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Hogwarts AU cliches: Accidently switching ties after making out in a broom closet. (Any characters that spark your interest, from the hp world or not :) )

Have Sherlock and John. =) 

‘No, Sherlock. Not now.’ John tried to weakly push Sherlock off as the boy dragged him into the nearest broom closest but his heart wasn’t in it. As soon as the door closed behind them, John decided enough was enough and threw caution to the wind. He closed Sherlock into a deep kiss, feeling Sherlock’s smirk as he did so.

Sherlock deepened the kiss, occasionally taking breaks to allow John to breath, during which he attacked John’s neck (John refused to call that kissing). Their ties had come off at some point, and John’s shirt was being unbuttoned.

John had lost track of time when a bang from outside made him freeze. 'Sherlock.’

Sherlock hummed from where he was kissing at John’s collar bone. 

'Sherlock.’ John repeated. 'It’s after curfew. We have to get back to our houses.’

With a sigh, Sherlock broke off his attack. 'You mean we have to get back to your house.’ He corrected and John nodded. Sherlock hadn’t slept in his dorm for months, and no teacher had the heart to tell him to do so, not after what had happened.

John waved his hand. 'Yes, fine. Now come on.’ He grabbed a tie and roughly buttoned his shirt up as he unlocked the closest door. 

'Come on then.’ Sherlock said imperiously, leading the way to the kitchen’s and John’s house. They didn’t meet a single other person on their way, Sherlock’s knowledge of the prefect’s patrols and secret passages ensuring a smooth return.

But somewhere along the line, it had become a race. So they arrived at the entry portrait, John barely had time to get in before Sherlock was on him. They burst into the common room, laughing and out of breath.

It took John a moment to realise every eye in the room was on them. His laughter died down as he looked around the room, trying to figure out why so many of his housemates were looking at them wide eyed and amused. It wasn’t like this was the first, or hundredth time, the pair of them had stumbled into the common room late at night and out of breath. It was their thing, practically.

'What?’ John asked finally.

Sherlock huffed a laugh behind him. 'John, you’ve switched houses.' 

Confused, John turned back to look at him and froze when he saw his own yellow and black tie on Sherlock’s neck. He touched his tie and looked down, shocked to see Sherlock’s green and silver tie.

'Oh.’ He looked back at the rest of his house, now all trying not to laugh. 'Umm.’

'We didn’t shag.’ Sherlock drawled and John turned on him, outraged.

'Sherlock!’ He yelled as the rest of the house lost their battle with their laughter. Even Sherlock was smiling and John found himself reluctantly starting to join in.


Okay story time though??

so I met Andrew Scott (again) at the Dazzle (again) tonight and it was a last minute decision, so I didn’t bring anything for him to sign

And my back up autograph item is always my phone, because I have a clear case to keep it safe and anyway

So I had him sign my phone but he spelled my name wrong just before I could correct him (it’s Marisa spelled with one S but he wrote two) so he spent the next SOLID FIVE MINUTES LITERALLY FIVE MINUTES trying to fix it somehow and he ended up changing the font and making it say “Marisa’s” and then he drew an old fashioned phone??? So Andrew Scott wrote “Marisa’s phone” on my phone?? I’m still in shock??