sherlock roleplaying game

Doing the washing up - Polishing your armor before battle

Homework - Research for the Winchesters

Cooking - Potions exam

Tidying your room - Drugs raid at 221b

Taking out the rubbish - Setting off for Mordor with the ring of power

Bored in class - Undercover at erudite headquarters

Visiting family - Blending in in another time period until the doctor returns

Compulsory sport - Training for the hunger games

Taxes - Translating the tablet

Washing the car - Preparing your steed for a fight

General house work - Tidying your cabin at camp-half blood for inspection

Untangling cables - Diffusing a bomb

Shopping - Searching the kingdom under the mountain for the Arkenstone

Cleaning your pet - Care of magical creatures classes with Hagrid

Boring (train) journey - Passing through the different districts on your way to the capitol

Laundry - Cinderella doing her chores

Sherlock Roleplays

Hey guys and gals, I see some of you enjoyed the last little thing I put up so if you want to start a roleplay, name your character (OC is accepted just explain first please) and message this account. I’m not doing any more of those reblog stories cause my blog is mainly pics and I don’t want to block my account up with words! Feel free to message me with any starter sentence or set the scene! I’ll play as either Mycroft, Sherlock or Eurus!

Remember my ask box is open for short stories or edits! Please feel free to ask anything!

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johnnlocked  asked:

Assistance required. Queens Ave. Bring a gun - SH

John had been in the middle of brewing himself a cup of tea when he heard his phone go off. He grabbed his cup and walked over to the side table next to his chair. John picked up the phone and brought it close to his face. Damn his eyes for not being as strong as they were in his youth.

Assistance required. Queens Ave. Bring a gun. - SH

It had been days since he’s seen, let alone heard from, Sherlock. And of course the git texts him something ominous like this. John texted out a quick message before running up to his room to get dressed.

What the hell did you get yourself into this time? - JW