The Science of Deduction: Live Preview | Code

Companion to the John Watson theme. Made to look almost exactly like the official Sherlock Holmes blog from the BBC Sherlock mini-series. It is not perfectly identical because I had to create all the images from scratch in photoshop. The blog creators made it impossible to pull the original images from the site (yeah yeah, copyright), so this theme has the closest I could manage.


  • Can replace the header image.
  • I have provided a photoshop file of the header with the grunge textures in it if you wish to play around with it and change the text. [link]
  • You can edit the title and url of the tabs.
  • Add extra titles to the sidebar by just copying the code provided in the description of the live preview.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.

I used two sets of Grunge brushes to create the textures. Credit for those goes to szuia and ~KeReN-R of Deviantart. The London Skyline image came from here.