Sherlock HC/AU: The British Government and the largest criminal network - behind the scenes, Mycroft Holmes and Moriarty have been exchanging information on several occasions. Invulnerability comes with a price tag for both sides.

The violin scene at the end of The Final Problem is truly one of the most impactful moments (if not the most) in all of BBC Sherlock. I honestly am still speechless that Moftiss wrote something so profound. Eurus was beyond communication with the outside world after the events of this episode, back to the untouchable genius in her glass cage. But Sherlock. Sherlock, this incredible and kind man, who had lost so much to this woman, understood her and still reached out to help. He wasn’t encouraging her to play her own song, he was initiating a duet–so she wasn’t alone, even in her music. It was a conversation, it was understanding, it was connection. This man went beyond words, where others had failed and stopped trying, and showed her that she wasn’t alone. Sherlock has become- or perhaps he always was- one of the best men I’ve ever seen.

*dons tin foil hat*

Hypothetically, if they were going to release a fourth episode, what would make sense in terms of marketing? If they were going to release the episode this Sunday, they would have to have already announced it, or the news wouldn’t spread fast enough.

However, if they announce it this Sunday, 22/1 (221B day), they’ll have a week to market it. Then, they can air it on 29/1 (the day John and Sherlock met).

Fingers crossed, y’all.


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They stood in the center of the flat to take in the damage. Sherlock crossed his arms and kicked his foot at the remains of a book. John, holding Rosie, shifted her to his right and turned to Sherlock. The man was unusually quiet, and only uttered a few words when they entered the flat. The walls were black, the décor was scorched and ruined. Everything that they loved in that flat, everything that made 221B was gone. John jumped when Sherlock moved suddenly. He made his way over to the stand that used to hold his music sheets and set it upright. Sherlock turned to his favorite armchair and his brows furrowed. John watched carefully as his gaze went from his chair, to John’s favorite chair. What he didn’t expect to see was a tear roll down Sherlock’s cheek as he whispered, “It’s all gone now, John.”

John wanted to rush over and embrace him, as Sherlock did when he cried. Sherlock only said a few words, but each word was uttered with such pain that it broke John’s heart to see him so distraught.

“How long will it take to renovate?”

Sherlock wiped a tear away and exhaled. “Knowing Mycroft, he’ll have the top contractors in England come to fix the place up. Even then…everything is…everything is…it’s just gone, John. My chemistry set, my music, my chair. How can they replace that?”

John could only offer a smile at present even though he knew that it didn’t do much to lift his friend’s spirits.

“Don’t think of it as replacement, Sherlock. Think of it more as restoration.”

Sherlock’s eyes met John’s. “Restore, replace, what does it matter anymore? I don’t even have anywhere else to sleep until this flat is fixed.”

John’s mouth hung open. Of course, how could he forget? Where is Sherlock going to be staying during this? He can’t possibly sleep in his bedroom when the flat was in this condition. Did no one think to ask him, or did everybody assume that he knew what to do?

“You could stay with me,” John said without hesitation, “Er…you can stay with us. Rosie and I, until your flat is fixed.”

Sherlock’s lip quivered at John’s suggestion, and for a moment, John thought that he was going to cry again.

“John I…I couldn’t possibly…”

“Nonsense, Sherlock! I invited you after all.”

Sherlock tilted his head as he thought about the proposal. “Well, I suppose I could take the sofa.”

John’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Are you daft? The Great Sherlock Holmes, kip on the sofa? No, you can bunk with me…if you’d like that is.”

Sherlock froze much like the time when he was asked to be best man.

“John, are you asking me to…share a bed with you?”

Rosie let out a noise and John rubbed her back. “Yes…I…uh…it’s the only bed I got. Rosie’s got the other bedroom and the sofa is far from comfortable to sleep…”

Sherlock cut him off mid-sentence by whisking off towards his bedroom. “Just let me grab a few things and we’ll be off.”

John was left in the middle of the living room dumbfounded. He was going to be sharing a bed with Sherlock for who knows how long. The thought alone excited him.


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So it seems I am now relying on 2017 to:

a) confirm Johnlock

b) make Poe Dameron gay

c) bag me some good GCSE results

d) make Cars 3 as good as the trailer hints it could be and wipe the smiles off the faces of everyone who moaned when it was announced (no offense I just would find that so hilarious and I am desperate for the Cars franchise to finally get some love!!)

e) sort out the mess made by 2016.

No pressure.

“…some really beautiful moments…”

my theory is that (lets be honest) none of the moments that happened in last two episodes are can be the ones she’s describing here

so hopefully episode 3 we’ll see a lot more of Molly

Hello. My name is Paige. I play The Sherlockian Game which is a game that’s been around for over 100 years. I attempt to solve puzzles in the BBC Sherlock universe by cross-referencing Victorian literature and modern Holmes adaptations. On Tumblr people who do this are referred to as “conspiracy theorists” – which can mean many things, both good and bad, depending on your perspective.

I also ship Johnlock like it’s my job.


I really like Adlock. It’s what brought me into the online Fandom.

To think one must be a certain kind of fan with very distinct fictional character loyalties in order to play the Sherlockian Game or to be part of TJLC is ridiculous.

What kind of fanfiction you read in your freetime should not negatively affect how people interact with you online.

If you disagree, that’s fine, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Romantic Entanglement

SHERLOCK: As I think I have explained to you many times before, romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people …
JOHN: … would complete you as a human being.

This line in TLD hit me so hard. Because, it’s true! Over 4 seasons, we’ve seen Sherlock learn to let friends into his life. We’ve seen him improve his family relationships, particularly with Mycroft. 

But, he’s never really opened himself up to romance. He seemed to have some feelings for the Woman, but as he says, he hardly texts her back. His relationship with Janine was a lie to get access to Magnussen.

To complete his character development arc, to become complete as a human being, this is the last hurdle Sherlock has to cross. He has to open himself up to romance. This line resonates because of its truth. And why plant that idea and then do nothing with it in the narrative?

In my mind, this line helps set up Sherlock’s character arc–and it’s evidence that Sherlock meant it when he admitted his love for Molly Hooper. It takes that idea to a conclusion. We see Sherlock become more complete as a human being. When he finally says, “I love you,” he’s opening himself up to romantic entanglement. He’s admitting he can have those feelings, and he DOES have those feelings. Eurus’s vivisection rips him open and shows his heart… and this new side of him can fill that last gap and complete his character development arc.

Yes, he admits it under duress… but that’s part of the beauty of the scene! At times in the past, he’s taken Molly for granted (although I would argue that changed in season 2). But now he’s faced with the possibility of her death–of losing her forever. He’s absolutely frantic and panicked. I think facing her impending demise, imagining what life would be like without her, makes him realize more than ever how much he cares. You can see in his eyes that her loss would destroy him.

For me, this scene fits best into the narrative if Sherlock does love Molly. He’s cleared that last hurdle and he’s about to become more complete as a human being.

You guys...

I was  literally just looking at the new picture and analyzing each character’s facial expression when

Their chairs are veryyyyy close to each other on this picture, but what particularly caught my attention was how Sherlock’s crossing his legs while John is inclining himself forward with open legs and without touching the chair with his arms. Just like in….

The stag night.

Am I over analyzing this or?

Mulled Wine (Sherlock x Reader)

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Sherlock huffed, crossing his arms. He was pouting because kind of forced him to go on a Christmas fair. You were happily looking through the stands, pulling the grumpy detective along. Ignoring his mood, you kept talking animately. Then, you saw a mulled wine stand, and an idea popped into your mind. You ran up to the stand, still dragging Sherlock along.

“Two, please” Two cups were put down in front of you. You paid, taking the steaming cups. Handing one to Sherlock, you proceeded to sip on your own. Sherlocks brow was raised as he glanced at the cup. He pulled it closer to sniff the liquid. Then, he carefully took a sip. His eyes widened slightly, and he took another sip.

Sherlock finished his cup in record time. You had only managed to drink half of your cup. Without words, he pulled the cup from your hands, gulping the liquid down greedily. You protested, trying to get the cup back. Sherlock smirked, throwing the cup away. He then pulled you close, pressing his lips against yours. You tasted the mulled wine on his lips.

A Biography of Sherlock

So I tried to write up Sherlock’s “biography” until the start of ASiP, compiling all facts and dates we have been given over the years. (Please feel free to add anything I may have overlooked). The most mysterious part are the “lost years” from 1989 to 2010. There are a lot of things that have not been explained or contradict each other. This may serve as a basis for any kind of theory, not just EMP, and I am happy to discuss the details. Well-founded speculations are given in bold italics. 

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A 221B that could be about anything but that I just happened to write today:

It was long after midnight, nearly time to begin a new day. John lifted his head from the cradle of his pillow. “Stop pacing and come to bed, hmm?" 

Sherlock paused in the path he’d been stalking across the room. He’d stripped down to his underwear before being distracted by the news alerts on his phone, and now John could see him shivering in the cool night air. 

"How can you possibly expect me to sleep right now?”

“You don’t need to sleep.”

“I’m not really in the mood for—”

“Just come here and we can keep each other warm, okay?” John twitched back the covers in invitation and Sherlock sighed and crossed the room to climb into bed.

John turned off the bedside lamp and shifted on his side so they were facing each other, foreheads and knees touching, hands clasped in the space between. “All right?” he asked.

Sherlock shook his head and made a sound somewhere between a sniff and a sigh and John traced one hand up his chest, stopping to curve his fingers over his shoulder. “We’ll get through this.”

“How?" ”

“We’ve been through worse.“

"How?” Sherlock repeated.

John’s head was at a loss but his heart knew exactly what to say. “Together,” he whispered, and pulled Sherlock closer, trusting they would eventually feel better.