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I’ve said this before a while back but I just gotta explain again… where I live in sussex there’s this house at the very top of a hill you walk up to head towards the downs, and it’s this lovely cottage with a really cute garden and there’s a swish black car in the drive with the number plate SSH and there’s a 60 yr old man who I see sometimes with a mustache and a hat who walks down the hill to go to the shops and I’m not kidding you he is exactly how you would picture Watson. I’m not saying that retired Sherlock and John live in that house on the hill but, I am saying that retired Sherlock and John live in that house on the hill.

A Word To The Sherlock Fandom

Over the past two weeks I have read some truly angry pieces by a very upset Sherlock fandom. Usually, I would counter this with lots of Moffat praise and wait for the wave of anger to subside. But this time, it has become a matter of showing respect to the LGBT+ community. So for once, I am going to address the issue before I move on with my usual blogging routine. 

For Those Who Don’t Know What The Anger Is About…

In a nutshell, what it boils down to is that the episode The Final Problem gave its viewers the impression that the show might be over for good. And if that really were the case, it would mean the relationship between Sherlock and John would never have become canon. And the hints that were planted throughout the show would have been all in our heads. 

Now let me start by making my position on the matter clear: I firmly believe in a romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I believe in it when watching the BBC series, I believe in it when reading the original books, I believe in it even after having watched The Final Problem. I believe. 

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I also strongly believe that Gatiss and Moffat have actually read the books and that they cannot possibly have overlooked all the subtext that hints towards a John-Sherlock relationship. And finally, I firmly believe that the writers have every intention to include this relationship in the show, if they get the chance…

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anonymous asked:

While they did mention Sherlock's first case (Carl Powers), they also kinda did go back on that in TFP by calling Eurus' Musgrave puzzle S's first case. Which makes sense because S would have been just a child back then. Both 'first cases' (Carl Powers&Musgrave) were not solved by S at the time. He only solved them later. What if the show tells us about his actual first case, which S did manage to solve and that one's connected to an actual Victor Trevor and is significant for who S is?

(referencing this post, I believe)

Hmm, you make a good point here, Nonny. Though I don’t believe that TFP is real and actually has anything to do with Sherlock but rather John, I can see how this could be the case. I think we’re all in agreement that TFP is fake, and if this is in Sherlock’s head, then it’s possible the Musgrave case is another key to unlocking who he is. If it’s in John’s head, I see it as a parallel to the Carl Powers case, actually, where John learns about Sherlock having a case he never officially solved. A key where John is trying to unlock his own understanding of Sherlock, perhaps?

Hmmm. Yeah, I do think there’s more to “Sherlock’s past” than an evil mentalist rapist pyromaniacal sister, who I don’t think is real at all. I still believe it all leads back to Carl Powers, and perhaps a Victor Trevor was the true murderer? I mean… They never found the name Moriarty in the yearbooks… what if Victor (who I think had ties to John… the age would be right I think),  ended up being the boy who actually murdered Carl Powers?

There’s my crazy headcanon for today.

GATISS: I worry that we’re sort of getting into a world where people just want warm paste fed to them. Why can’t things be challenging?    
It’s not that difficult, I mean, it’s really not that difficult. [In TAB, Sherlock’s] imagining the whole Victorian world in his mind palace in order to solve the case of how Moriarty has apparently come back from the grave, and flicks back in time in his head.      
That’s all it is. I mean, if that’s challenging, God help us!      
INTERVIEWER: Is Series 4 going to be very very complicated, or a little bit of ‘warm paste’, as you put it?    
GATISS: No warm paste in Sherlock.      
It’ll be as challenging as it always is, and I hope as entertaining and thrilling and as much fun as it always is.

Mark Gatiss, when asked about the online complaints that TAB was “too complicated”, and the upcoming Series 4.

(BBC Radio In Short interview, January 2016 [x])

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red-pen-revolution  asked:

Hi again! I'm procrastinating projects, so here's some q's! In TAB when Sherlock says 'No one made me, I made me.' Could he have also been referring to the fact that he let John get married? That it wasn't a situation like in TRF.

Hi Lovely!

I always took it to be referencing an as-yet-unseen event in Sherlock’s past, since immediately after that line, he hears Redbeard and asks for Redbeard.

BUT It could be that as well… That Sherlock wasn’t brave enough to confess to John way back in TRF, that he was playing by his own agenda and refused to let John in… in a sense that “Made him” what he is by the time HLV rolled around. He quietly blames himself for losing John, much like John quietly blames himself for losing Sherlock. These two need to seriously sit down and talk.

But yes, I do think it is referencing Sherlock’s past, and that we will see “what made him” and why he is the way he is, why he shirked sentiment for so long.

According to the ‘let’s play murder’ section of his best man’s speech, Sherlock has a key to Mycroft’s house. Which means he wouldn’t even need to break in - he could come and go as he pleases. Remarkably trusting really, though Sherlock could likely get past whatever security if he wanted to.

I would bet actual cash money that when he’s been particularly bored or feels Mycroft has been particularly annoying, he’s messed with stuff in there. Moving things off-centre, like with 221B’s door knocker. Maybe using the fridge as storage for surplus experimental body parts. Replacing all the takeaway menus with leaflets for Weightwatchers and Overeaters Anonymous… I sense that kitchen has stories to tell.

a woman walking past sherlock and john, being all intense “…and they were roommates”, and then sherlock turns to john and says “oh my god they were roommates” in a mock serious stage whisper and john giggles so hard he nearly stops breathing

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I don't think John was reading the bible. For one, the book's too thin. It would be difficult to cram the entire bible into such a thin book even with small print. Only the new testament might fit in there, which would exclude Leviticus rightaway (although some of Paul's groanworthy stuff on homosexuality would still be in there.) The cover looks kinda soft and bendy too. Not something you'd expect with a bible edition. And John's facial expression is more contemplative than repressed, I'd say.

Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlockedGoing off John reading the bible (I’m not sure it is but it’s probable), do you think John is slightly religious? We know one of his ‘dying’ thoughts was a prayer (“Please, God, let me live”), he was married in a church by a Vicar, and he seemed keen to have Rosie christened/baptised which is not a common practice these days. I sometimes wonder if, as well as all his other issues, John has grown up with something like ‘Catholic guilt’ that might have helped repress his homosexuality?

(referencing this post)

I’m not sure if you’re the same Nonny, but I’ll put these together because of the content is similar and I would answer them both similarily anyway :)

First of all, I’ve actually answered a similar question to this in the past here, so you can read all that and come back, since I will be referencing it in this ask.

First part of this ask: Thank you for the heads up, Nonny! I also have never believed it was a Bible (I’m not even sure where this idea started from… aside from it’s Christmas…). I did a brightening of a screencap (forgive the low quality, my digital version of ASiB is not that amazing):

And as I said in that past post linked above, I do not think that is the Bible at all: too many words:

Even extravagant Catholic / Christian Bibles are simply “Holy Bible” and a graphical depiction of the cross:

I grew up non-practicing Roman Catholic (I went to Catholic school from Gr. 3 to 13, family is Roman Catholic, attended church when we were younger), and we never ever had extravagantly-covered Bibles in our religious ed. classes, though I have seen soft-covered Bible books (my Sunday school class from WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY back had them). And you are right, the book is too thin to be the Bible. I’m more apt to think that he’s starting a novel; can’t make out the title though, thought half-heartedly because I think he was more worried about Sherlock. Or a medical text, or – wild thought – A Christmas Story by Dickens maybe? Sure it’s none of those, but there’s some additional thoughts for y'all.

Second part of this ask: Is John religious? You know, I think it’s in the same way many people are in his age bracket: non-practicing / skeptical, but hopes there is a higher power out there. I would imagine his family was, possibly why he is semi-closeted and has a strained relationship with his sister, and why he still holds onto some of the practices of the church (getting married in a church; christening; the need for god parents for his child), though there is the possibility that it was Mary who insisted on such things though.

But I do believe he has some religious upbringing, possibly a very conservative one, and as such has a lot of internalized struggles with his own sexuality (I think he KNOWS he’s bi, but he has such a desire to “fit in” that he will conform to what society and his upbringing deems as “normal”). He saw what his sister’s sexuality had possibly done to his family, and probably decided since he “had a choice” (I know that’s not the right wording, but humour me here) decided it was best to “play straight” until he could leave home. (Sorry, I know my wording is possibly offensive, but I don’t know how else to describe my thought process here)

This is all just my personal opinion, and I’m not crapping on religious beliefs. But John did grow up in the Thatcher-era, and if his family also supported Thatcher’s ideals, that could have been a rough home life for him.

I’ve talked about John’s possible struggles in his past here and here, both discussion pieces very interesting, especially the second link.