sherlock sketchbook project


All four of my pages for Team John of the Sherlock Sketchbook Project!

This was extremely fun (and difficult!)

Page 4 was the most time consuming, I started from scratch and extrapolated what the layout of 221B Baker Street would be, if the show was to be believed. It’s a strange place, especially Sherlock’s room and the never-shown bathroom which I located based off its door(s). None of it is to scale, it’s all relative.

Hi everyone. Updates seem to not be happening around here, so I made an effort to try to get in touch with everyone to see what’s going on with each book. It’s a shame that just about all four of them went dead at the same time.

Hopefully we’ll hear the news about what’s going on. I’ve also updated the participants list as to where exactly they should be at the moment. I hope we can make s'more progress soon. 

Hi everyone. The author of the A Guide to Deduction tumblr, dareandwriteitdown, was wondering if we could contribute some of our work to their book they’re putting together called “The Art of Deduction.” It is a charity project similar to The Sherlock Sketchbook Project, but will be a printed book potentially published through mxpublishing. You can find more information about it here. The artists and project will be credited. 

I was wondering how you guys feel about the idea. Of course, it is completely up to the individual artists whether or not they would like their art contributed.