The Signs as Live Action Shows
  • Aries: Supernatural
  • Taurus: Merlin
  • Gemini: The 100
  • Cancer: The Walking Dead
  • Leo: Game of Thrones
  • Virgo: Sherlock
  • Libra: Teen Wolf
  • Scorpio: Hannibal
  • Sagittarius: Orange Is the New Black
  • Capricorn: Breaking Bad
  • Aquarius: Doctor Who
  • Pisces: Once Upon a Time
Fandom and shipping rule 3.

Don’t even open tumblr (or any social media) before you’ve watched the newest episode of that popular show you’re watching! Just go ahead and tell yourself that you will scroll past it all. We all know how that ends.

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I am not usually into yaoi or shounen ai, but jesus christ that is so wonderful, I am excited as fuck.

“Yuri on Ice” is having my love and applause, thank god it didn’t become fanservice crap as usual, but actually normal or even good anime about love with gay couple as main characters with sport action.

yes, there is fanservice, I can’t deny it, that was the reason it was hard for me to watch the series at first, but it wasn’t fully that bad, in fact, I was interested in how far the relationship will go, ‘cause usualy, you know, it’s like FUCKING “FREE!” OR  “HANNIBAL” OR “SHERLOCK” OR WHATEVER FUCKING SHOW THAT MAKES THE IMPRESSION OF GAY LOVE WHICH NEVER GOES ANYWHERE AND WAS NEVER ACTUALLY THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE AND IS JUST A BAIT FOR YAOI FANS

I also would like to highlight that, in my opinion, this anime about different types of men: feminine, masculine, childish, grumpy, shy, with ordinary appearance, carring and not much about their appearance and so on — the variety is quite impressive.

also the animations are pretty good, all the dancing on ice animations were weird though, but whatever, it’s fine.

ps.  I tried to write as best I can, English is my second language, so pls just try to understand what I meant if I wrote something strange or wrong to you, thank you.

Women are better than men = misandry

Men are better than women = misogyny

Men and women are equal = feminism

Everyone is equal but also shit = misanthropy

Everyone is equal when they’re dead = Les Miserables

Everyone is dead = Supernatural

Everyone is important = Doctor Who

Everyone is an idiot = Sherlock

Everyone is food = Hannibal

Everyone is related = Once Upon a Time

  • Me at 5pm: I'm gonna go to bed early today. As a result I might cope a little bit better with school and shit...
  • Me at 10pm: *In bed* I'm just gonna read one chapter of this 231k long fanfic about my OTP... Then I'm gonna sleep.
  • Me at 3am: Fuck it *finishes the fanfic + starts reading 5 new ones + spends a few hours on Tumblr + critically goes through every decision I've ever made in this life + watches every episode of my favorite tv show, twice*