Ocean’s Eleven AU

Mary Morstan plans one last heist with longtime girlfriend Janine Hawkins. Their team: pickpocket Molly Hooper, explosives expert Sally Donovan, card shark Ella Thompson, high roller Martha Hudson, legwomen Sarah Sawyer and Jeanette Chapman, retired conartist Violet Holmes, computer systems specialist Kitty Riley, and professional acrobat Soo Lin Yao. Their target: Irene Adler’s casinos on the Las Vegas strip. But when Molly discovers Irene is dating one of Mary’s old flames (Anthea McCallister), all hell breaks loose.

Femslash February starts in one week and we hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

To help with the creation/motivation/inspiration we’ve put together a mini-challenge or prompt for each week of February, but please don’t feel limited to only that challenge or only that week. The main goal is to shine light on and create more femslash!

Week 1: Favourites. We all have them, don’t deny it ;) Start Femslash February with a tribute of some kind to your favourite femslash pair (or vee or triad or qaud or…) 

Week 2: Be inspired! Create something that is inspired by someone else’s work. Podcast your favourite fic, write a fic to a graphic or a gifset or a fanart, draw something, make a graphic or a gifset based on a fic. Or how about putting together a fanmix?

Week 3: Missing scenes. What happened between Mary and Janine during the hen party? How does Irene tell Molly that she’s not dead? What happens when Anthea, Janine and Kate get together once a month to complain about their bosses? 

Week 4: Domestic fluff. Netflix, babies, breakfast in bed, an I Miss You text message, birthday cakes, laundry day wardrobe malfunction, stuffed animals, take away, meeting the in-laws, lazy Sunday in bed.

Again, please let these be inspiring and motivating, not limiting. All contributions are welcomed and encouraged! 

To make sure we find your things, please tag it with sherlock femslash in one of the first five tags.

Let’s have a wonderful February, everyone!

Based on this photoset

It was Molly’s second time inside the tattoo shop. The first time, she’d looked around at the tall, glaring, heavily pierced bottle-blonde woman at the counter and the picture of a very large, very naked stylized vagina in full color hanging on the wall with the other sample tattoos, and she’d walked right back out.

Sally had told her it was the best in the area, though it certainly wasn’t the cheapest, and if she was going to do this, she wanted to do it right, so she braced herself and came back. The vagina was still there, but the woman at the counter had been replaced by a sharp-featured woman with dark hair. She was wearing a red silk sleeveless top that displayed her slender arms and the delicate black tattoos they wore.

“What would you like?” asked the woman. At first glance, she was certainly less intimidating than the large woman, but there was something about the bright red of her lipstick that warned of danger. Molly squared her shoulders and stepped forwards.

“Could I make an appointment for a tattoo, please?” she asked.

“I could do you now, if you’d like,” the woman said, without even glancing at the computer for confirmation.

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Why is it always you who have to save the world?

Because your way isn’t working!

Molly and Sally met when Sally arrested Molly after a demonstration that went out of hand. They hit it off, but Sally’s job and Molly’s activism keep putting them on different sides of the crush barriers.

consultingpiskies and the-sign-of-tea asked for Hoopervan.

FANFIC FRIDAY REC: Behind Closed Doors by pasiphile

Behind Closed Doors by pasiphile

Pairing: Irene/Kate

Rating: E

Word count: 2,160 words

Warnings: BDSM, flogging

Author’s summary: for prompt: “Irene/Kate, I flogging K with lots of aftercare pls”

holyfant’s comments: Anyone who knows me knows I love all of pasiphile’s stories, and this is absolutely no exception to that rule. It’s not a terribly long piece, but it gives us a lovely fleshed-out take on Kate, whose world view and relationship with Irene are given body and texture through just a few lines. This is a lovely exploration of what it must be like to live with and work for a prodomme and how Irene and Kate draw the lines between their professional and private lives. As always from pasiphile, you can expect spot-on dialogue, a thoughtful and realistic depiction of D/s dynamics, and hot sex.
Finally Found - IamJohnLocked4life - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mary/Janine, Rated Explicit
By Organization for Transformative Works

For the sherlockrareship bingo prompt: Damp
Mary/Janine, Rated Explicit
Dedicated to heimishtheidealhusband, fffinnagain, and consultingpiskies, my Morkins Muses ♥

The air is thick and heavy. Humid…the damp of New Orleans so different from the cold damp of London, which seeps into the bones and chills to the core. Bayou damp soaks into skin, beading up from the pores and flooding nostrils with the heady scent of jasmine. Mary fishes an ice cube out of the watery remnants of her scotch and presses it to the nape of her neck, revelling in the cool trickle down her back. The relief is short-lived.

Music Industry AU

Janine Hawkins works as a coordinator for the Danish record label C.A.M. Records (behind hits like I Spill Your Secrets and Licking My Face), even though she loathes how the music industry has turned musicians into commodities they can squeeze for money. 

At a conference she meets Mary Morstan, a freelance manager and agent who helps struggling musicians get a foot in the market. They hit it off, and together they start to bring down C.A.M. Records from the inside.