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ATY and Episode 4

I know this isn’t likely to happen but it’s just a thought. I heard somewhere (message me if it was you) that ATY is supposed to have four episodes but it was booked off for five Sundays. There’s a joke going around that they might’ve purposefully made the episode so bad to contrast with how good John and Sherlock’s relationship could potentially be if the fans just gave it a chance. So I can’t help wondering if they might launch Sherlock next Sunday 29/01, as predicted and then launch the real ATY series. that isn’t actually rubbish, after that. It might seem far fetched but at the same time I can see how it might be worth it for ATY (publicity wise).  


I’ve read the TFP spoilers. Not posting them here. My thoughts:

  • Your feelings are valid, whatever they are. Be happy, be sad, be angry, be hopeful, be ready to give it a chance, be done with this show right now. Be how you need to be.
  • Some of the promo for this season bore a remarkable resemblance to Clue, famous for its multiple endings. Would Mofftiss love to fuck with people this way? Oh yeah. Do they have the budget for a few extra/alternative scenes? Especially if, say, those scenes only involved two actors in one flat setting? Pfft. Yes. 

  • Same-day, NDA-required screening for episode 2. Three day in advance, no-NDA screening for the finale. Are you suspicious? Me too. For good reason, I think. Imagine if they did that with past seasons. “Can’t let people know the hound was a hallucination, but let ‘em leak Sherlock’s fall!” “Keep the secret about the Mayfly Man, but who cares if they find out Mary shot Sherlock?” Like. Come on. This is a finale. They care about keeping a tight lid on it. They care a Lot.

  • Writing and reading metas and being a part of this community has been a blast. I regret nothing, and I hope you don’t either.

And TFP was Mofftiss throwing us a rope but forgetting the keys

Theories and Speculation for The Final Problem

The first two episodes of Sherlock series 4 have eaten my brain. Below are a bunch of wild theories I am currently harboring on the eve of The Final Problem. I didn’t follow setlock this year, so these are completely spoiler free and based only on the first two episodes, a bunch of other meta I’ve been reading, and maybe a few too many gin-and-tonics. It will be fun to revisit these in a few days to see if any of them were remotely close.

1. Eurus is definitely the sister of Mycroft and Sherlock, but she was not raised by Mummy and Daddy Holmes and is therefore not a Holmes. My reason for this is that I find it interesting that she doesn’t tell John her full name. She says she’s the sister and then provides a lengthy explanation about the meaning of her first name. The only other significant character who is introduced to us without a last name is Jim from IT. Since that omission turned out to be deliberate, I think it might be deliberate here. We’re being led to make certain assumptions.

2. As a child, Eurus tried to kill Sherlock. I think this is why Mycroft has been so protective of Sherlock all along. Sherlock’s loss would break his heart. How would he know unless it almost happened?

3. As a child, Eurus killed her parents, possibly through an explosion of sorts. Since then, she has been institutionalized in some capacity or another. Mycroft and Sherlock were adopted and raised by the Holmeses. In TST while playing Happy Families, Sherlock comments on not being familiar with the concept of a happy family. Yet when we were introduced to Mummy and Daddy Holmes, we (and John) see just how utterly normal they are despite Mycroft and Sherlock being kind of hot messes. It’s not clear why that family would be unhappy, but it could make sense if there were another set of parents who were removed from Sherlock and Mycroft’s lives in a traumatic way.

4. The three children’s original family name was Garrideb. Hence, they are/were the three Garridebs.  Okay, this is just wild speculation. If Mummy and Daddy Holmes aren’t cousins of the birth parents, I was thinking what might be a fun last name that would amuse Moftiss to use as homage.

5. Sherrinford is a place. There have been a lot of good theories about how Mycroft’s way of talking about Sherrinford being secure and his avoidance of pronouns when refering to Sherrinford can suggest it is a place and not a person.

6. Sherrinford is the name of the place where Eurus was institutionalized. Extending from the above, I think this is why Mycroft needs to make sure Sherrinford is secure.

7. Eurus met Jim Moriarty when institutionalized. Another theory I have seen going around has speculated that Mycroft’s interest in interrogating Moriarty was to find out more about Eurus, who has always been a threat to Sherlock. Eurus’s comment at the end of TLD that she wants to put a hole in the funny face I think is supposed to index the fact that she is insane. On the roof of St. Barts, Sherlock observed that Moriarty was insane, to which Moriarty agreed (“You’re just getting that now?) They could have met when much younger.

8. Eurus was behind Moriarty the whole time. In other words, it’s Eurus who has been after Sherlock since the beginning and Jim was really just an actor on her behalf. Eurus IS Moriarty. There’s a lot behind this speculation. The entire series has a tendency to highlight how Sherlock and John underestimate women. Quiet mousy Molly Hooper is the one who matters in Sherlock surviving his fall. Mrs. Hudson is nobody’s housekeeper and can handle Sherlock when she needs to. Mary was a secret assassin, who Sherlock failed to deduce. Amelia Ricolletti and the women were behind the goings on in TAB. Sherlock seems to have a blind spot when it comes to women, and I think maybe his biggest blind spot is his criminal mastermind sister. In addition, The Final Problem on Tumblr had a great post about the reappearance of the linseed oil for the "Miss Me” Eurus left Sherlock which echoes the use of linseed oil when the children were abducted from the boarding school in TGG. Sherlock telegraphed as much that he was coming down off his high in TST explaining that Moriarty would be coming after him. That he was the bait. He was right. The “Miss Me” wasn’t about whether Sherlock missed the guy who shot himself on the roof of St. Barts but a warning that his big sister was coming and she had always been coming.

9. Mycroft has been protecting Sherlock this whole time from Eurus and the damage she has caused Sherlock. All the creepy spying on Sherlock and even helping send Sherlock out of the country for a few years as a ‘spy’ was Mycroft on the look-out for an attack from Eurus. For whatever reason, she is obsessed with getting to Sherlock.  When Mycroft saw the “Miss Me” being televised on the news screens, he needed to get Sherlock back where he could personally keep an eye on him.

10. Mycroft is going to die or be severly at risk of dying. I’ve been predicting this since the end of series 3, but now I have a reason. I think Eurus is coming for him too. He’s been her biggest opponent all along.  Mycroft’s death would leave Sherlock without protection. Sherlock would no longer be the little brother constantly being looked after by his big brother. He would really and truly have to grow up and be his own man. Also, I think Gatiss would having fun doing a death scene.


A Land so Wild and Savage
By: doctornerdington
Words: 82,193
Chapters: 12/12
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Johnlock, Jolto, Molstrade

In 1845, the HMS Erebus under the command of Captain James Sholto departed England on a voyage of discovery to find a Northwest Passage through the perilous arctic waters separating the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It was never heard from again. Five years later, Captain John Watson of the Investigator sets sail to recover the Erebus and determine the fate of Sholto and his men. Naturalist Sherlock Holmes takes a berth on a scientific mission to catalogue arctic fauna. What they find could strike a killing blow at the very heart of the British Empire.