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Sherlock S4 Preparation List:

As some of you may experience the ordeal of watching a full series of Sherlock and the apocalypse on tumblr afterwards, for the first time. Here some tips:

♦ How to watch Sherlock:

  • in case you can’t watch Sherlock on TV here is a helpful post for you (thx to @softjlc for the list) 
  • I can also recommend installing Browsec to google chrome as it enables access to watch via BBC iPlayer

♦ Following things are handy to have at home:

  • Food, already prepared so you only need to grab it
  • Drinks (alcoholic/ non-alcoholic)
  • Tissues

♦ right before the episode airs:

  • make sure your link/ TV works
  • make sure every battery is loaded ( phone, notebook, etc.)
  • set something to drink aside as well as tissues
  • shock blanket and a pillow to muffle your screams
  • let some fresh air in you will need a lot of oxygen

♦ other useful tips:

  • do not forget to take your medicine if you need to take some
  • feed your pets beforehand
  • make an arrangement with someone to check on you if they haven’t heard of you after the episode aired

♦ in case you need to go to work next day:

  • put two tablespoons in the fridge or freezer overnight, for an instant relief on swollen eyes in the morning
  • honey helps with a sore throat
  • make sure to drink a glass of water before you go to bed
  • a cold shower may keep you going

♦ very important:

  • your health comes first!
  • if you feel overwhelmed either by the episodes themselves or the tumblr activity afterwards, please give yourself a break
  • it is okay not to engage in the tumblr drama afterwards!
  • don’t forget to eat and drink during tumblr time
  • if you need someone, our ask boxes and message systems are open, just make sure to be polite

please feel free to add to this list and share it with everyone