Read in April: The Sign of Four - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Well, I think my bookcase is telling me something. 

So, I read one books in April. But one is better than none :) I’ve been busy with work and fixing my cosplay (And I bought new video games) so everything has been a bit hectic. I read this on the bus, to and from work, which makes the trip go quicker. I really enjoyed this book and I didn’t want to put it down when it got to my stop. I actually bought these BBC copies of Sherlock to read on the bus, I have a massive heavy hardback book with all of the Sherlock stories in, but it’s a bit big to carry around outside of the house.

The Kingsman’s Code

I’ve written a sonnet for the Wits on Tap poetry challenge, based on ageofaquitaine‘s super cool Sherlock/Kingsman crossover fic Knight’s Code:

The sonnet will probably make most sense after reading the fic – which is a great read, regardless!

I hope you like it, ageofaquitaine!

The Kingsman’s Code

The nation’s hour of need requires all
thy shrewdness, Harry. So take tea with he
who guides the path of empires quietly.
Campaign against the men who would enthrall
the goldfish plebs with a nefarious plan.
With Mycroft (“Guinevere”), strive thou to see
that fine facades corrupt the devotee:
It is not only manners maketh man.
The safety of the world comes at a price,
and one man’s heart, in balance, counts for naught.
The price is paid, and not just once or twice:
with fear and grief, good men do what they ought.
Need Guinevere repent? Is Sherlock’s heart
beyond repair, or poised to play its part?

A theory about why Sherlock rescued Irene Adler at the end of asib

When I first watched this episode, I didn’t even believe Sherlock saved Irene in front of the terriost executioners. I thought it’s not possible to break into their camp and disguise to be one of them, not mention take Irene out of there. But if it’s just Sherlock’s imagination, his laughter before murmuring “the woman” would make no sense.

After I have watched this episode, like, a thousand times, it suddenly occurs to me that the rescue scene is totally real, and makes a lot of sense. At the pool scene, Moriarty would definitely shot Sherlock and John if there wasn’t the call that distracted him. And that call, ladies and gentlemen, was from Irene Adler herself. So Irene literally saved Sherlock and John’s asses. When Moriarty left them, Sherlock said “Someone changes his mind, question is, who?” Then the rest of this episode didn’t mention this call at all,  but we all know Sherlock would not easily let it go. Maybe he found out the caller was Irene, probably sometime after the I AM SHERLOCKED confrontation because that’s when Irene told him Moriarty helped her and that would inspire him. Then he decided to return this big favor. 

So, Sherlock did it and succussfully rescue her. 

And people who believe Sherlock loves Irene and there was a shag after the rescue can suck it. That means you, Cumberbatch.