Imagine: Being best friends with Molly Hooper. [x]

Y/N: How’s it going with you and Sherlock?
Molly: You know he’s married to his work.
Y/N: Yeah… if I’m being honest, he’s a complete idiot for not wanting you!
Molly: *smiles* You’re the best.

My girlfriend loves me.
  • Me:*gasping and making sobbing sounds*
  • My Girlfriend:Honney, what's wrong? What's the matter?
  • Me:Why can't Mark Gatiss have a beard as Mycroft?
  • My Girlfriend:*facepalms* Is that seriously a genuine reason to be nearly in tears!?
  • -About 10 minutes later-
  • Me:Did I spell his name right?
  • My Girlfriend:how the fuck am I supposed to know? I know I'm British but fuck that.