Not to make things worse, but in that trailer, the part where Sherlock says i love you and John and Mycroft are behind him, he is holding a gun. He is being forced to choose. Can you fucking believe this. His “i love you” is to both. This is how you burn the heart out of him. This is episode 3. The final problem. Mycroft loses his power and is at the hands of his junkie detective brother. Sherlock is given a gun and will have to choose.

I’m writing a ficlet for this immediately. Stay tuned.

Sherlock Trailers Through The Years

I just thought this was interesting to compare the trailers from past seasons to the new one. I can’t help but notice how they’ve progressively gotten darker and moved further into” relationships” and away from “he’s a robot detective” 

 P.S. I couldn’t post all the trailers released bc of tumblr restrictions.

Season 1 

Season 2 (all combined in one video!) 

Season 3

The Special 

Season 4

Being in love with John cannot be Sherlock’s darkest secret…Don’t tell me it is. Being in love is nothing dark..

So what is Sherlock Holmes’ darkest secret ?

I feel like the “I love you” is like assuring John that Sherlock is not the man he knows. he has some secrets.. But he still loves John..Nothing is changed there..

“I am not the Sherlock Holmes you know… But remember John.. I love you..”

I can’t stop thinking about this scene from ASiP