sherlock the corgi

I'm sorry, Estevez and Zimmerfield can't come to the phone right now.


Oh, cause they’re dead.


Martin: I’m Martin, this is my boyfriend, Gripps, Gripps’ boyfriend, Cross, Cross’ boyfriend, Vogel, Vogel’s girlfriend, Amanda, Amanda’s girlfriend, Farah, Farah’s boyfriend, Todd, Todd’s boyfriend, Dirk, Dirk’s boyfriend, Hobbs and Hobbs’ deputy, Tina.

Ken: Uh, hi. I’m Ken, this is my best friend, Bart, our dog, Rapunzel and my … pet soldier? Friedkin.

(Not exactly an incorrect quote, but inspired by a quote from Parks and Rec.)


So, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is this sweet combination of Doctor Who and Sherlock, with a flavor of Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, forming it’s own brand of awesomeness. If you are not already watching it, now it’s time to, and here’s some reasons why!

1. Awesome lead characters. Both of them have real flaws, and real strenght, and their interraction, character development and friendship is a real gift to this world.

2. Strong woman of color who is a real badass, and totally keeps the groups shit together.

3. Another badass woman, who also has a mental illness. She has meaningful relationships, finds friends who are perfect for her and there’s lots of things she rocks at.

5. Believe it or not - YET ANOTHER BADASS WOMAN CHARACTER, this on is a bit loony and also perfect. She also has a lovely sidekick (yes, a man is a sidekick for woman) and their developing friendship ROCKS THE WORLD. Also tons and tons of character development here people.

6. This dog.

7. THIS DOG. Honestly, I saw the pic on the top of this post, and I only opened the series cause it had a corgi on it. I was ready to be disappointed that corgi is just on screen by accident, BUT NO, THIS CORGI IS IMPORTANT.

8. NO UNANSWERED QUESTIONS WITH PLOT, NO PLOT HOLES. Especially if you are unsatisfied with other shows unfulfilled subtext and foreshadowing, make yourself comfy with this! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, this is 100% good writing.

9. NO EMPTY ROMANCES, INSTEAD PLENTY REAL, AWESOME FRIENDSHIPS. Also no illogical romantic feelings just because “he was a boy and she was a girl.” Also if I wasn’t clear enough earlier, friendships are genuinely awesome, they have variety, personal touch, pure awesome.

10. Did I already mention awesome writing? Not only characters are well written, plot is well written, but all interation is well written, and humor is good but there’s also serious stuff. It doesn’t need to put any group of people down to be clever.

BONUS: It has lovely colors and editing, and also good music!

So what are you still waiting for! Go watch it and join the fandom!


I will love and protect my holistic son, even if it’s the last thing I do.


Anddd it’s done! Muzzle  + Beak Lip sync. I don’t know if I’ll colour in the potoo bird, I’m kinda sick of this animation now. We’ll see.

Audio is from BBC Sherlock Season 3. This was fun!