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Dating Sherlock Holmes would involve...

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The 4th Episode: A Complete Johnlock Fix-It

The screen is black.  A woman’s voice cuts through.  It’s Molly’s voice.

“Forward? Or Backward?”

A blinding white light floods the darkness.  A pulsating heartbeat. 

“Backward,” sighs Sherlock.

White noise stings as scenes are replayed backward. Sherlock and John running backward.  John’s fist recoiling from Sherlock in the morgue.  The christening, backward. The birth, backward.  The plane glides into the air, tail first. Magnussen’s limp body jolts into standing position, Sherlock puts the gun back in John’s pocket. The flashdrive jumps from the fire, into John’s hand.  The gun drops, the coin falls back into Mary’s fingers. Sherlock raises from Magnussen’s floor, the blood-stained shirt turns freshly white. Mary stands across from Sherlock, gun drawn.

Roll Title Credits.

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dating Sherlock would involve:

Originally posted by mama-het

(I posted this on my primary blog by accident hehe)

-him teaching you how to dance (“practicing” being an excuse to dance with you)

-little to no PDA

-“sherlock! you almost shot me!” “but I didn’t.”

-you punching Donovan for her insults

-having bad habits which Sherlock keeps pointing out

-him instantly knowing if you feel sad or angry

-him knowing exactly what to do to fix it

-shoving food in his mouth if he refuses to eat

-getting very jealous when irene comes around

-him indirectly assuring you he wouldn’t choose anyone other than you

-john freaking out when he finds out you two are dating

-john finding out by walking on you two having a make out session (which happens rarely)

-john threatens to kill Sherlock if he breaks your heart

-you occasionally punching Sherlock if he gets on your nerves with his attitude

-often slapping him to get him out of his mind palace

-you both trying to please each other

-because you both know you’d be depressed without each other

-although there’s little affection to your relationship you and Sherlock know you love each other dearly and neither of you would give the other up.

forget subtext, here comes: text

sherlock flirts with john, winks at him.  john asks if he’s single, is happy that he is.  sherlock is flattered to be asked out but declines

sherlock asks john out on a date.  sherlock crashes his date.

sherlock and john fight like a couple.  mrs hudson points this out.  sally tells john to not hang around sherlock but concedes that he probably won’t heed her advice because ‘opposites attract’.  moriarty says that sherlock does have a heart, he kidnaps john the person he knows sherlock cares about.  john offers to die to save sherlock.

john’s girlfriend dumps him because she’s jealous of sherlock.  she says john is sherlock’s boyfriend, john does not deny this.  irene tells john he and sherlock are a couple, john smiles and does not deny this.

john acts like sherlock’s wife in front of the press.  the newspapers call john gay in the context of being sherlock’s constant companion.  moriarty talks about people that sherlock loves.  sherlock immediately says only one name: john.  

sherlock says that he will be reunited with john by jumping out of a cake like a stripper at a bachelor party.  sherlock thinks that without him john has no life and expects him to still be living at their old flat.  by the end of the episode john meets the press with sherlock acting like his doting spouse just like at the beginning of TRF

sherlock drops everything to write his best man speech and plan john’s wedding.  sherlock makes a very long speech about how wonderful john is and talks about all the great times they’ve had together.  sherlock says john is obsessed with him and that his blog is romantic.  john spontaneously gets up during the speech to hug sherlock, everyone claps like they’re the couple who just got married.  sherlock’s very prominent role in john’s wedding continues as sherlock plays the violin for john and mary’s first dance.  sherlock writes a special waltz for them to dance to.  sherlock teaches john how to waltz. 

 sherlock relapses into hard drug use after john’s wedding and subsequent absence from his life.  john dreams about sherlock coming to take him away.  john wakes up and answers his door hoping that sherlock is coming to see him.  mary is angry that john thinks sherlock is so important that everybody (kate) must know who he is.  mary is angry that john thinks it’s been a long time since he saw sherlock, it’s been only a month.  sherlock is dying until he remembers that john is in danger and then wills his hear to start beating again.  sherlock kills magnussen to ensure john’s safety.

mary is jealous that john is always with sherlock so she decides to go to baker st as a client as it’s the only way she will get to see her husband.  nonetheless john soon leaves her again to go off with sherlock.  when sherlock tells john that mary is in danger john is not concerned and dismisses the issue.  john attempts to have a romantic conversation with mary, sherlock inserts himself into it as if he were john’s love interest.  

anonymous asked:

Yo, my dood. U know any good angsty fics that deal with major mental issues like ptsd depression or suicidal ideation? Johnlock shit where they break down and spill the emotional beans. Not TOO angsty tho. No deaths. Just them supporting each other through the emotions. Thank.

Originally posted by avarati

Well I haven’t read that much fics and I also always forget the name of the fics.So along with those I am gonna throw some sexual abuse recovery fics in here too. And some hurt/comfort ones. No death I promise. But you know the rule. Always heed the tags.

Castle and Sand by grey853 : (158 k, Explicit) Long novel length fic. Sherlock has a past of drug addiction and sexual abuse. John has PTSD. When John prevents a mugging, it sets off a dangerous chain of events that not only impacts him, but his whole family. In the end there’s a wedding and a honeymoon. They find each other and finds ways to heal.

Broken Toy Soldier by PixChuu22 : (19k, Explicit) Two days before Dr. John Watson left for his deployment to Afghanistan, he fell for an unusual man: aspiring consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. When John is invalided home, though, he is broken in both body and spirit and can’t understand why Sherlock would still be interested in him.

Unspoken by 221b_hound : (3k, Mature)  Love is a powerful thing, but it isn’t a miracle cure for nightmares and PTSD. John still has them both. So does Sherlock. It’s ten days since Manchester, and their relationship moved to the physical. On this night, Sherlock has to wake John from a nightmare; and he tells John about his own. And finally, he finds his words.

Northwest Passage by Kryptaria : (95k, Explicit) AU. Seven years ago, Captain John Watson of the Canadian Forces Medical Service withdrew from society, seeking a simple, isolated life in the distant northern wilderness of Canada. Though he survives from one day to the next, he doesn’t truly live until someone from his dark past calls in a favor and turns his world upside-down with the introduction of Sherlock Holmes. (This is one hell of a fic, and I will recommend it at every chance I get)

A Waste of Breath by Chryse : (95k, Explicit)  John had always assumed Sherlock was uninterested, untouchable, married to his work. He was wrong on all counts. But when Sherlock embarks on a relationship, John worries that he is in over his head…and this time he might be right. Hurt/comfort. Sexual abuse recovery.

The Imposter by PoppyAlexander : (9k, Mature) Sherlock has been rescued by his brother and is ready to reclaim his life, his work, and–of course–John Watson.But John Watson let it all slide in the wake of Sherlock Holmes’ death and is living on the streets, drinking, dissociated from his previous life and even from his own name.Sherlock will have to convince him that he really *is* Sherlock Holmes.

Table For One by SilentAuror :(13k, Mature)  Sherlock has returned to London, only to find that the John he left behind has changed. Why is he spending so much time alone in cafés, hardly eating, limping again? Why has he become so beige? Sherlock slowly begins to realise that this is not going to be as easy as he had thought. Hurt/comfort.

The Fabric of Life by orphan_account : (156k, Explicit) Epic fic. Sherlock comes back from dead. John recovering from PTSD. But they eventually work out their way towards a relationship. A must read.

Control, Alt, Delete by MirithGriffin: (75k, Explicit) : If you could delete everything except what was really important, would you? Sherlock and John explore the question and each other. Suicide mention.

A River Without Banks by Chryse : (203k, Explicit) “You love this, being Sherlock Holmes.“He had once. When had it all gone so wrong? Truly epic fic. With every angsty element. Depression, suicide, violence, torture, PTSD. Thank god it has a purely happy ending. But there is a chance you might not be able to complete reading this fic. Very angsty. And I will reccomend it again and again.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet by Chryse : (68k, Explicit)  In this universe, the last two minutes of HLV and all of TAB never happened. There was no Moriarty video. The plane went on to Eastern Europe, and this is what came after. Sherlock with PTSD. Protective John. This author is magic.

Your Perfect Offering by CaitlinFairchild : (44k, Explicit) “Sherlock,” John continues, careful and quiet. “I’ve seen your back. I know you were hurt. I don’t want to pry, I don’t want to cause you discomfort but…I’m starting to think something else happened there. In Serbia.”Sherlock rolls away and sits up on the edge of the bed, his back to John.“A great many things happened in Serbia,” he says, flat and remote. “None of them were pleasant.” Abuse recovery, hurt/comfort.

if nobody speaks of remarkable things by darcylindbergh : (34k, Explicit) Mary cuts all ties with John after losing the baby. John goes back to Sherlock and they slowly, slowly build a relationship. Hurt/comfort.

The Wisteria Tree by SilentAuror : (29k, Explicit) Sherlock wakes up from a month-long coma only to discover that he has no memory of the previous six years to his own shock as well as John’s. They start over again. Hurt/comfort, angst, beautiful.

Not Broken, Just Bent by Schmiezi : (87k, Explicit)  "For a second, I allow myself to remember teaching John how to waltz. There is a special room in my mind palace for it. A big one, with a proper parquet dance floor. For a second, I go there. I remember holding him, closer than the World Dance Council asks for, excusing it with the fact that we are training for a wedding, not for a competition. For a second, I feel his hand on mine again, smell his sweat, hear the song we used. For a second, I allow myself to love him deeply. For a second, only a second, that love reflects on my face.” Hurt/comfort, suicidal thoughts, evil Mary.

Hope you enjoy. xx

justablackcat  asked:

Fics where John and Sherlock admit their feelings for each other right before John and Mary's wedding, or after Sherlock leaves the reception early?

Hi Lovely!

Hmm, I might have some similar fics on my Pining Sherlock Fics and Infidelity Fics lists. 

Here’s some I can recall with a similar theme. Feel free to add some that are specific to this theme, all!

Speechless by jeansmarco (K, 562 w. || Friendship) – John asks Sherlock to be his best man and Sherlock is speechless.

Something Old, Something New by Aztecwarfareandcrumping (K, 778 w. || H/C, Angst, Pining) – Sherlock and John share a quiet moment before John’s wedding.

I Like You Just The Way You Are by Ennui Enigma (K, 1K+ w. || Friendship) – There were still a few weeks before the wedding. John sat lost in his own thoughts, clearly not reading the paper he held. He shifted in his chair with a sudden resolve. “I think I’ll try that gym membership…”

Picking up the Pieces by junejuly15 (T, 1K+ w. || Angst & Romance) – The author’s take on Sherlock’s state of mind after he left John and Mary’s wedding.

L'Esprit D'Escalier by TheSoulOfAStrawberry (K, 2K+ w. || Ace Sherlock, Romance, H/C, Pining) – A lack of understanding leads to a misunderstanding, which in turn leads to two confused men dealing with something they should have sorted out earlier, rather than on John’s wedding day.

Nineteen Seconds of Falling by EmmyAngua (T, 3,739 w. || Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Falling in Love) – Sherlock spends exactly nineteen seconds zoned out after John asks him to be best man. He retreats to his mind palace in the desperate hope of figuring out what he wants, unfortunately for him his mind palace is full of people who keep trying to give him advice.

The In-Between by blueink3 (M, 10,679 w. || Fluff and Angst, H/C, Parentlock, Fix-It Fic, Canon Compliantish) – Beginning in a Chinese restaurant and ending at the bottom of a well, what about the moments we didn’t see? (there’s hints of it in this fic)

Not Broken, Just Bent by Schmiezi (E, 87,585 w. || Pining, Love Confessions, Torture, Hurt/Comfort, Heavy Angst, Villain!Mary, Suicidal Ideations, Main Character Death, Sherlock POV, Eventual Happy Ending) – “For a second, I allow myself to remember teaching John how to waltz. There is a special room in my mind palace for it. A big one, with a proper parquet dance floor. For a second, I go there. I remember holding him, closer than the World Dance Council asks for, excusing it with the fact that we are training for a wedding, not for a competition. For a second, I feel his hand on mine again, smell his sweat, hear the song we used. For a second, I allow myself to love him deeply. For a second, only a second, that love reflects on my face.” Fix-it for S3, starting at the end of TSoT. Evil Mary.

greymantledlady  asked:

For a ficlet prompt, how about Sherlock teaching little Rosie something - like how to dance or how to play the violin? And John watching and just being so full of love for them both <3 :)

“I’m bored.” 

Sherlock looks up from the couch and starts laughing. “Well, that won’t do. Find a way to entertain yourself.”

John hits him on the head. “You utter hypocrite.”

But Rosie is still frowning, and Sherlock grins, hoisting himself up. 

“Right, then. What do you want to do, darling?”

Rosie pauses, characteristically thoughtful. Then: “Learn something new.” 

Sherlock almost does a double take. It’s something he would have said, so many years ago. “Alright,” he nods. Then, teasing: “Violin?”

She shakes your head. “I told you, Daddy, it makes my fingers hurt.” 

Sherlock hums. There is a thought at the back of his mind. He could… but no, it was years ago. There’s no way he could… but then, he considers Rosie’s expectant face. Perhaps… “Wait right there,” he says, and dashes to his room.


John looks on as Sherlock rushes off with a bemused look. He turns to Rosie who is wearing a matching expression, and he snorts. “Your guess is as good as mine, love.”

Then he hears an odd clack clack clack on the kitchen floor. John stands, and walks over, and sees Sherlock standing there, a little hesitantly, dressed in-

“Sherlock, are they tap shoes?”

Sherlock nods. “Cuban heels.” He does a tiny tap with his toe, and Rosie darts out from behind John, transfixed. Sherlock smiles at her. “Sounds fun, yeah?”

“You never told me you could tap dance.”

Sherlock shrugs, but it is an action that seems over-practiced. “Well, the right-mo-um- case never came up.”

John smiles at him. “Okay. Well, hold on, you need music to do this properly.”

Sherlock steps back a little. “I-I’ve not done it in years, John. So, don’t be ridiculous and expect- oh, I don’t know- Fred Astaire or something.”

“Yeah, yeah,” John replies absently, preoccupied with typing. The music blares and he turns to see Sherlock frowning. 

“What’s this?”

“Oh, you won’t know it. Some pop song, but someone’s done a tap version.”


Sherlock takes a beat to listen to the song. Then, he starts out slow taps that gradually build to become faster and faster, until he’s grinning, out of breath a little, humming in time to the song and extending his arms. God, John thinks, he’s brilliant

Rosie giggles and claps her hand, dancing all around Sherlock and Sherlock still manages to take care not to tread on her socked feet. 

“You like that? Fun, isn’t it?” He scoops her up and bounces her as he dances, and John just watches. Aren’t they magnificent. 

The song ends and Sherlock exhales, face glowing. “I can measure you for shoes, if you want,” he says to Rosie, and she nods enthusiastically, “Yes, yes!” 

They collapse onto the couch and John joins them.

“Nothing serious, though,” Sherlock reassures John, kissing the corner of his mouth. “Just fun.”

John kisses him back. “Alright, Mr Astaire.”

^The song John put on. ;) <3

I’m taking ficlet prompts. <3

simplyshelbs16xoxo  asked:

The I'm going to teach you how to dance prompt for Sherlolly 😍

“I’m going to teach you how to dance, come here”

An excellent choice! I’m feeling a little jazzy for this one. (I’m realizing this might be a pattern with my dance fics…And now I’m considering revisiting an undercover Sherlolly Jazz club fic idea I had a while back…) Sorry for the delay! I got a little stuck there for a bit. Enjoy!

“Sherlock Holmes, you have the strangest record collection I have ever seen,” Molly teased as she thumbed through his music collection.

“Like yours is so much better,” Sherlock shot back with a laugh from the kitchen. “At least mine has classical composers in the mix. Do you really want our Godchild growing up on nothing but saccharine pop songs?”

Molly rolled her eye. “At least my music doesn’t make her cry.”

Rosie cooed happily in her bouncer as Molly made a few goofy faces at her from over the stack of vinyls.

Sherlock groaned. “That was one time!”

Molly laughed and continued to search through for a suitable music choice for the three of them.

“I will admit that Tchaikovsky’s Mazeppa might have been a little advanced for her,” Sherlock admitted, coming to join her and Rosie as he finished drying the final dish. “However!” he added defensively. “It was almost nap time.”

“Uh-huh, sure.” Molly rolled her eyes with a smile. “Hello! What do we have here? I wouldn’t have pegged you for being a fan of Ol’ Blue Eyes.”

Molly pulled out the Frank Sinatra album from his collection and waved it playfully.

“That was for a case,” Sherlock corrected.

“Well he’s half way between Tchaikovsky and the latest top ten charts I suppose.” Molly smiled as she set the needle to the vinyl carefully, letting her shoulders bounce along to the melody that filled the flat.

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on a-Jupiter and Mars.

“What are you doing?” Sherlock chuckled, setting down his dishtowel.

“Dancing,” Molly replied, picking up Rosie to sway around the room.

In other words: Hold my hand. In other words: baby kiss me.

Molly placed an energetic kiss to Rosie’s cheek, sending giggles bubbling from her chubby cheeks.

That’s not dancing,” Sherlock stated matter of factly.

“Sure it is.” Molly started to bounce Rosie around the room, her movements even more exaggerated to make a point.

Sherlock smiled as he watched Molly and Rosie move gracelessly around the room.

Fill my heart with song, let me sing forever more. You are all I long for. All I worship and adore.

“Alright, that’s it. I’m going to teach you how to dance. Come here,” Sherlock laughed.

Molly raised her eyebrow at his skeptically as she set a now squirming Rosie back down in her bouncer.

“I’m serious. Come here,” Sherlock insisted light heartedly.

“Alright.” Molly smiled and took his outstretched hand, allowing him to spin her.

In other words: please be true. In other words, in other words: I love you.

Molly laughed nervously as the song ended and a much slower song began. Sherlock cleared his throat and adjusted their position accordingly, talking her through where to place her hands as he drew her closer to himself, letting one hand rest gently on the small of her back.

There’s a somebody I’m longing to see. I hope that she turns out to be someone who’ll watch over me.

“So…what kind of case was it that required you to have a Sinatra album?” Molly asked, doing her best to keep her voice even and ignore the way her heart was fluttering over their sudden change in proximity.

“It was a couple years ago. Not a very exciting case—a four at best—but things had been slow. I had to go undercover as a lounge singer,” Sherlock explained.

“A lounge singer? You?” Molly laughed.

Sherlock smirked and began to sing along. “I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood. I know I could always be good to one who’ll watch over me.”

Molly felt a blush warm her cheeks as he serenaded her.

“Although I may not be the man some girls think of as handsome,” he crooned playfully.

“Doubt it,” Molly whispered incredulously, making him smile and draw her in tighter to sing in her ear, sending her heart racing.

“To her heart I’ll carry the key. Won’t you tell her please to put on some speed. Follow my lead. Oh how I need someone to watch over me.”

The sound of violin filled the silence between them as he caught her eyes, studying her face, only inches from his own.

“What are we doing, Sherlock?” Molly whispered.

“Dancing. I thought that was obvious,” Sherlock replied, his voice low.

“You know what I mean…Is that all this is? Just…dancing?”

Sherlock’s gaze drifted to her mouth as he considered her words. “It doesn’t have to be.”

Their eyes locked. Hesitantly, Molly leaned in to catch his lips.

“Knock, knock,” John greeted as he entered the flat, startling them apart. He looked over his two obviously flustered friends. “…Am I interrupting something?”


“Sherlock was just, um, teaching me how to dance.”

Molly suppressed a chuckle at Sherlock’s exasperated sigh.

John eyed the two suspiciously. “Riiight…Well don’t mind me. I’m just here to pick up my daughter.”

He gathered Rosie up in his arms and collected her things while her Godparents shared a guilty glance, the two of them having ever so briefly forgotten that she was in the room.

“Say goodnight to Uncle Sherlock and Aunt Molly,” John instructed.

Rosie pressed both of her tiny fists to her mouth and held them outstretched in front of her, blowing them kisses from where she sat perched on her father’s hip.

Molly and Sherlock bid her and John goodnight. They soon found themselves standing among Rosie’s playthings in a suddenly much emptier flat.

“Care for another dance?” Sherlock asked shyly after a moment.

Molly grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.”

anonymous asked:

Does that fic (not broken just bent) have a happy ending? because it's not very clear like it says so but it feels like it's not *HAPPY* just like they are okay in the end

Hi Nonny!

Yes, there is a happy ending (I had to re-read the last chapter to make sure), but it’s a PAINFUL PAINFUL ride to get there. If you have a hard time with heavy HEAVY angst, then I don’t recommend it. But Sherlock is so beautiful in it, it’s worth your time if you can do it. Here, I’ll do my normal rec for you!

Not Broken, Just Bent by Schmiezi (E, 87,585 w. || Pining, Love Confessions, Torture, Hurt/Comfort, Heavy Angst, Villain!Mary, Main Character Death, Suicidal Ideations, Sherlock POV, Eventual Happy Ending) – “For a second, I allow myself to remember teaching John how to waltz. There is a special room in my mind palace for it. A big one, with a proper parquet dance floor. For a second, I go there. I remember holding him, closer than the World Dance Council asks for, excusing it with the fact that we are training for a wedding, not for a competition. For a second, I feel his hand on mine again, smell his sweat, hear the song we used. For a second, I allow myself to love him deeply. For a second, only a second, that love reflects on my face.” Fix-it for S3, starting at the end of TSoT. Evil Mary.

Do not think about Sherlock teaching Rosie how to dance. Do not think about Sherlock allowing Rosie to stand on his feet as he glides her around the living room of 221B. Do not think about John walking in on them and just watching from the doorway. Do not think about John being filled with warmth and happiness at the sight of the two people he loves most in the world together. Do not think about Sherlock and Rosie realizing John is there and Rosie running into John’s arms giggling and happy because “Papa was teaching me to dance!” Do not think about Sherlock and John sharing a smile and look of love and pure contentment. Do not think about the family they’ve finally become.

Do not.

Dancing Lessons

Summary: The missing scene where Sherlock teaches John to dance for his wedding.

Rating: General Audiences

Length: 1,179 words


“You’re late,” Sherlock said from the couch as John entered the room.

“Sorry. Mary needed me to pick out tablecloths,” John explained.

“Boring,” Sherlock replied which made John chuckle.

He heard John putting his coat on their coat hanger and take his shoes off. He had been preparing for this moment for a long time. He had agreed to teach John how to dance for his wedding because he was absolute rubbish at ballroom dancing. Sherlock was very good at ballroom dancing because he had been forced to learn it when he was younger.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, to offer to teach him, but now that the moment was here, he wasn’t quite as sure. He would have John right in front of him with his hand on his hip and another in his hand was beginning to make him nervous, for more reasons than one.

“Are you ready to start?” John asked, standing in the middle of the living room, Sherlock having already cleared the area of the furniture, pushing it up against the wall.

“Yes. Right,” Sherlock said while standing up and looking for his phone.

He found it lying on the table and reached for it before searching for a specific recorded song and hitting repeat before the song began to play out of his phone. He turned to John and began explaining.

“Ok. This is really simple once you get the basics. Firstly,” Sherlock said while stepping a little closer, “you must learn where to put your hands. Do you know that part at least?”

“Yeah, I know that much,”  John replied, staring right at Sherlock.

“Good. That makes this a lot easier for us then,” Sherlock told John before coming even closer.

John visibly gulped.

“I’m going to be taking the role of the lady, so just pretend I’m a woman,” Sherlock instructed him.

They took the next moment to get comfortable and in the right position. John had his right arm wrapping around Sherlock and his hand was resting lightly on his back. His other hand was holding Sherlock’s to the side and Sherlock had his hand on John’s shoulder.

“Good. So you do know what you’re doing then,” Sherlock joked.

John laughed a bit at that and some of the hesitance he seemed to have disappeared. His eyes locked with Sherlock’s and it seemed like they stared at each other for a long time, but it was only a second.

“Now, you take the lead and I’ll follow. This song is a waltz so that means it’s in 3. Just count in your head or something if you get nervous,” Sherlock said.

“Alright,” John sighed before starting to dance.

A few toes were stepped on here and there, sometimes John would forget which way to turn, and Ms. Hudson even walked in once. But, for his first time, Sherlock had to admit that he wasn’t that bad and he had actually made some progress.

“Good. Now, typically you end this dance with a dip or a spin of some sort, but in my opinion, this song would end better with a dip. It is your choice though, so which one will it be?” Sherlock asked expectantly.

“Well, you know best. I’ll go with a dip,” John replied.

“Ok, well we should probably practice it then,” Sherlock stated while trying not to blush.

“R-right. Of course,” John mumbled.

They picked up the dance where they left off and at the very end, John went for the dip. Apparently, he was a bit nervous though because he dropped Sherlock instead.

“I’m so sorry,” John apologized, looking absolutely mortified.

“I guess this might take longer than I thought,” Sherlock groaned before slowly getting off the floor.

They resumed their position and when the time came for the dip, John seemed a little bit more relaxed. He dipped me well enough and then we just continued to practice until he could do it in his sleep.

“Ok, one more time ok? Then we’ll be done,” I said.

We began dancing and then when it came time for the dip, he lowered me down gracefully. I looked into his eyes and he looked right back. He didn’t lift me up quite yet, just held me there and I found my eyes floating down to his lips. When I looked back at his eyes I saw him looking at me still and my face burned with the embarrassment of being caught staring at his lips.

“Oh, boys! I have some- OH!” Ms. Hudson exclaimed, dropping her tray of cookies on the floor.

The surprise entry startled both John and I. John dropped me again and I hit the ground with a groan. The apology I was about to say had been forgotten and I instead turned my attention to glaring at our- I mean….my landlady. She was gathering the food she dropped and John was scrambling to help.

“Ms. Hudson! Do you know how to knock?” I growled as I got into a sitting position on the floor.

“Sorry, dearie. I didn’t realize you were having a moment,” she apologized.

“We are not dating,” John responded, annunciating each word forcefully.

“I was simply teaching him how to dance for his wedding. It was nothing like that,” I said.

“Whatever you say. I’ll be going back to my flat now,” she told us before walking back down. Neither of us spoke or moved until we heard her door close and the telltale sounds of the TV. It was John that broke the silence.

“Well……thanks for ummm……you know…..teaching me,” he thanked. I hummed in reply, not moving from the sitting position I was in. John sighed.

“I had better get going. Mary’ll be expecting me soon,” he mumbled before heading towards the door. He was about to leave when I heard him stop. I looked over and saw him standing, halfway out of the door. He turned to face me.

“What song was that? The one we were dancing to I mean. I didn’t recognize it,” he said.

“No, you wouldn’t. I wrote it myself,” I responded. 

“It was beautiful. Thank you,” he said before leaving.

When John had left, I got up to watch the cab drive away. John got one hailed and began getting inside. A small part of me hoped he would look back up at me, show that he really wanted to be here at 221B with me. He didn’t look back as he shut to door or after he told the cabbie the address of his new house. I couldn’t bear to watch any longer, and I headed to my room. Hot tears were pooling in my eyes and sliding down my cheeks. The reality of the situation was finally settling in. John was getting married soon and it wasn’t to me. It should have been me. As the cab pulled away in the street though, John did look back, but Sherlock was nowhere in sight. If only he as stayed a moment longer, maybe things would have ended differently.

‘how long are you going stand there in the corner staring?’

'wha- how did you-’

well are you going to stand there and gawk all day or are you going to join in?’

'i- i cant dance’

'then let me teach you…’

I was fed up with the johnlock comic so i did some ballet lock to cool off


External image

because muscular ballet Sherlock gives John a boner big time….

anonymous asked:

hi steph!!! i hope you're well :) i was just watching series one of doctor who, and in one of the two eps written by m*ffat, "dancing" is used as a euphemism for sex ("[captain jack harkness] is a 51st century guy; he's just a bit more flexible when it comes to...dancing."). it just made me think of how sherlock teaches john to dance and the type of "humour" moffat uses... and everything that's implied... and SUBTEXT... and... anyways. they danced. they really did. that's the point. dancing

Hey Nonny,

Ah, yep, dancing is definitely subtext both to Moffat AND in television as a whole. Plus “dancing around each other” is another way of saying “they love each other and they just aren’t saying anything”. So yeah, it’s totally meant as the subtextual meaning in Sherlock, which is why the joke at the end of TSo3 hurts so much:

SHERLOCK: Don’t worry, Mary, I have been tutoring him.
JOHN: He did, you know. Baker Street, behind closed curtains.
JOHN: Mrs Hudson came in one time. Don’t know how those rumours started!


That’s why everyone says John “no-homo’d” out of the conversation; it was getting too close to the truth of what John and Sherlock really want from each other, which John realized too late right before this exchange.

Sherlock loves to dance (meaning perhaps he loved the dance between he and John, their little game they always played), but Sherlock was waiting for the right case (the right moment to tell John), and… Sherlock didn’t get to dance with John that night at all.

But I think it’s also meant in the literal sense too, because Sherlock does love to dance, showed off for Janine and had hopes that he would get to share a dance with John at the wedding (yeah, like Mary would let that happen).

I think what make this whole thing hurt even more is that it’s CANON they danced together – this isn’t subtext, it’s TEXT – and we got cheated out of seeing that. Makes me sad.

Hello Detective Chapter 42

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25   Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29 Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33   Part 34   Part 35   Part 36   Part 37   Part 38   Part 39   Part 40      Part 41   Part 42   Part 43   Part 44   Part 45   Part 46   Part 47   Part 48   Part 49 Part 50  Part 51  Part 52  Part 53  Part 54  Part 55   Part 56  Part 57 Part 58 Part 59 Part 60 Part 61

 Within a few days Moriarty was to be tried at the Old Bailey, and Sherlock was named a witness for the prosecution. You stood in his living room, putting your coat on and preparing to leave for the court house. The police were escorting Sherlock there, so you had come to pick him up.

“Ready?” You asked, as you were about to open the door, knowing there would be a bunch of press outside.

“Yes.” He answered and you pulled the door open. You had brought some officers, to keep the press at bay, to let Sherlock and you get to the car safely and efficiently.

Sherlock opened the door for you and you slid in the back before him. He closed the door and the car was off.

“Remember–” you began before Sherlock cut you off.

“Yes.” He said quickly. You were supposed to brief him and make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.

“Remember. Don’t try to be clever–” You began but he cut you off again. You wondered if he was nervous.

“No.” He turned to look outside of the car.

“And please, just keep it simple and brief.” You pleaded.

“God forbid the star witness in the trial should come across as intelligent.” He whined.

“Intelligent, fine. Just try not to be a smartass. I don’t want to have to bail you out because you couldn’t control your mouth and the judge threw you in contempt of court.” You said.

“I’ll just be myself.” Sherlock stated.

“Are you listening to me? Sherlock, please.” you sighed, and the car pulled up to the Old Bailey. You left him to go find John. He was already seated, so you cat down next to him.

“How is he?” He asked.

“I think he’s going to be okay. We’ll see if he behaves himself.” You smiled, and the trial had begun.

“A consulting criminal.” The Barrister began, Sherlock was now on the stand after some opening statements.

“Yes.” Sherlock replied.

“Your words, can you expand on the answer?” She asked.

“James Moriarty is for hire.” Sherlock said, keeping his answer simple, behaving thus far.

“A tradesman?” the barrister asked.

“Yes.” Sherlock answered.

“But not the sort who’d fix your heating.” she clarified.

“No, the sort who’d plant a bomb or stage an assassination, but I’m sure he’d make a pretty decent job of your boiler.” Sherlock said, eliciting a laugh from everyone.

“So far so good.” You whispered to John, he nodded.

“Would you describe him as–” the barrister began but was cut off by Sherlock.

“Leading.” He said shortly.

“What?” she asked, surprised.

“Can’t do that. You’re leading the witness. He’ll object and the judge will uphold.” Sherlock said.

“Mr. Holmes!” The judge sighed.

“Ask me how. How would I describe him? What opinion have I formed of him? Did they not teach you this?” He asked rudely.

“I think you jinxed it.” John whispered to you as you shook your head when Sherlock looked up to you.

“Mr. Holmes, we’re fine without your help.” the judge scolded.

“How would you describe this man, his character?” The barrister asked.

“First mistake, James Moriarty isn’t a man at all. He’s a spider. A spider at the center of a web. A criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.” Sherlock said grimly.

Suddenly a woman in a posh skirt with her hair in braids sat down next to you.

“Sergeant Gregson?” She asked, and you turned to look at her. “Kitty Riley from the Sun.”

You shook her hand that she had stuck out, just to be polite. You looked her up and down, deducing her.

“I’m not going to give you a quote, and neither is Sherlock, though you’ve already tried him haven’t you.” You whispered and rolled your eyes.

“You and Sherlock. Just platonic? Can I put you down for a no there as well?” She asked.

“I know how it feels Kitty. Waiting to be noticed, waiting for your big break. A woman in a man’s world. But you’re wasting your time here.” You told her, turning your attention back to the case.

“And how long–” The banister began again.

“No, no, don’t… Don’t do that. That’s really not a good question.” Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“Mr. Holmes.” The judge scolded again.

“How long have I known him? Not really your best line of enquiry. We met twice, five minutes in total. I pulled a gun. He tried to blow me up. I felt we had a special something.” Sherlock said.

Moriarty smirked and turned his head until it landed on you, his eyes glaring into your soul.

“Miss Sorrel, are you seriously claiming this man is an expert? After knowing the accused for just five minutes?” The judge asked. She was about to answer when Sherlock spoke.

“Two minutes would have made me an expert. Five was ample.” Sherlock said.

“Mr. Holmes, that’s a matter for the jury.” The judge argued.

“Oh, really.” Sherlock said, looking over to them.

“Oh, no.” You whispered.

“What?” John asked.

“I’m not overly fond of what follows.” You said, placing your head in your hands.

“One librarian, two teachers, two high-pressure jobs, probably the city. Foreman’s a medical secretary, trained abroad, judging by her shorthand. Seven are married and two are having an affair, with each other it would seem. Oh, and they’ve just had tea and biscuits. Would you like to know who ate the wafer?” Sherlock said.

“Mr. Holmes. You’ve been called here to answer Miss Sorrel’s questions, not to give us a display of your intellectual prowess. Keep your answers brief and to the point. Anything else will be treated as contempt. Do you think you could survive for just a few minutes, without showing off?” The judge yelled.

You knew it was impossible for him not to, so as you had predicted, you were up at 6am, bailing Sherlock out of jail. You leaned against the counter as Sherlock sighed the papers.

“I told you your mouth would get you in trouble some day…” You said, slightly annoyed that he didn’t listen to you, but also not surprised.

“I can’t just turn it on and off like a tap.” He said, pulling his phone out of a baggy where it spent the night.

“Well? You were there for the whole thing. Up in the gallery, start to finish.” Sherlock said.

“Like you said it would be. Sat on his backside the whole time, never even stirred. Moriarty’s not mounting any defence.” You said, talking about his attorney.

You took Sherlock back to his flat.

“Three of the most secure places in the country, and he still managed to break into all of them within five minutes apart, if that.” You said, sitting back on the couch, exhausted.

“I don’t get why. He wanted to be caught. He’d have the jewels if he wanted to, the prisoners would be freed if he wanted to. Then why do it, what message is he trying to send with this?” You asked.

“Somehow this is part of his scheme.” Sherlock said.

You returned to your flat to attempt to get a good night’s sleep, but you knew you wouldn’t. You also knew that after this trial you might be extremely busy and never get a chance to go to the doctors. You needed to take the day and go tomorrow, during the verdict. John would be there scouting for Sherlock, so there was no need for you to be there and it gave you time to do what you needed to.

The next morning you woke up, luckily to no morning sickness. You took a cab to the doctor, and approached the receptionist.

“Hi, my name is Y/N Gregson, I had an appointment with Dr. Shephard a few days ago, but I missed it with a work emergency, I work for Scotland Yard. Is there anyway she can fit me in real quick today?” You asked.

“Why don’t you have a seat and we’ll call you in a few minutes.” The receptionist nurse smiled.

You sat nervously for a few minutes before the nurse called your name. A woman, who you could only assume was Dr. Shephard was standing at the counter with her.

“If you’d like to follow me Ms. Gregson.” She smiled and lead you back into a room and motioned for you to sit down.

“I was worried when you didn’t make your appointment, but then I saw the news and I put two and two together, Sergeant Gregson. How’s the trial going on that Moriarty man?” She asked, making small talk.

“Well the verdict is today, but they’d be crazy not to find him guilty. He was caught on the security cameras and he is mounting no defense.” You answered.

“Anyway, what brings you in here today? It’s not everyday we get our own little celebrity in here.” She smiled.

“Well, you see I think, that maybe, possibly I could be…” You stumbled over your words.

“You think you’re pregnant, but you’re not sure so you want a blood test.” She helped.

“Yes.” You nodded nervously.

“This will only take a minute, then you can be on your way. We’ll send your blood to the lab then we will call you sometime later today with the results.” She said and you nodded.

Your phone rang as you were about to have your blood taken, you looked at it then back up at the doctor.

“Go ahead and take it, we can do this while you work.” she smiled, you nodded and answered the phone while she inserted the needle.

“What’s the news John?” You asked through the phone.

“Not guilty!! They found him not guilty!” He yelled, and your eyes went wide.

“Did you tell Sherlock?” you asked.

“Yes I just told him, this is insane. Where were you? I thought you would definitely be there for the verdict.” John asked.

“I had a prior engagement. John I can’t really talk right now, but thanks for letting me know.” You said, hanging up the phone.

“We’re all done here Sergeant, if you would leave your number at the desk on your way out so we could contact you with the results.” She smiled, and lead you out the door. You were still in shock that Moriarty was a free man.

“I just need your contact information Sergeant.” The nurse at the desk asked, pushing a paper and pen towards you.

“Of course.” You filled out the paper quickly, sliding it back to her.

“Thank you…” you looked to her name tag. “Mary.”

You hailed a cab and headed to Baker Street. You decided you weren’t going to tell Sherlock anything until you knew for sure.

workfornow  asked:

John suggested we submit questions to you two, ha! as if we wouldn't have! Basically, tell us EVERYTHING. In minute detail. Music? What was played when? By whom, or recorded? To what did you have your first dance? Favorite moments? What 'ridiculous' things did Mrs. H. have to say? Where was the wedding, the reception? Food? Flowers? Cake? Seriously, tell us any and everything you have the patience to share, except the private moments just between you & your HUSBAND, of course.

In the morning, I was… worried.  I was trying to make phone calls and be sure that everything was ready for the wedding, and I was getting a bit… worked up, as John put it.  John had to stop and hold me very tightly and tell me that it would be alright.  I was - if you recall, I’ve mentioned before that I often visualise my performances before I have them.  I did the same with our wedding, and when the morning wasn’t progressing as I’d imagined it would, it was making me very stressed.  John told me that it wasn’t a performance, though, and that there was no pressure; he said it was just about us being in love and sharing that with each other and our friends and family.  I felt a lot of responsibility for it to be perfect, but John helped a lot and he was very reassuring, so I was able to calm down enough to enjoy the day.

When we got to the church, we walked down the aisle to an arrangement of Clair de Lune that I made for the musicians to play.  While it’s not a typical choice for walking down the aisle, it has a very special meaning for us, and it made John very happy.  Once we stood across from each other, I was… completely overwhelmed.  John looked more handsome than I’ve ever seen him, and the look on his face was… I’ll never forget it.

The ceremony passed in a blur.  My hands were shaking when I read my vows to John.  I can perform in front of any audience and feel confident, but doing that was… it was difficult, but it was… exhilarating.  I wasn’t sure if my vows were enough, but John cried when I read them, and when I looked away from him, everyone else was crying, too.  I didn’t know if that was good or bad, especially because I was so nervous, but John hugged me (even though it wasn’t part of the ceremony) and told me that they were beautiful, and that I did a ‘brilliant job.’  That was… I was very happy.  John read his, and they were… they were extraordinary.  I was… very happy.  I found that I was crying as well, just like he’d been.  I was incredibly relieved when it was time to kiss him; standing across from him and staring at him and only holding his hands, with the exception of his hug, while we said the things that we said to each other was… difficult, especially when John looked so perfect.  I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again while we stood there, and I wanted nothing more than to kiss him already.

Our first dance was to ‘The Nearness of You.’  I arranged it for our musicians.  John and I danced to that together in our flat once, and it was… very special to dance to that with him again.   After our dance, I had a surprise for John.  I may have mentioned before that I enjoy composing, but I never perform my own compositions.  However, I have a piece for John that I’ve been working on since I met him.  It’s undergone a lot of revisions as I’ve understood more and more what he means to me, but I made sure to have it ready for our wedding.  I had a piano brought into Angelo’s for the day, and I performed the piece for him with my usual pianist that I play with here in London.  I explained to him that there were things I wanted to say to him that were more than I could express through words, and so I played for him in front of everyone.  

He was crying again when I finished.  Everyone was.  I was, too, once the piece was over.  It was… it meant a lot to play that for him.  I’m very glad I could, and that he could understand everything I was trying to express.  Some of the musicians suggested that I publish that piece and begin performing it in concert, but I’m not sure. 

After that, we danced a lot.  Mrs. Hudson kept wanting to dance with me.  She’s a very good dancer, so I didn’t mind.  I danced with Grace as well because she was complaining that she didn’t know how.  She enjoyed herself very much, and attempted to teach her father how to dance, but he’s a bit of a lost cause.  Mycroft obviously didn’t dance, but he enjoyed looking dour in the corner.

I didn’t eat a lot of dinner, but I did eat cake.  John and I cut a small piece together, and he attempted to shove some of it in my face, but I ate it before he could.  John thought he was very funny because he then cut a rather large piece and announced that ‘everyone knows Sherlock needs more cake than that little piece.’  However, the cake was very good and I did, in fact, eat the piece that he cut for me.

At the end of the night, Mrs. Hudson came over to me and hugged me for a very long time and said a few ridiculous things about how happy she was for me and how happy I seemed.  I suppose they weren’t, in fact, ridiculous; they were the truth.  I’ve never been happy like I was yesterday, and like I am today.  Gerry and John hugged for a long time as well, and Gerry hugged me for quite a while, too.  I’m glad he was able to make it.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  Yesterday was… incredible.  I keep replaying it over and over in my mind.  It was perfect.  My husband, John, is sleeping on my chest right now.  He’s… I love him so much.  I’m incredibly lucky.  I never thought I could have a life like this.  I can’t believe we have a whole life together ahead of us.

Sherlock x Reader: The Dance Teacher

Originally posted by lukeskwlkr

Gif not mine.

Requested by @holmessick : Hey, what about Sherlock and the reader dancing together or Sherlock teaches the reader to dance? Like Tango, Walzer or something. ☺

A/N: Thank you for requesting. x

Also, I got home from London last night so I’m now able to continue writing Sherlock/Harry Potter imagines. Have a nice lest of the week everyone!

You unlocked the door to 221B and was greeted by Mrs Hudson who was just walking down the stairs. The sound of a violin could be heard from above.

“Hello dear,” Said the elderly lady.

“I’m guessing I shouldn’t try and talk to Sherlock,” You sighed. “He doesn’t listen to me when he’s on his violin.”

“Oh he’s not playing the violin.”


“No,” Mrs Hudson giggled. “He’s dancing!”


“Yes. He seemed quite good at it.”


After finishing your conversation with Mrs Hudson, you ascended the stairs and saw Sherlock dancing to music in the living room.

“Don’t laugh Y/N,” Sherlock told you and continued to dance.

“I wasn’t going to,” You informed him. “I didn’t know you danced.”

“Clearly you didn’t. You did when you were younger though.”

“How did you know that? I’ve never mentioned it.” You were still amazed by Sherlock and his deductions even though you had lived with him for a while.

“On the first case we ever went on you were in a position where you had been taken and were asked ballet questions from the murderous ballet teacher. If you got three questions wrong you would be killed.” You shook at the horrible memory. He continued, “You knew a lot of the questions about the dance technical terms however you did not know the more complex movements which suggests you used to dance, more likely when you were younger, but did not do it professionally because you do not know the harder terms. Also, your posture. You hold yourself in the way that a dancer would.”

“Well that sums it all up,” You stated.

“Yes,” He said and stopped dancing. “Would you like to dance with me? Just so I can check that the dancing fits to the music. The music is for John and Mary’s wedding.”

“I didn’t think that John could dance.”

“I had to teach him,” Sherlock muttered. You giggled at the thought of Sherlock trying to teach John. “So would you like to do the waltz with me?”

“I don’t know how to do the waltz. It wasn’t a dance that I did.”

He sighed. “I’m going to have to teach you now.”


You were stood close to each other, your fingers were intertwined with his. Your other hand was placed on his upper arm while his was around your waist. He taught you the footwork to the waltz which resulted in you often stepping on his feet by accident. You eventually added turns and more complex movements. It took you a while however it resulted in a beautiful dance. You moved around the room gracefully to the music while gazing into each others eyes. In that moment you felt like you had a connection with him. You felt like you were falling for the man which you promised yourself that you would not do. Sherlock noticed this. Your pupils dilated and your cheeks tuned red. Sherlock felt a feeling towards you too. It was a feeling that he had never felt before. He told himself that love was a disadvantage however his heart rate had increased and he felt an urge to pull you closer and have his lips meet yours.


You’d both stopped dancing and he let go of your hand. He placed his other hand upon your waist and pulled you closer. He kissed you. You were surprised at first however once you got your head around what was happening, it just felt right. You suddenly craved his embrace and did not want the moment to end.

Sherlock teaching John how to dance on a friday night after school uwu
this was supposed to be really sloppy (which it still is btw) but I put more work into it than originally planned XD
I hope you enjoy it! Teenlock has been a weakness of mine lately - in case you couldn’t tell.(lol)

(oh and just in case anybody is curious - my drawings are tagged under “draw” )

‘The Chemistry of Love’ Chapter 18: Epilogue

Thank y’all so much for going on this journey with me! It’s been so much fun!

               “Daddy’s just going to love your new onesie, baby girl,” Molly cooed at their six month old daughter. “You’re growing so fast.”

               Charlotte was mumbling unintelligible words. She had said her first word earlier that day and Molly was so excited for Sherlock to get home and hear it for himself. As if on cue, he walked through the door, John trailing behind him. Another case was successfully solved if you went by the look on their faces.

               “There’s my favourite girls,” Sherlock smiled. He noticed the new onesie his daughter was sporting. It was white and had a chemistry beaker with a strand of DNA inside, blue and pink hearts above it. The words on it said ‘made with love n’ science.’

               “I thought you’d like it,” Molly beamed. “I’d love to take credit for finding it but it was actually your brother who purchased it.”

               “Really?” John laughed in disbelief. “I shouldn’t be surprised.” Mycroft was quite clearly wrapped around his niece’s dimpled fingers. Sherlock lifted his daughter out of Molly’s arms and into his.

               “Dada,” Charlotte spoke clearly.

               “Did she just—?“ Sherlock faltered.

               “She’s been saying it all day,” Molly confirmed. John smiled and gestured to her from behind his best friend that he’d be downstairs with Mrs. Hudson and Rosie to give them a moment. Charlotte nuzzled her face in the crook of his neck, clinging to him. Sherlock’s heart felt it might burst from all of the love he held for his daughter.

               “She knows who I am,” was all that left his lips.

               “Mhmm,” Molly replied. “Charlotte, where’s daddy?” Their daughter grasped Sherlock’s nose.

               “So clever,” Sherlock remarked in awe.

               “Just like her father,” Molly told him.

               “Mm, and her mother,” he added before happily pressing a kiss to his wife’s lips.

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Johnlock Fanfiction Rec List Part 1

Well, I’ve been reading lots of fanfics lately, I asked myself why not?
*Nearly all fics are bottomlock. Switchlock, at most. I am not very big fan of DFP characterization and Toplock. Uups, sorry. (Not sorry.)
*I tried to pick the ones I recently read. 

Behind Closed Curtains by twisting_vine_x
Sherlock teaches John how to dance. (Based on a certain scene from S3E02).
2.9k, General Audiences
(This is like, really angsty and cute at the same time?)

Mirrored by WhimsicalEthnographies
“Watch me, like always.”
6.7k Explicit
(This one is really hot? I love this author’s fics. Go read ‘em all.)

Back to the Start by slashcribe
Sherlock hasn’t played the violin since John’s wedding (which is long since over), and when John returns to 221B, Sherlock relearns the violin as he and John relearn each other. Post S3 fic with an obscene amount of pining, idiocy, and attempts to pawn off tea duties.
14k Mature
(My heart. Also all of this author’s fics.)

An Acquired Taste by kinklock
At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.
25,8k Explicit
(Smol Batlock? I am in. Also all fics of our fandom mother kinklock​ <3)

Sugar Me Sweet by penumbra
“Let’s get started, shall we?” Sherlock says as he sheds his coat. A black, diaphanous shirt hangs loose on his shoulders, clings tight to his abdomen. A pair of studded, leather trousers like a second skin. They complement the curve of his plump arse and emphasize the length of his outrageously long legs. Powerful thighs. Muscular calves and…John’s not entirely sure how Sherlock got himself in them, but he’s not complaining. On the contrary. A bit distracted by the idea of him removing them, honestly. Peeling them off, and he’d have to go slow. May even need a little help.
3k Mature 
(Too hot? Hot damn. Stripperlock, but with a plot twist. By amazing anotherwellkeptsecret )

The Important Bit by Solshine
Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other. Thirty years, give or take, in an atypical marriage. Basically a long bit of platonic domestic fluff.
10k General Audiences
(I can’t even…)

"I like to watch you dance”, had said Moriarty. And now he has Sherlock dancing in the palm of his hand… with John as an audience. Strip dancing and power play scene. Johnlock, angst, romance. Pretty dark.
3 Works, 165k, Explicit (Though it says Mature)
(I’ll never stop promoting Zoffoli’s fics. Warning for extreme angst. Also all other fics by Zoffoli)

Qua Fota Vocant by prettysailorsoldier
Sherlock is enamored with one of the employees at the university library, wiling away hours of his days just to catch a glimpse of the dynamic John Watson: captain of the rugby team, event manager for the LGBT society, and third-year medical student. Of course, being only a first-year, it’s unlikely John will ever notice him. At least, until fate (and a little well-intentioned meddling) intervenes.
18k, Explicit
(Lots of prettysailorsoldier’s fics are among my favourites, I had to pick one. My favourite Teenlock writer.)

Keeping You Safe by Atisenia
After the end of her disastrous marriage, Joan moves back in with Sherlock and learns - quite by accident - what happened to Sherlock’s wings.
2.3k Teen
(Probably the only Femlock in this list. Angst & fluff.)

Take Your Time by TooSelin
In which Sherlock and John are finally together and desperate to have sex, but things keep getting in the way, John is going to lose his mind and Sherlock might just set someone on fire.
8k Explicit
(This is hilarious and sexy. Even I was frustrated after some point, lol.)

Kingdoms Rise by DONTBL1NK
“The name is Sherlock Holmes, and I broke in.”
15k Explicit
(In the name of not giving spoilers, I am not making further commenting. Amazing.)

To the Sticking Place by blueink3
Renowned Shakespearean actor Sherlock Holmes has finally burned all of his bridges in the theatre industry save for his constant director, Greg Lestrade. John Watson has made a name for himself in the musical theatre circuit, but age and injury are working against him. Can they reinvent themselves for an all-male Macbeth without killing one another?
122k Explicit
(Like Performance in a Leading Role, but theatre AU.)

Imaginary Pictures by crossroads
There’s a new boy in class and everybody likes him.
Not that Sherlock would care, as long as ‘John’ leaves him alone…
36k Explicit
(Sherlock’s POV. Cute and hot.)

In Nomine by Atiki
“Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh.
“John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins.
3.5k Explicit
(My precious smol son…)

For you, there’s only me by shock_blanket
Sherlock realizes he has fallen in love with John, but believes he is unlovable. Cue lots of pining and jealousy on Sherlock’s part, followed by our favorite cuddly marksman making it all better. Because for Sherlock, there’s only John.
20k Explicit
(Pining pining pining…)

In Care Of by  quietasasleepingarmy
John writes instructions for Sherlock’s lover on how to care for him.
34k Explicit
(My feels… They are so… I am so…)

Mouth to Mouth by OssaCordis
John tastes emotions. Sherlock never cooks.
4.6k Teen
(This makes my heart warmer.)

The Scent of Home by conductor_of_light
John comes back to 221b and Sherlock’s world feels complete again. Even the flat smells right, both of their scents mixing together to make it home.
3.4k Mature
(I have thing for all scent talk.)

The Bottom Third of the Door Handle by  astudyinrose
After Pilot!John and Pilot!Sherlock leave the final crime scene in the unaired pilot of Sherlock, they go to the Chinese restaurant nearby, and… that’s pretty much all you need to know.
6.1k Explicit
(Pilotbabies in love.)

Acceptable Behaviour by  bbcatemysoul
Sherlock isn’t really sure why John wants to shag him, but he’s certain that if he’s careful to behave properly about it, John can be persuaded to keep doing it. In other news, John is a good boyfriend and Sherlock is an idiot.
3.4k Mature
(Sherlock is smol, and then, when wasn’t he?)

A Bit Too Familiar by  Salambo06
When Mrs. Turner’s 'married ones’ come to dinner at 221B, John must face some serious revelations about his relationship with Sherlock.
5.5k Mature
(This my dream tbh.)

A Suitable Stain by vitruvianwatson
John imagines what they must look like–the young, gorgeous university student, naked as the day he was born, draped over the well-dressed older doctor, the muscles rippling in Sherlock’s back as his slim hips roll that beautiful arse up into the air and back down again, his spine curving beneath John’s hand as he moves it to the small of Sherlock’s back to feel the movement. The hard outline of Sherlock’s cock slides back and forth across John’s body, dampening his clothes with precome, and John moves both hands down to Sherlock’s arse, squeezing and pulling him in harder.
7.6k Explicit
(All fics by vitruvianwatson. All of them. Sexy as hell, I can’t even. I have a thing for age differance and vitruvianwatson is only feeding my obsession.)

A Goose Quill Dipped in Venom by  Polyphony
Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, is called in to a very ordinary although brutal murder. Something is badly out of tune with the whole scenario and Sherlock finds himself becoming more and more obsessed with the crime - and also with the victim.
30k Mature
(I am really into a particular scene in this. John, oh John.)

White Tulip by withoutawish
Sherlock is in love with John Watson. John Watson is in love with Mary Morstan. Sherlock likes Mary Morstan just fine. Sherlock likes drugs more. And most importantly, Sherlock doesn’t like Sherlock. String theory dictates the laws of the universe. But their story isn’t one that can be boxed up neatly, tied in a heartstring bow.
40k Explicit
(This extremely angsty though, don’t say I didn’t warn. It stole my lunch and left me under the rain.)

A Visit To The Doctor by  flawedamythyst
When Watson gets ill, Holmes goes to extraordinary lengths to get him well again. ACD/BBC crossover.
28k Teen
(READ THIS. I like how at the end Sherlock’s like “Gtfo, we’ll have sex.” Also bonus points for the incredible romance between ACD Holmes/Watson.)

The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes by  MapleleafCameo
Forced by his interfering git of a brother to the countryside to recuperate, Sherlock stumbles upon a 60 year old mystery. Captain John Watson, returning after WWII mysteriously disappeared one night. Bored, Sherlock investigates, but what if Watson didn’t disappear? What if he’s still there? Sort of a ghost story. Eventual Johnlock.
25k Explicit
(Surprisingly, not angsty at all. Ghosts.)

Grey Matters by  J_Baillier
Dr Sherlock Holmes is the hospital’s new neurosurgical star. He performs miracles with his scalpel, but his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. The task to address the issue falls on one of the unit’s senior neuroanaesthetists, Dr John Watson.
17.5k Mature
(What can I say? I am always a slut for Hospital AU’s.)

A Different Kind of Complication by  Atisenia
When John started getting letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever.
8.7k Teen
(Mike The Cupid is on duty.)

A World Ahead by Junejuly15
'If I were to kiss you now, would you let me?’ Sherlock whispered.
'Try me,’ John growled…
28k Mature
(This is a whole BBC Sherlock fix-it. We’d be crying of happiness if everything happened to be like this.)

Ink Your Name Across My Heart by  prettyvk
The metaphor is imperfect but still workable. If my long term memory is a hard drive, then my short term memory is RAM. The hard drive became read-only following the illness. New data is stored in RAM and can be used while I remain awake. Going to sleep – ‘turning off’ – wipes the RAM, returning the system to what it was prior to the illness.
58k Explicit
(This fic is so special for me. I know it’s extremely well-read by all of the fandom, but I wanted to put it in my list.)

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Game Over
That’s when you know you will lose John.
That’s when you know she will take him away from you.
305 words, General

Meeting Harry Watson (WIP)
Harry Watson is a psychiatrist who is an alcoholic and former drug addict.
John Watson had no intention to introduce his sister to Sherlock.
But they did meet years ago. And then they saw each other a couple times more.
(The one which Harry Watson is a doctor and ships Johnlock.)