ether, 2017.