sherlock reunion

In which Sherlock comes back after pretending to be dead for two years, finds John moved out of Baker Street and nearly engaged. He’d deduced two possible reactions…but not this.

Part two to this post

John answered the door before Sherlock could even text him to let him know of his arrival, and immediately stepped out onto the front steps, already dressed for the cool London air. Sherlock’s eyes fell onto his scarf. His dark blue cashmere scarf. His gaze made John look down too.

“Oh.” He shuffled, “I’d forgotten I ever…” He glanced back up at Sherlock to see him smiling slightly. His neck warmed but he couldn’t help but slowly offer once of his own, “took that..”

Sherlock studied it a moment more then looked out to the street, the streetlamp casting his high cheekbones in stark contrast. John felt the tug. The oh-so familiar tug snug deep inside his chest that he hadn’t felt in so long. That he’d felt for the first time in two years earlier that night. Sherlock’s voice broke his gaze.

“Are we walking then?”

John cleared his throat, “Yes, I thought It’d be more…” he shook his head as they trotted down the steps side by side, “I don’t know what, I thought It’d be nice.”

“Walking is scientifically proven to let blood flow easier, therefore clearing and stimulating the brain at the same time and making it easier for thoughts to form and function…”

Sherlock broke off and fell back next to John, realizing he’d walked a step ahead of him.


Sherlock tried to study John’s profile, “You usually stop me by now.”

“Oh.” John kept his eyes ahead, “Well, I haven’t heard it in a while.” He glanced at Sherlock, “Might’ve missed it.”

Sherlock nearly fell behind this time. He fought to keep his voice neutral, “Really?”

John let out a little laugh, “I’m going to regret those words.”

“Probably, yes.”

Sherlock watched the neon sign of the 24 hour cafe catch John’s eye, and nodded quietly when he asked if he wanted a tea for the road. He waited, hands clasped behind his back and facing the street while John went in. He felt good about how things were going so far. John seemed… Sherlock closed his eyes. John seemed like he wanted Sherlock to think he was okay. Sherlock almost felt disappointed that John thought he couldn’t see through that.

“Right, two sugars, this one’s yours.”

Sherlock turned, starting slightly. He looked down at John whose cheeks were pink from going from the warm shop to the cold early morning.

John rolled his eyes, eyes crinkling in a smile, “Stop looking at me like that, of course I remembered.”

But Sherlock couldn’t. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to stop looking at John like that. John who was the only person who bothered to remember how he likes his tea—save Ms. Hudson. John who was the only person in the world who could read, not his thoughts, but his emotions. The only person in the world who acknowledged he even had normal emotions.

John had turned his eyes to the city line, nodding towards it as he blew on his paper cup, “We’re gonna see a nice sunrise.”

Sherlock blinked, attempting to regain his composer, “Ah, yes. Day one back in the land of the living.”

He didn’t miss John’s flinch and instantly regretted his attempt at a joke.

“Do me a favor,” John sighed, “Don’t-“

“I won’t say things like that.”

John studied him for a moment then snorted, mumbling something like “bloody mind reader” as he led the way across the street to a small park with empty benches.

Hardly, John. Hardly.

John chose the bench with the best view of the only barely pinking sky, sitting down with a sigh and crossing his ankles. Sherlock took the seat beside him wordlessly, burning his tongue on his still too hot tea.

“This is… odd, Sherlock.”

“Two people waiting for the a sunrise? I hardly think that’s the definition-“

“Sherlock..” John’s voice was soft, much more serious than before. Sherlock took the hint. They needed this. They needed words—good, solid words—not to dance around each other.

Sherlock nodded once, looking down into his tea, “Yes. Yes, I suppose this is.”

John leaned back against the bench, eyes on the man beside him. Really, odd was not the word to describe this situation but, then again, he’s never been particularly good with words. He was in disbelief. Here he was, watching his best friend—his very dead best friend—sip a cup of tea and joke about watching the sunrise.

“You’ve got terrible timing.” He settled on.

Sherlock straightened, “I gathered that. You know, with the ring and the wine… the restaurant reservations-“

“No,” John laughed, he couldn’t help it, “Well, yes, that is also terrible timing, but I mean longterm.”

Sherlock finally looked back at him, “Longterm?”

John set his cup beside him to cool, “You jump of a bloody building, I-“ John’s chest suddenly feels tight at that hard fact, “I saw you- okay, you’re going to have to tell me-“ He pinched the bridge of his nose, “No, sorry, not the point right now. The point-“ he closed his eyes briefly before turning back to his friend, “is, is that you died but you didn’t. You died… and you let me watch you die, and then you let me grieve and- God, Sherlock… I grieved. I grieved…”

The air is filled with just their breathing for a moment, both labored, both filled with the sting of unshed tears. This is not what friends are suppose to do to one another.

“I wasn’t okay, Sherlock, I was not okay. For so long.” John said between breaths, “I met Mary, honestly pretty recently and she… God, she helped. She helped and I got a little better every day.”


“No.” John let out a long breath, “I got better and then you come back and you see me better and that isn’t fair. Because now you have no idea what you did to me. What your death did to me. What losing you…”

John couldn’t finish and turned away, picking up his tea and quickly taking a sip. Sherlock was left breathless and frozen.

“John..” He tried again and this time wasn’t cut off. John’s hand was shaking. He didn’t seem to have any words left for now, “What I- What I said before at the chips place…” Sherlock closed his eyes. His brain felt foggy. Without the usual sharpness he felt bare, unarmed. He forced his eyes open again, pushing against the fog of emotions, “John, I try not to say things I don’t mean. I meant what I said. It was for your protection. I’m not-“ he cut John off when he opened his mouth to speak, “making excuses. I made this mistake. I made this mistake and I’m so, so sorry.”

John’s cup was nearly squashed in his hands from his grip and was in great danger of spilling over. His breathing was labored, his head bowed, “Yes.” He let out a shaky breath, “Yes, well I’m the one who made the mistake of getting use to it.”

Sherlock’s mind immediately reeled, searching for context for the statement, but coming up blank, “Getting use to what?”

John bit at the inside of his cheek for a moment, worrying the skin, before looking back at Sherlock, blue eyes swimming, “You always being there.”

And Sherlock felt it all over again. The cold pavement on his back, John’s fingers on his temporarily stopped pulse, his cries and broken words. Sherlock Holmes, high-functioning sociopath, felt heartbreak for the second time in his life.

“Please…” Sherlock swallowed, both halves of his heart hammering, “Please get used to it again.”

For a split second Sherlock saw John’s jaw clench before it was hidden from view, John’s tea falling to the ground as he dropped his head into his hands, shoulders shaking.

“John..” Sherlock felt his own voice break. He couldn’t think straight, he was at a loss for words. All he could seem to see in his mind was John. All he could think was that John was hurting and it was his fault. It had been his fault for two years. The ache that settled in after that thought burned like acid.

John’s voice came out muffled and thick, “You have to understand-“

“I do. I do understand, John-“

“No, you don’t.” John was looking up now, eyes rimmed red and burning into Sherlock’s, “You were suddenly gone, and I was suddenly right back where I was before I met you. I couldn’t sleep, I was alone, and every night staring down the fucking barrel of a-“ John closed his eyes turning his head away.

But Sherlock didn’t need him too. His mind had finished the sentence for him and for once he wished he wasn’t so fucking quick. He couldn’t breathe.

He didn’t have words but, he decided, right now he didn’t need them.

He reached out, tilting John’s face towards him and, for once, acted without logic, without thinking. He kissed him. He kissed John because he loved him, because he always had, and because it said everything he couldn’t. He kissed him because sorry wasn’t enough—he was sorry, he was in love.

John didn’t freeze like he expected him to. Instead, he reacted like he’d been shocked, touched by fire, and didn’t miss a beat in fisting the collar of Sherlock’s coat, other hand in his hair. He was crying, Sherlock thought maybe he was crying as well, but it didn’t matter. Tears mixed and Sherlock pulled John closer by the waist, his tea joining John’s, forgotten at their feet.

When they parted they were breathing hard and the sky was a brilliant orange and red. John didn’t say anything, just leaned his face into Sherlock’s neck where Sherlock could feel him breathing. It was the most comforting thing in the world and Sherlock let his eyes slipped closed, feeling like he’d been waiting for this for an eternity. And, for that moment, everything felt okay. Or like it would be.

For that moment, it was just the two of them against the world. Once again.

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hi, i was just rewatching TEH and wondering...why do you think Sherlock told all these people about him being alive, but not John??

Hey Nonny! <3

I think it’s because Sherlock believed John would be the hardest person to confess to. So like most people in difficult situations, you start with the easiest things first and get them out of the way, even though you know and dread the hard thing the most and it only builds up more and more angst within yourself. I can see Sherlock being one of those people.

And, perhaps, since I think he secretly was hoping to start anew with John –  restarting their relationship to “something more” now that the threat of Moriarty was gone – Sherlock believed that once they got together, they would never want to part again.

Poor Sherlock is a hopeless romantic, and he dreams big when it comes to John.

A Study in Pink sets the stage for all of our future expectations. Nothing in this show is done by accident, and the way it is all handled is masterful. Seeds are sewn in this first episode that will never cease to matter throughout the duration of the show.

Take the first meal Sherlock and John share together at Angelo’s, where Angelo insists that the pair must have a candle for their table:

It seems like sort of a “joke” in a way–something that could easily be brushed off if we didn’t all know that TJLC is real. And the candle thing continues to be a theme. Illumination itself is a subtle theme throughout the show, with all the color-coded lights and the fact that Sherlock dubs John his “conductor of light” in “The Hounds of Baskerville.”

I noticed something recently when watching what is surely one of the favorite scenes of all Johnlockers: the reunion of Sherlock and John at The Landmark in the episode “The Empty Hearse.” This is the night Sherlock returns, supposedly from the dead, and interrupts John’s (rather lackluster) attempt to propose to his girlfriend Mary in a rather half-hearted effort to, in his own words, “move on” from Sherlock.

Notice anything missing from John and Mary’s table?

There’s a lamp, sure, but no candle. Maybe that isn’t terribly unusual. But look at the other tables in the restaurant:

Most have candles.

It doesn’t stop there. When Sherlock catches his first (heart-stopping; you can clearly see that in his face, just as it has been pointed out that if you isolate certain audio tracks in this part here you can hear Sherlock’s thudding pulse) glimpse of John after two years away…

how does he see him?

There is a candle placed strategically between them, clearly visible from Sherlock’s vantage point.

This isn’t the only throwback to Angelo’s on this night. If more is needed, I’m including this little bonus below. The writers have done this *so many times,* where certain words and phrases come back again. It isn’t an accident and it isn’t lazy writing. We’re talking about the combined efforts of two very good writers here, and though John’s nerves on this night aren’t exactly hard to pick up on, we get this cherry strategically placed on top:


How could you do that? Hmm? ;)

If Mary was not there, after Sherlock came back, the reunion with John would have ended with a desperate kiss. They did miss other too much. You know very clear from how Sherlock first asked about John. Not anyone else. How he touched his lip while talking about John’s moustache.Or how while using Molly as a proxy Sherlock continuously mistook her as John. Or how John actually shaved for sherlock and dressed his best to meet with him. Never forget Donde esta yolanda. Not even subtext. I am giving you text.

Last Call (part 1) - Sherlock x reader

A/N: Hello, everyone! So, this is my first time ever writing anything Sherlock related, and I’ve also never in my life written anything with a reader, so excuse my ordinary attempt at it…
This supposedly takes place during 2x03, but I’ve changed some things to fit the plot, so the timing is a little bit different.
Also, this is a new writing blog, so if you want to read more like this, don’t hesitate to follow me!

Word count: 4252
Warnings: angst, mentions of suicide

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[Part 2]

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I was rewatching TEH and the part where Sherlock walks into the restaurant and he sees John. I never noticed but you hear his heart catch and then he's so overwhelmed and. Just. He wanted so bad to surprise John and make him smile, just end me please

ATHINA I ACTUALLY WROTE A META ABOUT THIS. And other people have written about the heartbeat, absolutely. There’s even a “scenes without music” version of this and AND everytime I hear it it kills me.

Sherlock so badly loves John, and he so badly just wanted to restart everything, as a way to make everything right with John and be with him. And he DID try, but pulled back when John WASN’T happy to see him. He was terrified. His plan was going horribly wrong. 

Dear fucking god I love how much he loves John. He’s so sad. Just looking at John overwhelms him. My heart set it free please.

Goodbye 2017!!

This past year has been amazing for Johnny and for us, deppheads!

The year began with Johnny winning the PCA for Favourite Movie Icon after a terrible 2016. Every time I see the video of him going up on that stage and trying not to be nervous so the words could come out of his mouth to thank us brings me to tears.

Then a lot of other good things happened: the premiere of Pirates, interviews with Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen, the shooting of FB, MOTOE premiere, Graham Norton Show, KILL4ME ans SAY10 VIDEOS, him and Manson in every possible way, Richard Says Goodbye and LAbyrinth shooting, Sherlock Gnomes, the Platoon reunion, him in Glastonbury, his visits to the Children’s Hospitals on his birthday and in Vancouver…

And 2018 is going to be even better! I just hope that you all have a great year and that all of your dreams come true because every single one of you deserve it! And I have the feeling that 2018 will be a great year for Johnny and his loved ones!

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Re watching Sherlock series 1 and 2, can't go any further without thinking about series 4. I miss how it was before Mary why did everything have to go downhill :(

Oh man don’t we all miss it. Let’s face it. We would love a badass Mary. But it would work better if there was no Mary. Not for ship reasons. But for the overall tone of the show (a bunch of people are gonna call me misogynist and immature for this one but bleh I don’t care). It’s not because Mary is a woman haha. It’s because she was an unnecessary addition to make the no homo clear. Because if she was not there, when Sherlock came back the reunion would be very much johnlock-y (it was despite of mary being there imagine how it would be if she wasn’t). And she wasn’t even canon mary but a weird mix of mary and moran. What a lost opportunity.
I say it everyday. I miss s1 s2. How the show looked or felt back then. I don’t hate s3. But it’s not my fav. And s4. Let’s not go there.
Why did it have to go downhill. Why indeed.

Mary's death scene in tst

Ok I’ve always wondered this but is the reason why Martin i-won-a-bafta Freeman did such an awkward performance in Mary’s death scene because he and Amanda broke up and that completely messed up their chemistry on set too?

I mean Martin is hands down talented. Exhibit A: the Sherlock reunion scene in teh. No words. All face journey. And it’s so powerful and a believable performance. So….what happened in the tst death scene? He performed the anger towards Sherlock so perfectly. The complexity of regret and anger and sadness and despair when he looked at Sherlock and said “you swore it”, god the chemistry between Martin’s acting and Ben’s acting was so brilliant. And YET in that same scene his chemistry with Amanda’s acting fell flat to me.

I’m not talking about the “mooing”. I’m talking about how the entire time Mary was trying to say her final words to John and Sherlock, all John did was look at her but he seemed to be not really paying attention to her? And he’s just constantly shushing her when she’s trying to talk, no matter how many times I watch it, the shushing thing just felt off and weird. Amanda and Benedict’s acting dynamic in that scene was perfectly in line, Mary is trying to apologise in her own way and Sherlock forgiving her and clearly distraught by her dying before his eyes. But when it came to Martin and Amanda’s chemistry in this scene, Mary was saying “John you were my whole world” and in return the timing of John’s shushing felt so out of place. And I just wonder: why is this so awkward to watch? It’s usually so immersive thanks to their amazing acting, but this time, something about Martin and Amanda’s dynamic specifically was so unhinged that it pulled me out of the immersive story and instead of seeing John and Mary, I see Martin and Amanda - two actors acting. And that, when an audience ends up seeing “actors acting” instead of seeing the character, that’s not usually a good sign isn’t it

Reichenbach - A Study in Johnlock. Part 3 - The Reunion

This is the third and last part of my Reichenbach study (read part 1 and 2 here X and here X) . Maybe I will add another post with some conclusions but first we shall look at the return of Sherlock Holmes and his reunion with John Watson. 

We all know how the reunion happens in Canon - Holmes taking off his disguise, Watson fainting, Holmes opening his collar and reviving his friend with brandy, everyone happy. But as Moftiss have pointed out, this is not a very realistic scenario. 

So let’s have a look at the adaptations I already examined in part 1 and 2 - with the exception of Ritchie Holmes since we are still waiting for the third film showing us the reunion. 

I will start again with Rathbone Holmes which - not very surprising - is the least dramatic of them all. A postman brings a parcel to Watson. He says something a bit not good about Holmes, gets whacked by Watson, and only now reveals himself. Watson is comforted with a sip from a hip flask and a friendly shoulder pat.

Then we have the new Russian Holmes. Here we get a different story altogether. Because - spoiler! - it’s sometimes twins. Mycroft and Sherlock, that is. Or at least they could be twins. 

When Sherlock returns, he pretends to be Mycroft. After an investigation Watson takes him home to serve him coffee as Mycroft is totally drunk. When he starts swearing, Watson definitely knows that this is the other Holmes and punches him. Then we get a faint but not from Holmes but from Mrs Hudson who has become Mrs Watson by now. After she has been revived and Holmes answers with a sassy “Sorry for being alive!” she whacks him as well. So there is a clear parallel with TEH except here it is played mainly for comedy. Afterwards Holmes gets the opportunity to explain what he happened. Here we get a prolonged reunion scene but free from any romantic undertones and with a strong comic element. 

This is the reunion scene from Granada Holmes, “The Empty House”. It is very close to Canon with Holmes attending the surgery dressed as the old bookseller. He reveals himself prompting Watson’s faint. Holmes revives his friend with a sip of brandy and loving stroke to his face. Watson is happy as a clam and shows Holmes the Reichenbach letter which he had framed and keeps in his study. Watson is happy to hear Holmes’s story and more than eager to start their next adventure together. There is no anger, no bitterness. (We should keep in mind what Moftiss said about this version being implausible. On the other hand we should remember that Canon Holmes did not pretend to commit suicide in front of Watson).

Now for the older Russian Holmes version. As shown before, we have a highly emotional Watson. He faints dramatically. We get a heartfelt hug which Holmes returns. And then something I have not seen in any other adaptation: Holmes overcome by his feelings and starting to cry. This is maybe the most emotional reunion, dominated by happiness, without any violent reaction. This is why I would rank it second after BBC Sherlock because it gives us an important part of the emotions one would expect: relief, sheer happiness, both men being moved to tears. But of course this is only one half of the emotions one might expect. What is missing here is rightful anger, the feeling of betrayal, of having been excluded. 

Now for BBC Sherlock. We get the same pattern as with the fall and the aftermath - everything on a grander scale, more dramatic, more emotional, more realistic, more personal. 

Sherlock appearing in a thin disguise - hiding in plain sight - before revealing himself to John. But there is no faint here, no tears, no overwhelming joy, but violence, bitterness, grief, anger. As Moftiss said, this is how a man would realistically react to what he must feel is the ultimate betrayal. John Watson is a heartbroken man, even when he proposes to his girlfriend and even after Sherlock is back. And what do we see after Sherlock’s bravado has evaporated? Helplessness and shame. 

Followed by the violent reactions of John to respectively Sherlock’s inappropriate joke, his admission that lots of people knew about the fake suicide while John did not, and, finally, to Sherlock’s attempt of luring John into his world again, of appealing to his love for danger and adventure (and maybe his love for Sherlock, too.)

But of course this is still not enough because Sherlock craves forgiveness which John is not willing to grant. We get a first heartfelt “I am sorry” after the bonfire night, a second desperate attempt in the tube carriage, and another apology months later during the best man speech in TSoT. 

And TAB shows us that at least in his mind Sherlock is still not over his faked death and what it did to John. The whole disaster of series 3 - the engagement, the marriage, being shot by John’s wife, the less than credible reconciliation, Magnussen’s death, Sherlock’s exile - has been caused by Reichenbach. Its reverberations are not over. 

In BBC Sherlock Reichenbach turns into a trauma - because it separates the two people who belong together, because it disturbs the whole dynamic of their relationship, the balance of the show. And this imbalance extends into series 4. It still has to be solved. Reichenbach is not over. 

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Something stupid, part one.

Somebody could call this stupidity. She called this her last chance. Wearing the long red dress and black leather jacket, she stays alone and listens to his voice. Deep. Calm. Almost tender. No. Not almost. Definitely tender. Her red lips curves as she smiles to herself. Sherlock Holmes looking at John and Mary as the new married couple becomes weak. Does he believe in love after all?

“More importantly, however, today we saw two people make vows. I’ve never made a vow in my life, and after tonight I never will again”. Slowly swallowing the champagne the waiter just gave her, she squints her eyes. He’s pretty confident, isn’t he? A bitter taste fills her mouth.

“So, here in front of you all, my first and last vow. Mary and John: whatever it takes, whatever happens, from now on I swear I will always be there, always, for all three of you,” he says and she raises her brow. Not really discreet, Mr. Holmes. She chuckles when he starts explanations.

But deep in her mind, she focuses on the meaning of his words, not at his little blooper. Sherlock Holmes being so dedicated to somebody. This thought gives her a shiver. He surely is really loyal if you deserve this. Does she deserve? Judging from their last meeting, she doesn’t. Her eyes filled with curiosity lays on his back as she sees him on the dance floor. After the short talk with Mary and John, he looks around with some kind of sadness on his slim face. Like he just understood he’s all alone now.


The music is so loud, he can’t hear how her black Louboutins click on the floor. It’s so much different scents, he can’t recognize her perfume. But as soon as he feels a small hand on his shoulder he knows. She slowly scratches his backs with her red nails as he freezes. Sherlock Holmes being paralyzed by someone’s touch. That’s new. He nervously catches a deep breath and turns around to face her.

“You’re pretty sure you won’t make any vow ever again, Mr. Holmes” pale fingers reach his light tie and loosen it a little. He opens and closes his lips, trying to say whatever but doesn’t say anything at all. “You haven’t changed a bit since last year”.

“What are you doing in London? It’s dangerous. It’s life-threatening. It’s stupid” Sherlock admonishes her, but corners of his mouth raise a little. After the year of silence, she’s standing in front of him, alive. Taking his common sense away with her charm.

“Oh, come on, Mr. Holmes. I just wanted to give Dr. Watson my best wishes” Irene smirks, looking him in the eyes. He doesn’t question her poor excuse.

The Master of deduction can’t read her at all. Maybe it’s caused by the fact he can barely collect his mind when her fingers travel across his chest? The heat coming down his stomach makes his face flush. Thankfully the light is dim.

“Your irresponsibility still astonishes me, Miss Adler” Sherlock declares.

Irene looks at him for a second, because nobody uses this surname anymore. It sounds odd, like a name of an old friend mentioned out of nowhere.  

“But we can discuss this later,” Sherlock’s voice wakes her up and makes her give up on dark pictures which suddenly filled her head. “May I have this dance?” he asks, trying his best to cover his stress with a gentle smile.

“Sherlock Holmes doesn’t dance,” Irene notices with a surprised smirk, but seeing his hand held out, she slowly places her fingers on it.

Of course, she’s right. He doesn’t. He hates dancing, it makes him uncomfortable, but this night is unbelievable special. Even his prediction about the wedding being slightly extraordinary event hasn’t included this. He hasn’t included her, even if his wildest dreams. And now, their fingers tangled, his hand on her back, her cheek on his chest. He hopes she can’t hear how his heart pounds, but Irene smiles to herself, her eyes closed as they swing to the melody.

And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like…

Having her in his arms again feels unreal. As soon as Irene opens her eyes, he drowns hopelessly. It doesn’t feel right. He loses control.

“Take me home, Mr. Holmes” she whispers distinctly in his ear as her hand wandered to his cheek.

Running her finger across his sharp jawline, Irene Adler achieves her goal. Sherlock nods and leads her to the door without any hesitation. It’s impossible how naïve and weak sentiments makes you. He isn’t able to fight this. The Woman owes him. There’s no way back.


Trying my best.


I have still issues with how John and Sherlock’s reunion in teh was handled..I really wanted John to faint like in the canon dammit..Why the fuck was Mary there. She was introduced in the canon differently and if she was not there when Sherlock came back.The reunion would be actually angsty and romantic……

Yeah I guess I know why Mary was there…

After reading a bunch of people’s individual reactions to the Sherlock finale, I think I finally understand why Moftiss referred to this as “insane wish fulfillment.” Without sharing my feelings on the matter, this is how I think “The Final Problem” was, in a way, exactly what they promised it would be:

Every big ship had a moment(s) that - if you had the right goggles on - could have made it canon.

Sherlolly- Everyone knows Molly is in love with Sherlock. But the second time he says “I love you” to Molly during that harrowing phone call, has been perceived as a real confession by those who thought his tone was sincere. They believe Sherlock really meant he was in love with Molly when he said that phrase. And there were also potential hints of a pregnant Molly - so couple that with Eurus’ question about sex, and Molly could even be pregnant with Sherlock’s child.

Adlock- Some have said Sherlock was playing Irene’s theme on the violin when Eurus asked him if he had sex recently. It could also be inferred that it is Irene he is texting at the end (since texting has been their ‘thing’ throughout the show), saying “you know where to find me” and therefore hinting at a possible future reunion.

Mystrade- Sherlock asks Greg to take care of Mycroft after their difficult ordeal and Greg obliges. This could hint at a potential relationship in the future if Mycroft seeks comfort in Greg during a tough time.

John x Mary - The show continued to discuss their marriage (by having the Governor draw parallels between John’s marriage and the Governor’s obvious love for his wife). And Mary appeared yet again by DVD to comfort John after her death.

Sheriarty - We were shown yet again Moriarty’s obsession with Sherlock. He was willing to chat with a psychopath in an island prison in order to learn more about the man he was so enthralled by. Some might interpret this as romantic.

Johnlock - Sherlock implies that John is family when Mycroft tries to kick him out of the room during their discussion of Eurus. Sherlock chooses to focus on saving John’s life rather than a (fake) girl whose death (along with countless others’) is imminent. He only really contemplated Mycroft’s death rather than John’s (although he ultimately decided to kill neither of them). He and John are shown living together and raising a child together at the end. Even Mary’s DVD seems to hint at their budding relationship by saying she knows what they can be once she is gone.

Not to mention, a lot of us believed/hoped that Sherlock had a much deeper, emotional side than he often let on. This episode explicitly showed us his heart and explained why he hid it for so long while simultaneously freeing him from that reasoning, so he no longer has to pretend to be a heartless man. The cold, calculating Sherlock of canon past is no longer, and the loving, caring Sherlock we all believed in is now a definitive reality. (And mainly John, but also his other friends and family, helped bring that side of him out).

Plus, many different theories were proved right, including that Mycroft hesitantly colluded with Moriarty in some way (which later caused issues for Sherlock) and that Redbeard was a reference to trauma Sherlock faced in his childhood.

A lot of people, including myself, at least somewhat expected a more blatant/outright form of wish fulfillment in whatever way we hoped it would manifest. In some ways we received it and in many other ways we were let down. It reminds me of Mofftiss’ approach to Sherlock’s suicide, where they provided numerous different theories to explain how he faked it, but never really confirmed what the true method was. That way, no one was proved wrong… but no one was really proved right either.

Perhaps it was easier for them to give us all a little bit of what we wanted rather than give a specific group exactly what they wanted. Perhaps that’s why so many people saw parallels to the movie “Clue” - because depending on how you analyze the subtext/read between the lines, there are many possible interpretations to the ending rather than one simple and definitive conclusion. Perhaps they wanted all fans to have their wishes fulfilled…