“I want to make sure I get your eyes right.”

Colored Lineart commission for guixonlove. Thank you for the commission! 

Illustration of her fic Across the Universe:

Sherlock’s eyes drifted over to an old, charred crate laying on the ground.  He reached over and pulled off a piece of the burnt wood before getting to his feet. He walked over to one of the empty buildings and used the wood in his hand as a charcoal pencil and began to sketch, his hand moving rapidly as he worked.

“Is that– me?” John asked, coming up behind him. Sherlock nodded and kept sketching. He glanced over and saw John staring at the drawing, his head slightly tilted as he watched Sherlock work.

“Come here,” Sherlock said suddenly, not taking his eyes off of the sketch as he motioned at John to step closer. John raised an eyebrow and folded his arms over his chest. Sherlock rolled his eyes and glanced over at him.

“Please? I want to make sure I get your eyes right.” John’s eyes widened in surprise and stepped forward. Time seemed to stop as they stared at each other, the only sound Sherlock could hear was his own pulse pounding in his ears. John licked his lips and Sherlock’s eyes dropped down, following the movement. Sherlock’s feet seemed to move of their own free will and he found himself stepping closer to John.

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remember those precious two seconds of on screen lesbian activity where kate is like “works for me” and irene is like “everything works on you 😏” and kate is so john watson to her evil femlock